This article is a work in progress.

Dschubba (2 Sagittarius 34) is the eye of the Scorpion or the eye of the Dragon (Chinese perspective) and the Sun passes here each year around November 24. (Stay tuned for the planetary alignments with this star coming soon)

Some cultures saw this star as the crown on the head of the Scorpion. Dschubba is also known as Isidis, a name for the Goddess Isis.

Dschubba or Isidis was also called Iclarkrav coined from the Arabic Iklil al ‘Akrab, meaning the “Crown of the Scorpion”, or sometimes referred to as just Iclil; the Arabic word for ‘jewel’. This was one of the fortunate stations. [Star Names Their Lore and Meaning, by Richard Hinkley Allen p. 367, under Acrab]

If you have planets, angles or nodes between 26 degrees Scorpio and 8 or 9 degrees of Sagittarius then you have a personal connection to Dschubba/Isidis.

The old star books describe Dschubba as imparting qualities of a shrewd, cunning mind and great organizational skills, along with a tendency toward strong passions that could lead to relationship issues with the opposite sex.

We could imagine that it is time to re-evaluate the old perceptions of these stars and develop new relationships with them that serve us now and into the future.

So as the “eye” of perception a question might be:
What new perceptions, new ways of looking at life, new beliefs, new questions, might we consider?
What old perceptions are no longer valid in our current reality?

Perhaps this star can now support radical release of anything and everything that holds us back from having a wild and ecstatic relationship with Great Mystery and truly knowing our divinely inspired selves?