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Astrological patterns are recognized in terms of the meaning
that we bring to inner and outer experiences,

although we are perhaps in turn predisposed to the quality
of our experiences by the patterns themselves.
However, rather than trying to pre-empt fate,
to ward it off or pretend it does not exist,
we may perhaps work with it as consciously as we are able:
thus we participate in the alchemical opus,
the hero’s journey, the philosopher’s stone,
or the finding of the long lost kingdom.

 Chiron and the Healing Journey
An Astrological and Psychological Perspective
By Melanie Reinhart

The above quote is from a book on Chiron (the Shamanic Healer) and YET also very much describes the Pluto process especially when Jupiter is involved. You might find it interesting that I wrote the article below before remembering this quote I have loved for over 20 years from Melanie Reinhart. I thought I was done writing this when suddenly I just had to find this quote about I remembered having something to do with the alchemical opus and philosopher’s stone. It feels like the perfect way to begin introducing the concepts shared below.

The intent of this article is to inspire all who read it to discover your own alchemical opus within – transforming your base elements into the golden light of who you truly are!

Jupiter catches up to Pluto every 13 years. In the table below you can see if you were born near one of these conjunctions. It also shows a rare series of three exact Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in 2020 meeting in Capricorn on April 4, June 30 and November 12, 2020.

The exact dates are worth noting but the reality is Pluto and Jupiter were within 10 degrees all of 2020 into early January 2021 and within 5 degrees or less most of 2020 from the end of February to mid-December 2020 suggesting 2020 featured this powerful initiatory energy.

The question is: are we working with it intentionally to gain the best results or are we running from what scares us and finding ways to project those fears onto something outside of us?

I was born with this combination and so these are questions I live with every day. The year 2020 opened the questions about the importance these questions that were seeded at this time.

What does it mean?

Jupiter expands our awareness and sense of what is possible and potentially provides for a renewed vision, if we are open to receive it, of how we are living together here on Earth.

Pluto removes any obstacles that may be present in bringing these possibilities into form and takes us deep into the shadow realms to root out the fears and limiting beliefs we may not even be aware we have.

Pluto is the deep dive into whatever fears and limiting beliefs are holding us back and Jupiter expands the possibilities suggesting we will either go deeper into the fear and limitations OR we will surrender to the alchemical process of transformation and be empowered in ways we haven’t yet imaginedIt is not easy and it is most likely not fun to be facing our shadow side, our fears and worst (and best) parts of ourselves that we have disowned and denied but it is oh so worth the transformation that is possible when we allow ourselves to die to who we think we are so we can be reborn to who we really are.

Dane Rudhyar perceived Pluto at its highest level was about focusing and beaming galactic energies to the Earth and to humanity. He felt this was especially true for those who were ready to assume their unique divine expression and destiny. He saw Pluto as the way to experience a profound deep dive into what is seated in our psyche, especially the fears that prevent us from embracing what is truly ours to do.

This reminds us that to successfully embrace our destiny we must first face our shadow (place the spotlight of awareness on it) – including all the limiting beliefs we might have. These beliefs often test our sense of self and who we take ourselves to be.

In a culture that has believed there are not enough resources for everyone to thrive, the shadow expression of this belief has manifested in our current economic and cultural reality creating a handful of people with all the wealth and power over others. There is a massive imbalance with many left out, ignored, dismissed, or judged as unworthy. Those at the top have found ways to justify their power and wealth grab at the expense of others forgetting we are all connected and at some point the harm done to others – ultimately finds its way back to those who have perpetrated the harm.

Pluto in Capricorn is shining a spotlight on these shadow expressions that are infused throughout many cultures on the planet at this time.

When Jupiter joins Pluto it is magnifying that spotlight for the purpose of shining the light of awareness where needed – so we have a better chance of transforming whatever is holding us back from knowing our true divine nature – moving beyond possibility and potential, to manifesting as an actuality in this reality.

To have the experience of our empowered self, we must choose it! AND and then be willing to transform anything and everything in the way of experiencing our empowered divine self.

Yes it will most likely be scary. Yes it will most likely be challenging and difficult. Yes it may feel threatening to our known reality but we can already see the changes are manifesting in ways beyond our control. All we can do to meet the intent of this initiation is surrender and trust it is transforming us into a more empowered expression of who we are meant to be.

It is an Underworld Initiation

This Jupiter Pluto line up is a powerful underworld initiation for planet Earth and all who live here. The underworld is understood as a place of death and rebirth. It is where we die to who we think we are so we can be reborn to who we truly are.

Letting go of false and limiting beliefs that have defined our lives is often challenging and downright difficult. It can challenge us to our core and yet it can empower us in ways we can’t even imagine

The Jupiter Pluto combination is designed to activate the Magnum Opus or “Great Work” within as defined by the ancient alchemists in creating the Philosopher’s Stone, a  legendary alchemical substance that has the power to turn base elements – mercury and uranium etc – into Gold or the elixir of life, enlightenment, the heavenly bliss of the New Earth.

Jupiter and Pluto together creates a collective opportunity to purify our thoughts, words, feelings and actions so they become the gold, the elixir, the Philosopher’s Stone of our existence. This means working with the prima matera (first matter – within ourselves) so it is transformed and then we are magically empowered by our growing awareness, growing love, and growing wisdom.

Are you in denial of what scares you, blaming others rather than looking at what is really going on for you?

Are you willing to surrender and face your deepest fears?

Are these fears in front of you even if you aren’t willing to face them? Are they determining the direction of your life?

If so what if you chose to face them and thereby begin the process of choosing the direction of your life?

Are you experiencing events beyond your control that are bringing up fears you didn’t even know you had?

Are you at the effect of addictions, expectations, limited perspectives that are holding you back from experiencing the magnificence of your true self?

Are you embracing what scares you – trusting that doing so will ultimately empower you in ways you haven’t yet imagined?

Jun 26 1906 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

22°Ge31′ D

Aug 10 1918 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 06°Cn02′ D
May 26 1931 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 19°Cn16′ D
Aug 01 1943 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 06°Le52′ D
Nov 02 1955 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 28°Le24′ D
Feb 07 1956 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 27°Le35′ R
Jun 16 1956 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 26°Le28′ D
Oct 12 1968 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 23°Vi39′ D
Nov 02 1981 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 24°Li53′ D
Dec 02 1994 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 28°Sc26′ D
Dec 11 2007 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 28°Sg23′ D
Apr 04 2020 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 24°Cp53′ D
Jun 29 2020 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 24°Cp06′ R
Nov 12 2020 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 22°Cp51′ D
Feb 04 2033 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 14°Aq50′ D
Apr 12 2045 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 03°Pi31′ D
Jan 25 2058 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 17°Pi54′ D
Mar 13 2070 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 02°Ar38′ D
Apr 21 2082 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 16°Ar10′ D
May 29 2094 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 28°Ar51′ D
Jul 13 2106 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 10°Ta56′ D
Nov 02 2106 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 10°Ta05′ R
Feb 19 2107 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 09°Ta14′ D
Apr 01 2119 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 21°Ta01′ D
May 06 2131 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 02°Ge48′ D
Jun 10 2143 Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 14°Ge50′ D

This table was generated using Solar Fire V.9.0.25 and also helped to calculate the movement of Pluto into new signs on the next page.

Over the nearly 270 years the table covers there are only 3 times Jupiter and Pluto meet 3 times in a sign. The first is 1955-1956 when Jupiter and Pluto were in Leo. The second is in 2020 in Capricorn (spanning 64 and 65 years since we had the last triple alignment). The third time is 86 years from now in Taurus dancing in and out of Taurus from 2106 to 2107 when it enters more permanently for about 34 years.

Each time there is a triple alignment between Jupiter and Pluto as shown in the table you can see it begins with Jupiter and Pluto coming together while both are in direct motion. The second time they meet they both are retrograde (the June 30 conjunction) and the third time they meet both are direct.

Jupiter and Pluto were within 10 degrees of each other from January 30, 2020 into early 2021 around Jan 6 or 7. They were within 5 degrees or closer from end of February 2020 to mid-December 2020. Staying so close to one another for many months suggests most of 2020 was impacted by this Jupiter Pluto alignment.