The Shamanic Healing Power of Forgiving the Unforgivable
(Brief Introduction)

The journey to living a more fulfilling life begins with forgiving the unforgivable.
Whatever unforgivable things we have done to ourselves, done to others or have had done to us!
It is about clearing the slate and experiencing a NEW beginning
from a place of forgiveness, kindness and love.

This is not easy or a quick fix as it requires willingness to see where we may have been unfair to ourselves or others, mean to ourselves or others, unforgiving towards ourselves or others. It may also include vengeance and retaliation for a perceived wrong we have been at the affect of or have perpetrated. We may also find we have been guilty of blaming, shaming, and complaining along with any number of other ways we might have harmed ourselves or others. (Stay tuned for more when this article is completed in the near future)

That is why a powerful shamanic practice is to fully commit to self forgiveness for any part you may have played in creating pain for yourself or others.

A personal example:
My father did NOT want children. I was the first born so I was blamed for ruining his life. He was a master at shaming me – saying I ruined his life followed by I was lazy, good for nothing and would never amount to anything. For years I did not realize how deeply all that had gone into my belief system, affecting how I experienced my life. Once I was aware of it I began the long process of forgiving myself for seemingly having caused my father so much pain.
I also needed to forgive myself for how angry I was with him for making me his scapegoat, for blaming me for everything that he felt wasn’t right with his life, for all the ways I was punished, demeaned, and minimalized. I grew up believing my father hated me and therefore God hated me. I wasn’t worthy, I wasn’t good enough, I ruined people’s lives. I was to blame for everything that went wrong. To truly forgive my father I had to forgive ME first. Otherwise, I was just saying the words but not really feeling it.
Of course all of these projections from my father weren’t really true, but my childlike mind believed it – and as a result I experienced a reality based on the conditioning I experienced. A lot of forgiveness practices and many years later I have a completely different life, filled with love, joy, fun and a growing inner peace. Woohoo!
AND to be honest to this day I continue this practice and at times am still surprised at how deep the wounds go and how much I still have left in me to forgive and let go. Eventually I plan to share more about how this has so profoundly challenged and gifted me with the power of forgiveness but for now the short story is as I have shared it here.
There are many forgiveness practices that are helpful. Radical Forgiveness as described by Colin Tipping has been radically helpful for me. Here is a copy of the worksheet you can get free from the radical forgiveness website.
Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and Website
Also Ho’oponono has been an important part of my forgiveness journey…
You can find out more here and here


And Zero Limits by Joe Vitale