by Cayelin Castell

At the Still Point Of Pluto’s Retrograde station or Direct station it is time to surrender to what has been so we can move toward what is becoming.

Are you Ready for a NEW World, a NEW way of life already upon us?

On April 25, 2020 Pluto Stationed Retrograde. Pluto Stations direct at its second still point of the year on October 4, 2020. Any planetary Still Point is a place of suspension or pause where the energies remain suspended within minutes of its station point for a few weeks before and after the station point.

This suggests we have an opportunity to shift our perception and therefore our experience.

This is a time when we may move whatever has felt stuck, dead, bewildering or unable to move or change a situation.

Often this is exactly what is needed to ultimately move to a more empowered situation or way of perceiving reality. Pluto in Capricorn reminds us what we believe and perceive is ultimately what creates our reality.

Dying to – or letting go of – those old perceptions and limiting beliefs is liberating and empowering beyond imagination.

At the Still Point Of Pluto’s Retrograde or Direct station it is time to surrender to what has been so we can move toward what is becoming.

The Pluto Still Point Retrograde is similar to a Phoenix diving into the fire, turning to ash. The station direct is a rebirth time, a rising from the ashes of what has been – though it may take a few weeks to really feel the rising up. Remember, the Phoenix chooses to die to its old form purposefully diving into the fire of transformational change.

The Window of the current Pluto retrograde could be imagined as a deep dive into surrender or dying to what has been so something new is ready to birth around the station direct.

In any process of death and rebirth – including choosing to die to all the fears and beliefs of the Old Earth, survival of the fittest, those who are strongest amass control and resources while depriving others of what is needed to thrive. These actions are rooted in the false belief that resources are limited so to win and survive requires domination of others and control of the Earth’s natural resources. Remember beliefs exist because of the thoughts we keep thinking.

We can always choose to let go of those old beliefs, to surrender to what has been, and cooperate with the process of death and rebirth, especially when it is about new sustainable ways of living that supports ALL life, not just an elite few.

It is Scary to Die and Be Reborn
One of the most challenging, scary places is the space between what is dying and what is birthing. The empty void where everything is and isn’t, where unmanifest potential exists before birthing into manifestation.

This is a natural process – even if we resist with all that we are – the Sun sets on the day that is – before rising on a new day. The seasons continue to change and we are powerless to stop it.

So why not surrender, trust the process and choose to be the seeds for a New Earth, a new time, a new way of being?

This is about Rising from the ashes of the old into a brighter, more magical, more fulfilling new day but only if we are willing to die to what no longer serves and surrender our old limiting identities.