Saturnalia. AND What is in the Name December?

According to Guy Ottewell’s astronomical calendar, December is the 10th month of the old Roman calendar that started with March. Decem means 10.

This month is also connected to the ancient Roman celebration known as Saturnalia,  (see December 17)

Saturnalia, in Roman times was an annual 7 to 12 day festival that was celebrated by stopping business, executions and military operations. It was also a time when the masters served the slaves and marriage vows were suspended for that time.

Saturnalia was celebrated on December 17 or 19 of the Julian calendar and lasted for several days. It was also thought of as the birthday of the Sun, or Sol Invictus, meaning “unconquered Sun.”

Saturnalia was about overturning the rules in ways that allowed for a fresh perspective. Currently we are in what we could call planetary Saturnalia (due to the Turning of the Ages) when the old rules or structures are crumbling and new structures that support these rapidly changing times are seeking form.

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