The Solar Radiation Effect – Igniting Personal Change

Hawaiian Sunrise Over the Ocean – June 2012

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

The above poem comes from Khwāja Šams ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Šīrāzī,
or simply Hāfez (a Persian mystic and poet) born sometime between the
years 1310 and 1337 considered by John Payne to be one of the three greatest poets of the world.

Early Morning pink and purple Auroras with Venus Jupiter Aldebaran and Pleiades July 2012 near Aspen Colorado. You can see more and get a print of this here!i=1969504022&k=8sTQPsW

Solar Minimum 2019 to 2020

Nasa Scientists are suggesting we have entered the center of the Solar Minimum Cycle. Solar cycles are about 11 years and the solar minimum is the time when there is the least amount of solar activity, meaning sunspots and solar flares, etc. are much less.

Solar minimum is contrasted with the solar maximum, where there may be hundreds of sunspots. says: during solar minimum, the effects of Earth’s upper atmosphere on satellites in low-Earth orbit changes. Plus, there are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum. All in all, the Sun-Earth relationship – always in constant flux – has its own unique aspects during a solar minimum including the increased affects of the Solar Wind on Earth.

Solar Wind coming from the Sun carries charged particles and magnetic clouds that are constantly buffeting our planet. If the Solar Wind reached the surface of the  Earth the radiation would be harmful to all life here. Luckily, the Earth’s magnetic field serves as a shield. The force of the wind affects the magnetic field stretching out on the night side and compressing it on the Sun side.

More on the Solar Wind

On January 25, 2019 reported a stream of high-speed solar wind affecting Earth’s magnetic field producing a G1-class geomagnetic storm and a spray of pink auroras over Tromsø, Norway. There have been many Solar Wind events since that time producing many more auroras that have been photographed.

It is important to note that most auroras are green – the color of oxygen atoms struck by energetic particles from space between 100 km and 300 km above Earth’s surface.

Pink appears when energetic particles descend lower than usual, striking nitrogen molecules at the 100 km level and below. Both colors were visible over Tromsø on Jan. 24th.

It seems the Solar Minimum produces an unusual number of pink and even white auroras because the chemical and magnetic composition of solar wind during Solar Minimum differs from other phases of the solar cycle, producing its own palette of color.

It is important to remember that both Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum create powerful effects on the Earth including the beautiful Auroras. We could imagine the effects of this radiant light are designed to further activate our own light codes and evolutionary process.

The Sun Earth connection and Solar Wind, Cosmic Rays and/or Solar Flares
The Sun has an eleven year Solar Cycle with the last Solar Maximum peaking in 2013. At that time we had an increase of X-class Solar Flares and Coronal Mas Ejections (a.k.a CMEs) with the Sun ejecting billions of tons of photonic light or electrons and ions into space, hurling much of that energy directly toward Earth producing measurable radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum.

This type of event activates Auroras – as all wavelengths increase, including radio waves and gamma rays. The radiation Earth receives from these Solar Flares has been known to disrupt radio communications as well as radar and other types of equipment operating in these frequency ranges.

North Dakota Aurora April 10, 2018

The increased light activity affects, not only the Earth’s electro-magnetic fields but our personal electro-magnetic or auric fields as well. Plus, these light energies magnify whatever planetary aspects are currently taking place. Planetary stations either direct or retrograde are also magnified.

When Solar Flares, Solar Wind, or other such light energy reaches the Earth, it amps up the ionic energy and the magnetic waves  – dramatically increasing the effect of any planetary alignments that are happening at the same time. One of the visible results is seen in the magnificent auroras around the planet.

In 2012 along with several major astrological events we also had Solar Flares coinciding with the bombings in Syria and Bulgaria, shootings in Toronto, Tuscaloosa and Aurora Colorado. Perhaps the most shocking was the terrible Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater shooting on July 20, 2012. It is a sad and an unfortunate coincidence that the amplifying affect of the Solar Flare, that created such beautiful Auroras, also had such a devastating affect in a town also called Aurora.

More on the shooting Story HERE and HERE…and from Natural this interesting article adds an unusual spin to the story suggesting the shooting may have been staged and Holmes was manipulated. Whether true or not this is a reminder that things are not always what they appear to be…

Massive Solar Flares being ejected from the Sun

How Does Solar Radiation or Galactic Cosmic Rays Effect us Personally?
The human auric field has its own electrical system and magnetosphere similar to the ones identified around Earth and other planets. Solar Flares and CMEs disrupt these electro-magnetic systems and therefore we are personally affected.

This can lead to less than optimal functioning of our electro-magnetic field and might even  be experienced as an energy drain that can spark mood swings, unexplained anger, along with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Think about the Lunar effect when we have a Full Moon (with higher than normal tides) especially when the Full Moon is closest to the Earth. This is due to the interaction of the Moon’s electromagnetic field on the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This is why Full Moon’s are known for increasing “Lunacy” or erractic behavior. It is also why hospitals report more births during the Full Moon and the crime rate tends to rise.

Considering that Solar Flares have an even greater electromagnetic impact than a Full Moon and Solar Flares or CMEs greatly amplify the electromagnetic field of the Earth several times over it is easy to understand why Solar Flares have an impact that is many times greater than a Full Moon. Not only that, X-Class Solar Flares amplify these effects by a several hundred times more than a CME. This easily causes even greater emotional instability (highs and lows, irritability, etc) and will affect physical and mental health as well.

The Positive Side of Solar Flares and Galactic Cosmic Rays We Can Work With
However, if you know when these CMEs are hitting the Earth you can also make conscious choices to use the increase in the electro-magnetic energy the Earth is receiving to strengthen your auric field and further your creative projects through conscious intention. (You can sign up for Solar Flare Alerts at

Auroras over Utah July 2012

During times of increased Solar Activity it helps to take time time to get extra rest and to meditate, do yoga, eat raw, organic-living-high vibrational foods, focus on happy thoughts, exercise and other healthy activities such as soaking in epsom salts or a mineral bath. These are some of the things that will help to strengthen your personal energy field and raise your vibration or frequency.

Then when highly refined light energy hurled from the Sun gets to the Earth we can actually use that energy to enhance our own electro-magnetic system and our personal energy levels rather than having the opposite effect.

Be sure to remember that even with all of these practices – there may be times when you feel exhausted, anxious and frustrated because whatever lower energies we are still dealing with – will surface in our awareness so we can transform them. That is actually a gift because it is providing an opportunity, meaning it is not a failure on our part but rather what we have agreed to transmute within ourselves –  for our personal benefit of course – and for the benefit of the planet as we are the co-creators of the New Earth.

As Above, So Below is literal and it is up to us to take responsibility and engage with these energies in ways that are supportive rather than just being at the affect of whatever is happening, for the purpose of experiencing the great magical transformative energies that are there to support our own evolution and the evolution of the Earth.

More HERE and What NASA has to say about the Solar Maximum. And a great 4 minute You Tube with Great Imagery 

What happens when the Sun reverses magnetic Poles Posted on January 6, 2014 includes NASA Video


  1. I have so been feeling this effect and was surprised knowing we are in a Solar Minimum. Thank you for this understanding about what the heck is going on.

  2. This is so helpful…thank you for the suggestions on how to work with these magnified light energies!

  3. This was very helpful! Thank you so much for these insights to the Solar activity and how they affect us personally. It sure explains a lot! 🙂

  4. Hi Cayelin! Great info! Something I want to share is a free M.A.P.(Medical Assistance Program) with the White Brotherhood and Nature. Anyone can do it, any time, anywhere, and ‘They’ can help with anything, immediately! I have been in this program a year now, and everything I needed help/healing for, is now GONE! IT IS TRUE! you can check it out at the website. What a wonder-full time to be on this planet! love, Merkaba

  5. […] Apart from the Olympics, the solar flares have been unrelenting with the photon energy flooding the planet with transformative urgency.  The energy is tremendous and affects our brains, nervous systems and cells.  Astrologer Cayelin Castell wrote an informative piece which gives you a clear view of just how potent the flares are,  […]

  6. Hey Cayelin! Excellent article. Very much appreciate the information and guidance it offers. The Readers’ comments are interesting too. I especially liked Marcia’s view of “source” as immanent in physical reality. Thank you for you! Ellie

  7. This is a wonderful article. I am having many frequency changes lately and I feel less guilty taking more me time. I love flower essences and Tree Frog Farm is awesome. I am using Manifest, SOS, and Angels of Light.Bloodroot and burdock are awesome for clearing genetic lineage/abuse issues. Pathfinder is great for planning 5d transition events.

  8. Thank you for your insights Cayelin and fellow commenters. I too have been experiencing mood swings, states of low energy, depletion, alternating with overcharge and over-reaction. As a perfect mirror of my internal (and mostly unrecognized) state, the hybrid battery in my Prius failed right around the time of the solar maximum, sending “codes of light” to the display on my car’s dashboard. To deal with the mounting stress, I eventually realized I needed to take some time to breathe deeply, soak in the hot tub, stretch, drink more water, and reduce my caffeine intake; simple but very powerful steps of self-care, balancing, and reconnecting with source within and without.

    I was struck by the appearance of James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, in the two “massively mediated” photos of him that have been propagated. I also felt (before reading here) that he appeared to have been entranced, possessed, or hypnotized — an unwilling manifestation of some kind of collective shadow, for sure. (The Dark Knight Rises.)

    I like what Marcia said in her comment about connecting with the real people and world around us. We are so steeped in “media” that for many of us, it has supplanted the real world.

    “I am half-sick of shadows said
    The Lady of Shallot.” -Tennyson

    • Right On Cathie! Thank you for sharing the ways you have been doing self-care for reconnecting consciously to source.

      I was just at a weekend gathering that focused on conscious breathing as a way to connect with source and movement (even as simply as sitting differently in our chair or moving to another part of the room or taking a walk) as a way to shift fear and overwhelm…and I was grateful for such great reminders.

  9. Perhaps…”source” is not what we have been led to think it is, especially if “source” is conceived of, and felt, as transcendent–as in, “above and beyond physical reality”. Perhaps “source” actually is immanent in physical reality, and these outbursts from our sun remind of a very basic truth. Maybe if one has one’s internal “station” set to receive emanations from a certain wavelenth, the over-riding of that wavelength amounts to a feeling of disconnection. (All around me, I see people jonesing if they can’t access the electronic social media that has become their connection to source, whatever the cause of the disuprtion.)

    Maybe, a more realistic–and ultimately, spiritual–approach is to look into each others’ eyes, touch each others’ hands, smell each others’ scent, listen to the actual words a person says out loud, if we can’t access the “beyond”. After all, we’re here, incarnate, in physical vessels…maybe we should be savoring every nuance of every sensation, gleaning every lesson that they can give us? Maybe the intensity of the solar outbursts are struggling to show us that very thing?

    After musing over these thoughts, my own take on the Aurora shooter is that he was incapable–perhaps purposely, perhaps not–of true, physical-realm engagement. Perhaps he never wanted to be truly “here” and so it didn’t matter to him if his actions hurled people out of “here”.

    • Beautiful Marcia! Thank you for articulating so elegantly the different ways we can connect to source and what source we are connecting too!

      About the Aurora shooting… I do think it is interesting that one of the links I provide was an article about the shooter saying he had all the signs of being manipulated and in a hypnotic trance or hypnotism or something like that based on his behavior after the shooting…

      Plus there was the fact that he was unemployed and yet amassed expensive weapons worth thousands of dollars with no apparent training in how to use these sophisticated weapons…and then no memory of doing it as if awaking from a trance state.

      For me this is a reminder that things may not be what they appear to be…and we may never really know what happened or why?

  10. Cayelin,

    Thanks for another great offering. It’s very helpful to me and helps explain the extreme highs and lows I have been experiencing internally; sometimes I witness I am on a see-saw I seem to have little control over. However, I have found some relief from Flower Essences, which I have been using for a few months, and Kat’s comment represents perhaps the sixth or seventh time they have come up this year for me. I interpret this not only as the cosmic shout-out which I too often require to get me to pay attention to something, but also as a reminder that everything we need for our health is here on Earth if we would only receive it!

    Love to you,

    • Thank you Kathryn for taking the time to share about your experience. I too often need the cosmic shout out and I am imaging this is helpful for others as well. Flower essences and breathing practices may be two of the most useful and easy ways to ride the Solar waves of change…simple easy and doable! Love to you too…

  11. Thank you both for this helpful information! It explains a lot!!
    As a Flower Essence Therapist I have been very conscious of the need to support the evolution and and energy increase in sensitive people at this time, and essences can offer protection and strength where and how it is needed.

    Bram Zaalberg of Bloesemremedies [Holland] has a series of 7 new Flower Essences for the New Times, and one called Earth Protection [Aarde Bescherming] I am finding helpful lately.
    Also, his Earth Creation [Aarde Creatie] follows from this and involves a green archangel to bring peace and faith to be, without struggle in one’s own power. Bram writes ” that a cycle of healing of the human race that begins with a true expression of love, the opening of the heart and the search for real healing in yourself on all levels.” It is important that we each find our own way, despite all adversity. With these essences our direction is supported by your own higher healing power.

  12. Cayelin-what a great piece! And thanks for all the links! Such an important point to be making now. I have been noticing the energetics being off, but had forgotten about the solar flare piece of the overall equation.

    Just wanted to add that last summer when I did a workshop with Russell Targ and Stephan Schwartz (the major researchers in the field of Remote Viewing), they pointed out that solar flare activity was increasing, and would be at high levels over the next few years. They went on to say that in all their years of research they had found that remote viewing experiments were much less successful during these times of high solar flare activity. In fact, they advised us to monitor solar activity when undertaking any work requiring psychic connection. I took that to mean that somehow this intense activity dis-connects us from source. That’s certainly how I felt the day before the Aurora shooting, disconnected from my usual sense of “overview,” as if “someone” had somehow turned off the switch. Have to say that I wasn’t exactly surprised the next day when I read about the shootings of the night before.

    You offer some great suggestions as to how to deal with the shifting energies! Another one I that comes to mind is the use of flower essences. I’ve been working with one called Golden Armor from Green Hope Farms especially designed for this purpose. I’ve noticed it helps. Have been giving it to my dogs and cats as well, as I think animals are particularly sensitive to what’s going on.

    As always, thanks for your insights! kat

    • Thank you Kat for the follow up information and wonderful suggestions about Flower Essences. Right On! When I think about the amping up of the photon light energy on the Earth my sense is that its not so much a disconnection from source -though it can definitely feel that… but rather it is about being so immersed in the magnified solar intensity – the Sun being the source of light and life for the planet – that it is like putting extra voltage through a system that is only designed to handle a certain amount of light energy. So the whole system – our personal and collective system – is being asked (maybe even required) to evolve or upgrade to handle the intensified energy. So the idea about using Flower Essences to help with the upgrading of our physical systems to handle the increase in light energy is brilliant! Again thank you for sharing that…

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