Every year the Sun passes the Great Attractor
around December 6.

2021 planets in this area of the sky coming soon!

The Great Attractor is a huge energetic force drawing many galaxies toward it at about a million miles per hour, and is considered a supercluster of galaxies, meaning it is WAY bigger than our Milky Way Galaxy.

In fact, the gravity of the Great Attractor is pulling the Milky Way in its direction, though no one has actually seen the Great Attractor because it is located behind the plane of our Galaxy – that means the gas, dust and stars in our Galaxy obscures the light from the Great Attractor.

Planets with the Great Attractor suggests we have an opportunity to tune into these mysteries as a reminder of our own great attracting abilities.

We are each out own “Great Attractor” pulling towards us or attracting to us a variety of experiences based on our thoughts, feelings and actions. With Chiron’s help this is a good time to notice if you are still operating from past wounds and therefore attracting experiences into your life that are intended to get your attention so you can deeply heal these wounds.

We attract into our lives experiences that vibrate with what we are thinking and feeling. For a couple of days before and after today there is an energy activation that suggests there may be insights and messages, especially related to what is needed for Shamanic Healing, that come from a mysterious source.

Science has found that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA so this is the time to be conscious of what we are thinking and what feelings need to be felt, embraced and released clearing the shadow in ways that also boost our physical and emotional immune systems.