Unexpected Rainbow Venus Magic


The Cave is near the top of this hill

On March 25, 2014 I was called by the Circle of Grandmothers to an extraordinary experience involving a sacred cave and  Rainbow magic. This recording tells the story as do these pictures below.

The Rainbow Story – 20 minutes

To download The Rainbow Story audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

PS…Part One of Unexpected Magic is available at this link and includes insights on Birthday Magic.


Entrance to the Cave



Inside the cave












Looking out through the Cave entrance


Cave Paintings


First Rainbow


The Double Rainbow framing the Pyramid Hill

photo 1 (5)

Closer Up to the Double Rainbow…



The Gateway to and from the trail to the Cave






  1. This comes from one of my sons!

    Hey Mom, I just read your story about the double rainbow yesterday. Today I was on the beach. A man stopped me because a speed boat was about to drive up on shore. Because of this I looked out over the ocean at just the right time to see a solitary fish breech out of the water for a split second.

    Then I continued on down the beach. It started raining so I took cover under a palm umbrella to read my book. After a few minutes I looked up. I was in the perfect spot to see a double rainbow. Don’t know what inspired me to go to the beach today but the whole experience made me think of your story.

  2. Hello Everyone! Cayelin asked me to share this story of unexpected Venus Magic I originally posted this week in the Venus Teleclass Circle. I feel its a good example of how connected we all are!

    If there was any part of me that had doubts about my decision to come on this journey with y’all, (which I am not consciously aware of any), I don’t any more and here’s why – my bit of Magic…

    A couple of days after the meditations where posted and after I listened to Cayelin’s story of High Magic in the Desert, I took Spirit to task and asked for my Magical connection to be strengthened. I kept an eye out for Rainbows, as Cayelin suggested, all the while thinking a Sky Rainbow would be rare indeed since we are in a drought cycle and no rain was called for.

    On Wednesday morning I went for my usual Medicine Walk. When I got to a place where there is a little short side trail I felt a distinct nudge to go on it. Its been a while since I listened for these kinds of nudges on my walk, but listening to Cayelin’s story inspired me.

    After a minute a Hummingbird appeared about 2 arms lengths away above my right side. I thought “how adorable!”, as if no real biggie. But suddenly I felt a ‘Stop!’ So I stopped and paid attention. Hummingbird hovered, then flew to my left, hovered and flew to my right, hovered and back to my left. (Now I see this is two infinity symbols, but at the moment I was just trying to ‘hear’ for any message).

    I don’t know if this happens to any of you, but often when I first tune in all I hear is a sort of high frequency static. I realize I need to raise my vibration and also ask for Spirit to slow it down for me… well all I ‘heard’ was “do you have anything to eat?” Lol.

    I thought that was soooo like Hummingbird. All I had was a raw seed cake which I offered up, but as far as I know they don’t eat seeds, so I put some down on the ground as an offering and Hummingbird flew away.

    When I got home I checked Animal Speak, and guess what?! Hummingbird is associated with Rainbows and Rain! I really felt I had my Magical experience and I felt deeply thankful for it. I sat in contemplation of this affirming event with a quiet and happy heart. However, that wasn’t the end of it!

    A few hours later I heard an extremely loud crash coming from above the roof of my house. I was momentarily stunned! I’m used to Squirrel running across making a clatter but this was huge!

    A few moments later it started pouring rain! The loud crash was Thunder! Then more Thunder and Lightning came,along with sudden buckets of Rain, then Hail!! It was incredible!

    I had checked my weather app and it wasn’t predicting any of this! I really felt that my connection to Spirit was re-established in a very strong and obvious way and again I was deeply grateful! Buuuut, that’s not all…

    When the storm blew, I got in my car and went to run some errands. As I got on the freeway what do you think I see framed against the backdrop of the mountains?!? A double Rainbow!!!

    Cayelin K Castell you have somehow managed to help bring this Magic! And if that wasn’t enough – (I mean I was totally freaking out in a good way and probably should have just pulled over to calm down) – after about seven miles there’s another double Rainbow!! I mean I was just profoundly blown away!!!

    That night I thought I’d catch up on the Timings and what do I see, oh, just the Sun/Uranus conjunction! Lol! I just have to marvel at the playful lovingkindness of it all! I mean really!!!

    Thank you all for amping up the energy! And this is only the beginning! Whew!

  3. Amazing…a-maze-zing!..Sure looks like the Collosal Cave Mt. park area to me..my old stomping grounds!?.. I too have had much rainbow magic, and come to know it IS INDEED the sign of God’s Covenant with us. Thank you for sharing! Love, Merkaba

  4. Cayelin,

    Thank you so much for such a powerful sharing. I can’t tell you how much your sharings mean to me! I remember in a very early coaching call with Lisa, that I told her “I want the magic” before I even knew what that meant. I just love hearing the experiences of others, and learning more about recognizing them in my own life. So much love and gratitude to you.


  5. This is so amazing and magical. Thank you very much for all you share.
    I wish my life was that magical…

    • That is a great wish Christina. And by wishing and intending that it be so you are on your way to living a magical life like I shared in my Solar Return Birthday Magic Story here https://cayelincastell.com/unexpected-magic/

      In the story I tell about how I decided I wanted to experience magic in my life and as I result how my life started to change in ways that were magical! Be sure to read the comment a little further down this page for confirmation of how this can happen! 🙂

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