Moon in Capricorn
by Cayelin K Castell 

(this is a work in progress – that will include the 4 main Moon phases over time – meanwhile scroll to the bottom for more upcoming Capricorn Full Moons).

Jul 13 2022 Full Moon 21°Capricorn 21′ 11:37am MST (with the Moon just 6 degrees from Pluto)

Jul 03 2023 Full Moon 11°Capricorn 19′ 4:38 am MST Jun 21 2024 Full Moon 01°Capricorn 07′ 6:07 pm MST
Jul 21 2024 Full Moon 29°Capricorn 09′ 3:17 am MST

Truly it seems we are in a powerful universal set up designed to shift our hearts and minds, our point of view and planetary experience.

How do we keep our hearts open in Hell? ~Ram Dass

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. writes:

“’Can you keep your heart open in hell’ to me, says, in those moments when we are wrought by our habits that keep us stuck in perpetual avoidance of what’s uncomfortable or foreign, can we stay with that discomfort and open up to ourselves or another with a sense of compassion and love. What difference would this make?

Yes, what difference would it make if we were able to put ourselves in another shoes a bit more often instead of reacting with defensiveness or attacks?

What difference would it make if we were able to sit with the sadness or fear, sending ourselves loving kindness, instead of reaching for that next piece of chocolate cake, ice cream, or substance of choice?

What difference would it make if we actually allowed ourselves to love or be loved, instead of constantly keeping all feelings at bay in order just to feel a false sense of safety?”

These are great questions to consider in this potent alchemical cauldron of the Capricorn Full Moon.

Am I willing to keep my heart open no matter what is going on in my world or the world around me?

I am intending the answer is YES!

The Capricorn Archetype is represented most accurately by the Circle of Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Wise Ones and Elders. These are the political and other leaders, managers, counselors and teachers who are most effective when they are paying attention to what really works and letting go of what no longer works.

When healthy the primary interest of this archetype is how effective and efficient the systems they operate within are functioning and how those systems honor the Earth and the ancestors, as well as serving the future generations going forward.

So naturally this also relates to the law, and how to most responsibly administrate the domain of our personal and collective lives in ways that are effective, efficient and sustainable over time.
Effective administration of one’s domain is beautifully summed up in the following statement by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement speaking about coming from awareness and higher consciousness where we can: “Do Less and Accomplish More.”
This statement sums up healthy Capricorn and is referring to the type of “doing” that is grounded in “being” or in conscious awareness free from attachment to outcome trusting the results are exactly what they are intended to be.
When the Moon (or any planet) is in Capricorn (whatever phase it is in) it is supportive for getting more organized and making progress on, or completing projects. In 2020 with Mercury retrograde until July 12 the focus is on reorganizing, reorienting, reflecting and completing what is already in motion rather than starting something new. However, this Full Moon Eclipse is a time to dismantle what isn’t working so what IS working or will work can come into form over the next few months or years.
If we are not acting responsibly in our lives it is likely to become evident or illuminated now. Choosing wise heart-centered action supports the concrete manifestation of our true heart’s desire.

One of the Shadows of Capricorn is what I like to call the The Doing Addiction. When the Moon passes through Capricorn and especially if it is a New, Full or Quarter Moon Phase it is a time to consider why you are doing what you are doing?
Are you doing what you do for fear of not having enough? Or do you do what do because you are afraid you are not good enough? Or do you do what you do to distract yourself from facing your fears?
Or do you do what you do because you love doing it and the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you experience?
Julie Morgenstern describes another type of doing addiction that is the addiction to being needed usually because it helps to allay our fears about not being good enough. If we are busy taking care of other people’s needs – perhaps even ignoring our own needs – the short term fix is feeling we have accomplished something worthwhile even if it has been at the expense of truly acting responsibly toward our own lives.
Most people claim they give in to sudden requests because they hate letting others down. I say it’s more about not disappointing ourselves: We’re hooked on feeling needed. If we take a hard look at ourselves, we might see that we unwittingly encourage people to come to us for every little thing. Interruptions can also be a welcome distraction. Faced with an unpleasant task, we’re more than happy to turn our attention elsewhere.
Finally, we often don’t say no because of simple disorganization. In a choppy and shapeless day, we handle disruption immediately because we figure, if not now, when? While it’s important to be reasonably accessible to the people you live and work with, you don’t want to spend most of your waking hours in helper mode at the expense of completing your own critical tasks. Even if you’re in crisis management or, for that matter, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you need to prioritize requests. Otherwise you get trapped in a whirlwind of multitasking where you start many things and finish nothing. –Julie Morgenstern

The Capricorn Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse 2020

Full Moons light up our life and if it also happens to be a Full Moon Eclipse (even if only partial) whatever intentions are being energized and focused are accelerated into manifestation – though often NOT in the way we think we are imaging or intending.
Any time the Moon is in Capricorn, especially when its a Full Moon – and even more especially when its a Full Moon eclipse – we are reminded to take personal responsibility for whatever we are experiencing while also wisely choosing our actions that will bring our focus into form.
This is especially important if what we are experiencing is no longer working for us. It has been said that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over while expecting different results. While not the medical definition of insanity, it is a truth that informs our reality. If what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing stays the same the results will also stay the same.
To change our reality, we must take responsibility for changing it, including cultivating healthy thoughts, feelings and actions that are designed to create sustainable results. Yes, it is a daily practice that becomes more effective over time and we may need to commit to that practice many times before it becomes our natural way of being.
Capricorn wisdom also recognizes that – what is done is done – and the best way forward is to wisely focus on what YOU want – not what you don’t want. Because what you focus on will manifest!
Jul 16 2019 Full Moon Eclipse 24°Cp04′ D 2:38:07 PM MST
Jul 04 2020 Full Moon Eclipse 13°Cp38′ D 9:44:16 PM MST
Jun 24 2021 Full Moon 03°Cp28′ D 11:39:32 AM MST
Jul 13 2022 Full Moon 21°Cp21′ D 11:37:27 AM MST
Jul 03 2023 Full Moon 11°Cp19′ D 4:38:29 AM MST
Jun 21 2024 Full Moon 01°Cp07′ D 6:07:39 PM MST
Jul 21 2024 Full Moon 29°Cp09′ D 3:16:55 AM MST
Jul 10 2025 Full Moon 18°Cp50′ D 1:36:32 PM MST
Jun 29 2026 Full Moon 08°Cp15′ D 4:56:24 PM MST
Jul 18 2027 Full Moon Eclipse 25°Cp49′ D 8:44:36 AM MST
Jul 06 2028 Full Moon Eclipse 15°Cp11′ D 11:10:29 AM MST
Jun 25 2029 Full Moon Eclipse 04°Cp50′ D 8:21:59 PM MST
Jul 14 2030 Full Moon 22°Cp41′ D 7:11:37 PM MST
Jul 04 2031 Full Moon 12°Cp38′ D 12:00:58 PM MST
Jun 23 2032 Full Moon 02°Cp34′ D 4:32:08 AM MST
Jul 12 2033 Full Moon 20°Cp22′ D 2:28:08 AM MST
Jul 01 2034 Full Moon 09°Cp58′ D 10:44:04 AM MST
Jul 20 2035 Full Moon 27°Cp35′ D 3:36:23 AM MST
Jul 08 2036 Full Moon 16°Cp53′ D 4:18:48 AM MST
Jun 27 2037 Full Moon 06°Cp19′ D 8:19:24 AM MST
Jul 16 2038 Full Moon Eclipse 24°Cp04′ D 4:47:42 AM MST
Jul 05 2039 Full Moon 13°Cp55′ D 7:02:54 PM MST