Venus and Mercury Return of the Shekinah

Unknown Artist

Prayer to Shekinah the Divine Feminine Presence Within
Oh Holy Mother of Divine Creation, You who Dwells within Each of Us
You who Nurtures, Inspires and Encourages
The Awakening of Our Sacred Hearts and Inner Knowing

Guide us with your Loving Wisdom
To Remember and Embody our Divine Design
Fulfilling Our Place within Great Mystery

Thank you for showing us what we already KNOW deep within
Thank you for assisting us in Awakening into Being Who we Already Divinely Are
So that together we bring about a Golden Age of Peace, Plenty and Illumination
Birthing a New Earth conceived in Love, Compassion, Kindness and Caring.

It is Done, It is So and We are Grateful. Blessed Be!

2019 Mercury Venus
Mercury Stations retrograde with Venus in Scorpio on October 31. Mercury and Venus have been within 10 degrees since Jul 22 and continue to be until Nov 6, 2019 with 3 exact conjunctions on:
July 24 at 26 Cancer 14
Sep 13 at 28 Virgo 50 (see below) 
Oct 30 at 27 Scorpio 36

Though not technically a classic Shekinah cycle as the only time Venus and Mercury are visible is October 30 in the evening sky – what is significant is the nearly 4 months of their close alignment within 10 degrees and it will be 40 years before they come back together in this part of the sky.

Mercury and Venus together represent the Return of the Shekinah

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas wrote in The Book of Hiriam that Mercury and Venus together symbolized the Return of the Shekinah (or the Divine Feminine Presence Lighting our World) occurring every 40 years from any given starting point though in their book they emphasized the Jewish tradition of tracking Venus and Mercury together in the morning sky. Their research is fascinating including the timing of when the Temple of Solomon was built – timed to capture the light of the Shekinah when Venus and Mercury appeared together in the east before sunrise.

This occurs every 40 years (5×8*), 480 years (40×12) and 1440 years (480×3).

*5 nineteen month Venus Cycles every 8 years (5×8=40) adding to the significance of the age 40 and age 80 Venus Returns. Many find these cycles are life changing further awakening a woman’s divine feminine expression and a man’s deepening connection to the inner divine feminine. I was in my age 40 Venus Return when I began a nine month Awakening the Priestess Within journey that forever changed my life. See video explanation below.

Artist Unknown though may be connected to

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and the work Tami and I have done to return ceremonial significance to the 19 month Venus Cycle that returns to the same part of the sky every 8 years through Venus Alchemy. Again 5 nineteen month Venus cycles every 8 years connects to the number magic of 40 (5×8=40).

Regardless of morning or evening star appearance it is rare for Venus and Mercury to spend nearly four months together within 10 degrees as is the case in 2019 though more than two of those months are when both Venus and Mercury are with the Sun – so not visible. The span of time when the two are visible within 10 degrees in the evening sky is technically from September 20 to November 6 according to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide for 2019. So a good part of the Venus Mercury dance has occurred behind the scenes with the Sun – the source of light and life for our planet – suggesting we have had an opportunity to source a new relationship around effective communication with the divine feminine on both the inner and outer realms.

Venus has been deepening her initiation in the realm of conscious death choosing to die to all that does not serve the fullest expression of her true purpose – beginning her ascent by September 19 or 20 depending on your time zone.

2019 represents a rare joining of Venus and Mercury exact Friday the 13th in September. For many the number 13 also represents the return of the Divine Feminine including the mysteries connected with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia representing the natural rhythms and cycles between the Earth and Sky coming into sacred balance.

13 is also thought to be the essence of the empowered and embodied Christed Feminine. Some say 13 is a number that transcends matter and is coded with the frequencies of Ascension, Oneness and Unity that transforms all things. Since 13 is a prime number it is only divisible by itself representing purity – meaning the number magic of 13 is incorruptible and exists within its own integrity.

More on the number 13 and Friday the 13th HERE

My Priestess Journey

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