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Star and Stone
Snake and Bone

Around the June Solstice 1999 at the Standing Stone Circle overlooking Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the emergence of several woman recognizing their Magdalene Priestess selves. The Standing Stone Circle is pictured to the right.

During that time we were in high ceremony among the Standing Stones, underneath brilliant Starry Skies and we had been gifted with a snake skin by one of the women in our circle who wasn’t able to join us for that ceremony. We had created a special ceremony for her a few days before leaving for Faywood and that is when she gifted us with the snake skin to give to the Standing Stones at Faywood.

The snake skin was about three or maybe four feet long and it had played a significant role in our new Magdalene sister’s life. It felt significant that we were going to take this snake skin to Faywood and ceremonially return it to the land.

For days (before we left for Faywood) I kept hearing the words Star, Stone, Snake. I knew I was missing something. When I shared it with Gina Dawn (my co-facilitator) she came back with Star and Stone, Snake and Bone.

Here is what is known. The Stars and Stones remind of us our connection with Earth and Sky. Ancient Standing Stone Circles were built to track solar, lunar and other celestial cycles. They often had specific alignments to track the rising of certain stars.

These Stone Circles serve as reminders of the natural cycles of Earth and Sky. They also provide portals to the starry realms that are so intimately linked to who we are and where we originate. The Stars carry specific codes of information that are available to inspire and guides us when we are willing to receive them.

The Stars carry fire energy linked with spirit, the stones carry feminine energy linked with the Earth. Snakes also carry fire energy as they connect closely with the Earth. Bones of course carry earth energy.

The Snake and Bone aspects remind of us the genetic encoding we carry within our bodies. The entwined snakes on the caduceus is a symbolic representation of human DNA. The Caduceus is also the modern medical symbol – see imagine below and was a symbol depicted with many important mythic beings such as Hermes and Thoth. Snakes or serpents are also potent symbols of creative life force energy, sometimes feared and other times revered.

Our bones carry this genetic coding, and is the part of the human body that remains the longest after death. Even those who are cremated have bits and pieces of bones in their cremation ashes.

The stones are viewed by many as the bones of the Earth, holding the form in many ways, especially noticeable when found in Stone Circles.

The bones anchor the form of the human body while living, when bones are discovered centuries later they help tell the stories of how people lived in the past. Most ancient cultures honored the bones of their ancestors, somehow knowing their importance beyond what we remember today.

Back then I felt the mysteries calling me as the Celestial Cycles further inspired us through the continued activation of important star codes and pathways.

In 2021 the Nodal Axis was powerfully connected to Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull and Antares, heart of the Scorpion for most of the year. These two stars form an axis or gateway to multi-dimensional realms.

The South Node was passing Antares enlivening the mysteries of the past. Back in 1999 Pluto and Chiron were with Antares and Aldebaran was with Jupiter. In 2021 the North Node was with Aldebaran.

Antares has had many different names and meanings connected to it as described by Traci De Regula’s book The Mysteries of Isis,

“Among the stars named after Isis is Antares, which was associated with Selkit, the scorpion goddess who was sometimes depicted in the Isian headdress. Antares was associated with Isis in the ceremonies conducted in conjunction with the great pyramid complex at Giza, where she bore the special title of ‘Lady of the Pyramids’.”

When considering the great Pyramids are specially designed initiation chambers that are oriented to access the mysteries of the heavens and ground them on the Earth, we get a deeper sense of the total transformational power of this star with the South Node activation connecting us to these past mysteries. (I will share more about this in the future)

These are transformative energies, initiating Shamanic Death, Transformation, and Rebirth. The potency of their combined alchemy works at a deep cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level. Once the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, the butterfly never returns to being a caterpillar. The transformation is irreversible and complete.

In the southern latitudes around where I live in Tucson, Arizona, Centaurus is fully visible on summer nights with a low horizon spanning 60 degrees of the sky. One of the signifcant stars in this constellation is star Alpha Centauri (a.k.a. Rigil Kentaurus, Hadar and Tolliman).

Some may remember how this star was made famous by the Lost In Space TV series. Alpha Centauri or Rigil Kentaurus is located in the foot of the Centaur. This star is the closest naked eye star to Earth (only about 4.3 light years away) and is the third brightest fixed star in the sky. It is believed to have been important to the ancient Egyptians as indicated by Richard Allen in his book Star Names.

Allen says at least nine temples in northern Egypt dating from 3800 to 2575 BC and several in southern Egypt from 3700 BC on, were aligned to capture the heliacal rise (rising just before the Sun as a morning star) of Rigil Kentaurus at autumnal equinox. The Egyptians may have called this star Serk-t. The Chinese called it Nan Mun, the South Gate. It is also known as Hadar in Arabic, meaning ground.

I see Centaurus symbolizing the Sky Temple of Chiron, where by virtue of his myth we know Chiron resides as a guardian of the gateway to the celestial mysteries. Chiron inspires us with the sense that there are realms of knowing beyond our human understanding and that we can access and communicate with these realms when we consciously die to the wounds that keep us earthbound.

In 2021 Chiron was also trine Antares and the South Node suggesting an alchemy designed to transform our deep wounds into our medicine. Our wounds act as catalysts for the desire to die to what does not serve our pure essence when we allow for and align with the intent to transform.

Chiron chose death, rather than living with an incurable wound. This addresses a fear that may be at the root of our human dilemma, the fear that we will never be healed or whole, but that we may be wounded forever. Indeed this fear may suggest to us that we are not divine, but mere mortals doomed to suffer until we physically die.

After all Chiron was an immortal and even he was at the affect of this fate. On another level Chiron reminds us to choose how we deal with what fate hands to us. Through his conscious choice to surrender to the transformational process of death, he is healed and returned to wholeness. He is transformed into a glory greater than we may fully comprehend.

This death is not necessarily a literal physical death, but a conscious choice to surrender ourselves to the alchemy of transformation and ascension similar to the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly or Chiron’s metamorphosis into the stars.

In this time of Shamanic Death and Rebirth into our true destiny as cosmic divine beings it might feel like we are in Hell. This is where we come face to face with our deepest fears, including the fear that we may never be healed or whole. It also includes the beliefs and perceptions that prevent us from living our destiny authentically and powerfully. All that is needed is to surrender, let go and allow the transformation to take place. AND YES…that is often much easier said than done.

However remembering:

We are made of the Stars – Star Stuff
We are made of the Earth – Stone and Bone
We are made of Pure Life Force Energy – Kundalini Serpent – Snake

We are:

Star and Stone
Snake and Bone
Show Us NOW
All that’s Known