The upcoming March 20, 2011 Spring Equinox features a Full Moon perigee just hours before the Equinox and a rare Zero Aries Sun Uranus conjunction just hours after the exact Equinox. The first recording gives the details and the second is a personal sharing about working ceremonially with these energies.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might appreciate this information.

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These Moon rise and Sun set times are calculated for Tucson, Arizona and may vary depending on your location and horizon line
March 18 Moon rises around 5:44 pm and Sun sets at 6:29 pm
March 19 Moon Rises around 6:55 pm and Sun sets at 6:30 pm
March 20 Moon Rises around 8:07 pm and Sun sets at 6:31 pm
March 21 Moon Rises around 9:19 pm and Sun sets at 6:32 pm

Listen to the Special Spring Equinox 2011 Message by clicking on the audio player below:

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Listen to Personal Sharing on Ceremonial Intention for Balance by clicking on the audio player below:

Download the Personal Sharing on Intention for Balance by Right Clicking Here

Pictures from March 4, 2011 that illustrate the second recording more personal sharing.

The butterfly landed on me

And walked around hanging out for a long time…after having shared my orange with me

The creek…in Bear Canyon and Peter laying on the rock behind the tree

A view of the Catalina Mountains when we were hiking out! A magical place indeed.