My Star Alchemy has three courses including the Zodiacal Constellations and how they differ from the signs. 

We have also  explored the Behenian Stars or the Magical Stars of the Ancient Alchemists and the Magic of the Stellar Triangles.
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Spica and Arcturus are both magical Behenian Stars that work together as a feminine masculine dynamic duo in sacred relationship when we connect and work with them ceremonially no matter what seasonal sign overlays them. It just so happens that currently it is the sign of Libra they are expressing through adding to the mysteries of conscious, co-creative, collaborative partnering.

Spica is the fixed star located in the hand of the Virgin Priestess and has associations with the idea that we reap what we sow. The fixed star Arcturus is zodiacally linked with Spica (both currently in the 24 degree of Libra) and together represent a powerful symbol of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine harmoniously working together as conscious equals – not equal the same but equal in the value they bring.

Spica is symbolized in the Justice Tarot Card where the scales of Justice are held in the hand of the Virgin Priestess. Arcturus is the fourth brightest star in our sky and is located in the constellation of Bootes, the Herdsman, seen as the faithful guardian, protector, and companion of the Goddess.

These stars represent the sacred masculine and feminine principles expressing in different ways though again both are equal in the value. Whenever planets are with these stars it is a great time to tune into the light codes of conscious equal partnership that are intended to support our growth toward unity consciousness. One is not better than the other. Each is connected to the greater whole. The Sacred Marriage unites the opposites and reminds us that we are all connected to the ONE source of all that is.

That said what I am about to share seems almost like a contradiction so keep reading to get how it is resolved.

There are no medicine men without medicine women. A medicine man is given power by a woman, and it has always been that way. A medicine man stands in the place of the dog. He is merely an instrument of woman. It doesn’t look that way anymore, but it is true. ~ Agnes Whistling Elk in
Lynn V Andrews book Medicine Woman

I read the book Medicine Woman in 1988 and it forever changed my life. At the time I was going through the devastation of my life as I knew it. I desperately wanted to die so much – I begged god to kill me.

Then I was blessed with this book showing up exactly at the right time and I decided then and there I wanted to live a magical life.

I re-read this book in 2019 for lots of reasons and it has been activating so much in me. Including new insights about the importance of Spica and Arcturus working together.

Arcturus (the divine masculine) is considered the guardian helpmate of Spica – the star most representing the divine feminine as described many cultures. Having just reread these words in the Medicine Woman book as I am  again tuning into the Spica and Arcturus I am feeling the truth of this in a way I didn’t expect.

Not from the perspective that the Medicine Woman is more important than the Medicine Man but rather she gives birth to him. Without her he would not exist. Clearly this is something that was forgotten in the last several thousand years of patriarchy. He is here to protect her and support her so she can give her gifts not only to him but also to the world.

I woke up in the morning on the day I am writing this (April 15, 2019) knowing I am a Medicine Woman from a dreamtime message. The medicine I bring may not be what others would expect a Medicine Woman to bring but it is Medicine for the Earth none-the-less.

Peter and Me Ireland 2018

I find I have tears emerging feeling the immensity of this insight. I shared it with my husband Peter and he was surprised I was only just now having this realization as he has known for awhile I have been the one that has helped him find his own medicine to offer to the world.

He has so provided the safe space that has allowed me to not only continue the work I do but to take it to new levels that are often scary, even down right terrifying. Through it all Peter has been there to support and encourage me and help me feel safe. That is a gift beyond measure.

Working together we have helped each other find powerful ways to express our medicine for the world. (A story I intend to share more about because it is so inspiring to all those who know us – or so we have been told!)

Spica and Arcturus In Divine Relationship
Spica (24 Libra o6) is symbolized in the Tarot Cards by the Virgin Priestess holding the scales of justice in her hand. Another image that comes from the Tarot is the Hermit standing on a hill with a lantern in his hand. The lantern, or light is Spica.

Arcturus (24 Libra 30) is the guardian of the divine feminine and has been viewed as being related to King Arthur leading his people to freedom and victory with the sword of truth, the sword of divine authority and kingship, also known as Excalibur.

The August 21, 2017  Total Solar Eclipse featured the mythic renewal of the broken blade (Narsil) in The Lord of the Rings. So this event back in 2017 marked another Timing for noting the power of renewing the sword of our divine authority in the hand of the divine masculine and the returning light shining from the lantern of love and compassion in the hand of the divine feminine.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring,
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
Fellowship of the Ring J.R.R. Tolkien


Locating Spica and Arcturus
Spica lies in the left hand of the constellation we call the Virgin Priestess (astronomers call it Virgo) about two degrees south of the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun in the heavens as viewed from the Earth. Every year within a day or on the day of October 16 the Sun conjuncts the star Spica.

Spica is easily found by continuing the gradually curving line formed by the Big Dipper‘s handle ~ first to Arcturus, then “spiking” via a straight line directly to Spica another 30 degrees through the sky. It appears to be an equal distance from Arcturus as Arcturus is from the Dipper handle. Spica rises just as the Sun sets in early April, about an hour after Arcturus has risen.

The best time to view the constellation of the Virgin Priestess where Spica is located and the Constellation of Bootes is February through July. October is the only month Spica is invisible. In early November and December, you can see them both in the morning sky looking toward the eastern horizon.

Visible Planets with Spica and aligned with Arcturus!

Spica - 8 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Spica and Arcturus - 5 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell


My Star Alchemy has three courses including the Zodiacal Constellations and how they differ from the signs. 

We have also  explored the Behenian Stars or the Magical Stars of the Ancient Alchemists and the Magic of the Stellar Triangles.
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