The initiatory energy that was activated in June 2004 when Venus crossed the face of the Sun underwent a deepening on June 8,2008 when Venus met with the Sun in the exact area of the sky where the 2004 transit/initiation occurred. This was exactly four years after the first transit and four years until the next transit in  June of 2012.

The Mayans and other ancient cultures closely tracked the Venus cycle and the transits of Venus over the Sun because they knew these transits marked major shifts in the collective experience. The 2004 Transit began an eight year year acceleration of global initiation and awakening for humanity. The 2012 Venus Transit completed the eight year initiatory window.

Both the June 7, 2004 and June 5, 2012 Venus passages (in some areas the dates are a day later) over the Sun activated a Venus portal or stargate of light coded information  that is unfolding for the next 243 years when Venus returns to transit the Sun in this area of the sky once again.  The last pair of these Venus transits occurred in 1761 and 1769 and at that time we had not yet reached the Galactic Alignment that is taking place now.

The exact 26,000 year Galactic Alignment we are currently experiencing began when the Solstice points moved within one degree of the two Galactic Crosses (where the Ecliptic or plane of the Solar System and the Milky Way or Plane of the Galaxy intersect). We entered the one degree zone in 1926 and will leave the one degree zone in 2070 based on the calculations of astronomer Jean Muess. He calculated the exact center point of this alignment to be in 1998.

The Solstice points move about one degree every 72 years. Using a one degree orb we are adding 72 years before and after May, 1998 giving us the 144 year window. So we know astronomically that 1998 was the exact alignment however there were many rare and significant Celestial events occurring in 2012 including the completion of the Venus Transit Initiatory Window that further accelerated a greater awakening and appreciation of the divine feminine energy as an essential key in the transformative process of this turning of the Galactic Wheel of Time.

Another factor worth noting is the location of the Venus Passage occurring occurring between the Horns of the Bull (a.k.a Taurus see article and video on Difference Between Signs and Constellations). The ancients looked to this area of the sky for certain Celestial Events to let them know when the ages were shifting. This information from the Fixed Star site further illustrates this.

The Great Bull of Heaven is linked with the end of each of the four ages; (the bull it is said) withdraws one of its hooves from the ground. When all are free the foundations of the world will be destroyed. Shiva’s ‘perfect horn’ is the crescent Moon. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. ‘aleph, which means “bull”, is the symbol of the moon in its first week and also the name of the sign of the zodiac where the moon’s mansions begin’ (ELIT p.178). Many letters of the alphabet, hieroglyphs and ideograms are simultaneously associated with the phases of the Moon and with the bull’s horns, the latter often compared with the crescent Moon.

In addition to the Venus transit, when a tiny new Crescent Moon appeared near the tips of the horns of the Great Bull of Heaven (tipping its horns to toward Galactic Center) at a seasonal point that alerted ancient people’s a great AGE was shining. It was 6,500 years ago when the Crescent Moon  was in the Horns of the Bull at the Spring Equinox. We are now one quarter turn later when the Summer Solstice is located where the Spring Equinox was 6,500 years ago.

The Venus Transit over the Sun that occurred between the horns of the Bull on June 5, 2012 was another HUGELY important indicator of the importance of the current Time Portal activation. We are leaving the old age behind and moving into new territory and Venus has been helping to lead the way.