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Aquarius Speaks:
When the mind is open – Wisdom can enter!

Looking ahead to when Pisces Speaks: 
When the mind and heart are open – Wisdom can enter!

With Saturn in Aquarius from March 21, 2020 to March 07, 2023 (dipping back into Capricorn from July 1, 2020 to December 21, 2020) we are being reminded our divine destiny (and the Earth’s) is to Co-Create a new reality based in the principles of Universal Divine Love, Divine Order, Divine Justice, and Divine Knowing or a conscious understanding emanating from the heart of the Creative Life Force, Higher Power, Divine Intelligence or whatever name feels best to you.

Saturn in Aquarius is about assessing the antiquated structures of our reality, tearing them down, and building new innovative, sustainable structures that support and further the Aquarian dispensation that says: everyone should have the freedom to determine their own evolutionary or spiritual path as long as it does NO HARM to any sentient life – including the Earth.

This bring to mind the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Or better yet the Platinum Rule: treat others the way they want to be treated.

In our current reality there are many behind the scenes doing their best to manipulate our perspective to serve their own agenda completely missing the reality that whatever is happening to any of us is happening to all of us.

Any planet in Aquarius values freedom, especially the freedom to think in ways that are revolutionary promoting evolutionary possibilities. With this in mind remember to question everything and feel into your own truth of what is real.

With the Aquarian focus now it is time to actively consider implementing Universal Love as the most sustainable way for us to navigate these uncertain times. From a universal visionary perspective – Love is the answer.

What we are seeing from many if not most of those who are governing our world (mostly in the shadows) is the love of power is their guiding principle – not the power of love that can transform this reality in the blink of an eye!

So questions to be with are:

How can we love as much as possible in every moment even in the most challenging times?

How can we stay attuned to the high vibrational energy of Love no matter what is happening in our outer world?

What would it take to dismantle the old limiting structures and create new, innovative, expansive structures where we are free to express what is our to express, be what is our to be, live what is ours to live?

9 minute Video on Saturn in Aquarius with more insights

Saturn Significant Dates from 2020 to 2023

Sun Conjunct Saturn Aquarius
Jan 23 2021 Sun conjunct Saturn 04°Aq20′ D
Feb 04 2022 Sun conjunct Saturn 15°Aq56′ D
Feb 16 2023 Sun conjunct Saturn 27°Aq44′ D
Sun Square Saturn in Aquarius
Apr 20 2020 Sun 01°Ta38′ D square Saturn 01°Aq38′ D
Oct 18 2020 Sun 25°Li38′ D square Saturn 25°Cp38′ D
May 03 2021 Sun 13°Ta11′ D square Saturn 13°Aq11′ D
Oct 30 2021 Sun 07°Sc11′ D square Saturn 07°Aq11′ D
May 15 2022 Sun 24°Ta55′ D square Saturn 24°Aq55′ D
Nov 11 2022 Sun 18°Sc54′ D square Saturn 18°Aq54′ D
Sun Opposite Saturn to 2023
Jul 20 2020 Sun 28°Cn38′ D opposite Saturn 28°Cp38′ R
Aug 01 2021 Sun 10°Le11′ D opposite Saturn 10°Aq11′ R
Aug 14 2022 Sun 21°Le54′ D opposite Saturn 21°Aq54′ R
Jan 23 2021 Sun 04°Aq20′ D conjunct Saturn 04°Aq20′ D
Feb 04 2022 Sun 15°Aq56′ D conjunct Saturn 15°Aq56′ D
Feb 16 2023 Sun 27°Aq44′ D conjunct Saturn 27°Aq44′ D
Saturn Stationing Retrograde and Direct
May 10 2020 Saturn Retrograde 01°Aq57′ R
Sep 28 2020 Saturn Direct 25°Cp20′ D
May 23 2021 Saturn Retrograde 13°Aq31′ R
Oct 10 2021 Saturn Direct 06°Aq52′ D
Jun 04 2022 Saturn Retrograde 25°Aq15′ R
Oct 22 2022 Saturn Direct 18°Aq35′ D
Mercury Square, Opposite, Conjunct Saturn
Apr 28 2020 Mercury 01°Ta49′ D square Saturn 01°Aq49′ D
Sep 23 2020 Mercury 25°Li21′ D square Saturn 25°Cp21′ R
Nov 01 2020 Mercury 26°Li15′ D square Saturn 26°Cp15′ D
Nov 06 2020 Mercury 26°Li31′ D square Saturn 26°Cp31′ D
Apr 25 2021 Mercury 12°Ta53′ D square Saturn 12°Aq53′ D
Nov 10 2021 Mercury 07°Sc39′ D square Saturn 07°Aq39′ D
Apr 24 2022 Mercury 23°Ta53′ D square Saturn 23°Aq53′ D
Nov 10 2022 Mercury 18°Sc52′ D square Saturn 18°Aq52′ D
Aug 03 2020 Mercury 27°Cn37′ D opposite Saturn 27°Cp37′ R
Aug 01 2021 Mercury 10°Le12′ D opposite Saturn 10°Aq12′ R
Jul 30 2022 Mercury 22°Le57′ D opposite Saturn 22°Aq57′ R
Jan 09 2021 Mercury 02°Aq40′ D Conjunct Saturn 02°Aq40′ D
Mar 02 2022 Mercury 18°Aq59′ D Conjunct Saturn 18°Aq59′ D
Mar 02 2023 Mercury 29°Aq24′ D Conjunct Saturn 29°Aq24′ D


Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus to Saturn in Aquarius
Apr 04 2020 Jupiter 24°Cp53′ D conjunct Pluto 24°Cp53′ D
Jun 29 2020 Jupiter 24°Cp06′ R conjunct Pluto 24°Cp06′ R
Nov 12 2020 Jupiter 22°Cp51′ D conjunct Pluto 22°Cp51′ D
Dec 21 2020 Jupiter 00°Aq29′ D conjunct Saturn 00°Aq29′ D
Jan 17 2021 Jupiter 06°Aq43′ D square Uranus 06°Ta43′ D
Feb 17 2021 Saturn 07°Aq13′ D square Uranus 07°Ta13′ D
Jun 14 2021 Saturn 13°Aq06′ R square Uranus 13°Ta06′ D
Dec 24 2021 Saturn 11°Aq05′ D square Uranus 11°Ta05′ R
Venus Opposite, Square and Conjunct Saturn
Sep 02 2020 Venus 25°Cn54′ D opposite Saturn 25°Cp54′ R
Jul 06 2021 Venus 12°Le01′ D opposite Saturn 12°Aq01′ R
Aug 28 2022 Venus 20°Le51′ D opposite Saturn 20°Aq51′ R
Nov 19 2020 Venus 27°Li25′ D square Saturn 27°Cp25′ D
Apr 24 2021 Venus 12°Ta52′ D square Saturn 12°Aq52′ D
Sep 16 2021 Venus 07°Sc20′ D square Saturn 07°Aq20′ R
Jun 18 2022 Venus 25°Ta05′ D square Saturn 25°Aq05′ R
Nov 07 2022 Venus 18°Sc47′ D square Saturn 18°Aq47′ D
Feb 06 2021 Venus 05°Aq54′ D conjunct Saturn 05°Aq54′ D
Mar 28 2022 Venus 21°Aq44′ D conjunct Saturn 21°Aq44′ D
Jan 22 2023 Venus 24°Aq47′ D conjunct Saturn 24°Aq47′ D
Mars Conjunct, Square, Opposite Saturn
Mar 31 2020 Mars 00°Aq39′ D conjunct Saturn 00°Aq39′ D
Apr 04 2022 Mars 22°Aq24′ D conjunct Saturn 22°Aq24′ D
Aug 24 2020 Mars 26°Ar19′ D square Saturn 26°Cp19′ R
Sep 29 2020 Mars 25°Ar20′ R square Saturn 25°Cp20′ D
Jan 13 2021 Mars 03°Ta04′ D square Saturn 03°Aq04′ D
Nov 10 2021 Mars 07°Sc40′ D square Saturn 07°Aq40′ D
Aug 07 2022 Mars 22°Ta24′ D square Saturn 22°Aq24′ R
Jul 01 2021 Mars 12°Le20′ D opposite Saturn 12°Aq20′ R

Saturn Moon Conjunctions

Saturn Moon Conjunctions
Jun 08 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 01°Aq17′ R
Jul 06 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 29°Cp41′ R
Aug 02 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 27°Cp43′ R
Aug 29 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 26°Cp04′ R
Oct 22 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 25°Cp48′ D
Nov 19 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 27°Cp26′ D
Dec 16 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 00°Aq00′ D
Jan 13 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 03°Aq07′ D
Feb 10 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 06°Aq23′ D
Mar 09 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 09°Aq24′ D
Apr 06 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 11°Aq46′ D
May 03 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 13°Aq12′ D
May 30 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 13°Aq28′ R
Jun 27 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 12°Aq34′ R
Jul 24 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 10°Aq48′ R
Aug 20 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 08°Aq49′ R
Sep 16 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 07°Aq20′ R
Oct 14 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 06°Aq53′ D
Nov 10 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 07°Aq39′ D
Dec 07 2021 Moon conjunct Saturn 09°Aq33′ D
Jan 04 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 12°Aq18′ D
Feb 01 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 15°Aq32′ D
Feb 28 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 18°Aq48′ D
Mar 28 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 21°Aq43′ D
Apr 24 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 23°Aq54′ D
May 22 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 25°Aq06′ D
Jun 18 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 25°Aq06′ R
Jul 15 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 23°Aq58′ R
Aug 11 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 22°Aq05′ R
Sep 08 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 20°Aq08′ R
Oct 05 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 18°Aq50′ R
Nov 01 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 18°Aq40′ D
Nov 28 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 19°Aq44′ D
Dec 26 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 21°Aq54′ D
Jan 23 2023 Moon conjunct Saturn 24°Aq50′ D
Feb 19 2023 Moon conjunct Saturn 28°Aq08′ D
Mar 19 2023 Moon conjunct Saturn 01°Pi23′ D