Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019. Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19, 2017 (see below for additional details). Saturn and Jupiter are planets visible to the naked eye and Jupiter is catching up to Saturn over the next few weeks and months.

These two outer planets are alerting us to the possibilities around creating new ways of creating our physical reality that is effective, efficient and sustainable. In essence, how to do less and accomplish more that will serve the generations to come.

Unfortunately part of what our current culture has created is what I like to call the Doing Addiction. There seems to be a mistaken belief that the more we do, the more we accomplish and achieve, the more value and significance we have. When we are driven by the Doing Addiction it can interfere with healthy and deeply fulfilling connections with family and community.

Jupiter and Saturn are reminding us it is vital to cultivate our awareness around how we may be Doing Addicted so we can change it.

Doing (taking action) is a natural part of life similar to the necessity for eating. However, both doing and eating can also become an addiction.

An addiction is anything that we do to excess in ways that are harmful to our health and well-being. There are obvious addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc… Most of us might recognize a Doing Addiction as someone who is a work-a-holic. However, the Doing Addiction often shows up in subtle ways that are more challenging to spot.

For example, the most philanthropic work a person might engage in doing, may be driven by a Doing Addiction as a way to avoid feelings or having a personal life.

Underlying the Doing Addiction are three primary fears.

  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of not being good enough (feeling of having to prove yourself)
  • Fear of Facing your Fears and having to really Feel your Feelings…

More is covered in this PDF on The Doing Addiction

The Doing Addiction Part One – 15 minutes

To download “The Doing Addiction Part One”, Right Click Here

The Doing Addiction Part Two – 16 minutes

To download “The Doing Addiction Part Two”, Right Click Here

November 24, 2019 Jupiter and Venus are together and both will catch up to Saturn.

The Capricorn Archetype is represented most accurately by the Circle of Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Wise Ones and Elders. These are the political and other leaders, managers, counselors and teachers who are most effective when they are paying attention to what really works and letting go of what no longer works. When healthy the primary interest of this archetype is how effective and efficient the systems they operate within are functioning and how those systems honor the Earth and the ancestors, as well as serving the future generations going forward.

Saturn is in Capricorn from Dec 19, 2017 to Mar 21, 2020 when it enters Aquarius for a brief time, returning to Capricorn on Jul 01, 2020 before re-entering Aquarius on December 16, 2020.

Pluto entered Capricorn on Jan 25, 2008, returned to Sagittarius on Jun 13, 2008 and re-entered Capricorn on November 26, 2008. Pluto enters Aquarius on Mar 23, 2023 and returns to Capricorn on Jun 11, 2023, re-entering Aquarius on Jan 20, 2024 and returning to Capricorn on Sep 01, 2024. Pluto’s final entrance into Aquarius is on Nov 19, 2024.

Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec 02, 2019. Jupiter stays in Capricorn until it enters Aquarius on Dec 19, 2020.