by Cayelin K Castell

In 2019 the Moon occulted Venus on January 31 in the morning sky representing an intentional acceleration of Venus at the Throat Chakra gate as she was descending into the underworld releasing all the distortions around her voice.

September 09, 2021 Venus and the Moon meet again in the evening sky representing the Throat Chakra Gate when Venus is ascending from the underworld and reclaiming healthy use of her voice.

The throat chakra is most noted for communication, especially communicating our divinely inspired creativity and the deepest truth of our being. What we say, our words, the way we speak represents the second aspect of the three fold creation process sometimes referred to as thoughts, words and deeds.

Our thoughts, what we envision (Brow chakra) and how we speak – the words we use (throat chakra) and how our feelings align with our visions and words (Heart chakra) along with the actions we take (Solar Plexus chakra) determine the success of our creative process.

Morning Star Venus
As morning star, Venus is descending into the underworld – as told in the story of Inanna. At this gate Inanna/Venus is releasing the lapis lazuli bead necklace she is wearing around her neck symbolizing her choice to release any distortions she has around her throat chakra, communication and creative expression that do not promote truthful, creative self-expression, peace, harmony, and joy.

A healthy Throat Chakra occurs when we are willing to tell ourselves the truth – because first we must know our own truth before we can share it with others. In the descent phase of the journey this requires a deep dive into the hurt and pain, guilt and shame, fear and blame that you may be feeling. Feeling it and grieving it allows the alchemy to take place.This isn’t about forcing it. It is about allowing what we have repressed or denied to find a healthy expression within us. Once we have processed the fear, anger and grief we feel then we can consider speaking to someone who may have hurt us for the purpose of creating understanding and connection.

Speaking our truth is only useful when we do so with the intent to promote healing and greater connection. If our speech comes from a need to be right, or to be superior over others in some way, or with an intent to hurt or wound another, then we ultimately create greater separation and disconnection.

It is important to choose communication that is responsible and is intended to promote healing and not in ways that promote wounding. Taking time to notice if you are seeking to deepen your relationship with others or simply venting your anger and frustration is a great practice for this chakra gate.

Evening Star Venus
Again this is the phase of the Venus Journey where the Divine Feminine is reclaiming a healthy use of her voice, having released the distortions, the fears, the false conditioning, she is now ready to speak her truth in ways that may be kind, caring, and compassionate and/or direct and honest ideally in a way that isn’t shaming or blaming but still truthful so others can hear the truth of what is being shared.

Chanting, singing, verbal prayers, decrees, and invocations with specific intent are all great ways to ceremonially participate with this month long Venus gate. Find out more about this Venus Journey as ceremony here

This is a powerful activation collectively meaning everyone is experiencing this cycle to some degree.

However if you are turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 etc.) between June 10, 2020 and January 13, 2022 then you are experiencing a powerful eight year synodic Venus Return with an opportunity to die to who you believe yourself to be so you can be reborn to who you truly are. This Venus Journey is also personal for anyone with a strong desire to cultivate conscious, cooperative, collaborative, co-creative relationship and supports everyone on the journey to allow for the initiation into empowerment!

The 3 minute video below on Laughter Medicine reminds us how it helps us to have a healthy body, mind and spirit as well