This article is a work in progress stay tuned for additional insights and dates when planets are with Nunki

Nunki (12 Capricorn 29), the Sumerian name for this star, marks the Vane of the Arrow in the constellation of the Archer also known as Sagittarius. Nunki (Sigma Sagittarii) is a +2.1 magnitude star the 6th brightest star that can be occulted by the Moon currently happening from March of 2021 to February of 2023. See dates below.

This star is an example of how the seasonal cycle has shifted over time so that the Archer is now where the Sun rises after the December Solstice. Around 936 years ago the Sun rose with Nunki in the Archer at the December Solstice. The seasonal points like the December Solstice shift one degree every 72 years.

This means now the December Solstice or zero Capricorn point rises on the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center between the Archer and the Scorpion instead of with the star Nunki. The December Solstice Sun had its most exact rise on this cross  in 1998 but came within one degree in 1926 and leaves one degree in 2070. (See short video below or article here on the Difference between Signs and Constellations.)

The Archer’s arrow is drawn back on the bow aiming at Galactic Center, a part of the sky that could be considered the alchemical cauldron of transformational change where we are invited to release and let go of what is ready to be transformed. Nunki is the release point, an alchemical concentration of energies aligned with humanities destiny, being released into Galactic Center, into the alchemical cauldron to be transmuted and transformed into renewed energy that serves humanity from the heart of our Galaxy.

When the Moon or any other planet is with Nunki it is a time when it is useful to intend that all energetic distortions of this reality are being gathered up and sent to Galactic Center to be recycled and renewed. Moon occultations along with planets passing this star including the Sun passing by this star around January 2 or 3 each year, help to further activating the messages of transformation and acceleration coming through now. Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in their book Star Light Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing describe Nunki as

A star directly seeded by the center of the galaxy…emanating from the galactic center where creative force originates stimulating …a new contextual view, a new idea, or a remembrance of an old idea now brought into form in a new way.

Sun with Nunki January 2

Sun With Nunki January 3

Moon Occultations over Nunki 2022 – Dates may vary depending on your Time Zone

Jan 29
Feb 26
Mar 25
Apr 21
May 19
Jun 15
Jul 12
Aug 09
Sep 05
Oct 02
Oct 30
Nov 26
Maybe slight on Dec 13

Moon Occultations over Nunki 2023
Jan 20
Feb 16

Next series of Moon occultations over Nunki begins Nov 24 2025 to Sep 10 2027



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