I am inspired to post this 10 minute video on Mercury Retrograde and how to work with it  adding to the extra potent energy during the Oct 16 Perigee New Moon with the Star Spica!


Every year the Sun is within six degrees of the Spica from October 12 to 23 and is exact around October 16, 17 and 18. See when Moon is with Spica etc…

The April 7, 2020 Perigee Full Moon (biggest Full Moon of the year) was near Spica.

Spica and the Personal Planets (Monthly Moon conjunctions at the bottom of the page)

Sep 22 Mercury
Nov 16 Venus

Sep 05 Venus
Sep 21 Mercury
Oct 01 Mercury
Nov 01 Mercury
Oct 21 Mars

Oct 18 Venus
Oct 26 Mercury

Oct 03 Mars
Oct 18 Mercury
Nov 29 Venus

Sep 18 Venus
Oct 09 Mercury

Spica is in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a Virgo) and both Spica and the Virgin Priestess constellation have myths and images of the divine feminine linked with them. The Greeks and Romans saw this constellation as the Great Mother Goddess Cybele with her lion-drawn chariot symbolizing the Lion constellation sitting next to the Virgin Priestess.

Cybele, like many goddesses, had several incarnations or manifestations. Her celebrations included drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting, often all night long. The Greek Goddess Astrea also has associations with the Virgin Priestess constellation depicted in Tarot as the Justice Card, holding the Scales of Justice symbolizing the constellation on her other side.

Spica marks the hand of the Virgin Priestess and sometimes is shown as an ear of corn or wheat that she holds in her hand. Other images show Spica as the star that marks where the Virgin Priestess or Goddess holds the Scales in her hand. In Egyptian myth the constellations of the Virgin Priestess and the Scales were described as the Goddess Maat who used the scales to weigh the heart of the dead against her feather to determine the future path of the one who died.

All about Spica – 8 minutes

When planets are near Spica it is a great time for intentionally accessing the awareness of the super conscious with the conscious mind as described byMichael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in their book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing:

Spica has the ability to transfer awareness from the super conscious to the waking conscious mind and can also enhance lucid dreaming states and psychic abilities. Spica strengthens the physical body in the cervical vertebrae of the spine. This is the physical location in the body that symbolizes the separation of body and mind. So Spica creates an interchange between the separated selves assisting in the remembrance that there is ultimately no separation. Thus, Spica helps to bring the principle of oneness more fully into our conscious minds.

Working with Spica anytime you can see her and especially when you can see her with planets near by through intention, meditation, prayers, chanting or any other activities designed to open you to other dimensional experiences  -are exceptionally potent. It is important to listen for inner guidance and creating a sacred safe space is recommended for enhancing this possibility.

The Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz reminded us that all we need to find where we want to be within ourselves is to look within. When planets are with Spica it is important to listen for inner guidance coming from our super conscious higher selves into our physical reality especially when creating a sacred safe space for enhancing connection with our divine inner knowing.

Off to the Emerald City anyone?

Spica conjunct the Moon

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