The fixed star Zaniah (4 Libra 31) is located on the wing or shoulder of the Virgin Priestess.

In his book the The Living Stars Eric Morse tells us Ptolmey called this star Zaniyah meaning “Adulteress” or “Harlot”. The word Harlot first showed up in print around the 13th century and was used to describe a man “of no fixed occupation”. It could also refer to a juggler or jester of either sex, however by the 17th century its usage for men completely disappeared and was used to unfavorably describe women as prostitutes.

Harlot actually comes from the world heirodule (similar root as heirarchy) or priestess. According to Nancy Qualls Corbet in her book The Sacred Prostitute these women were the priestesses trained in the art of sacred sexuality in the temple. This was a sacred training highly honored and respected before it was reduced the expression of prostitution we are familiar with today. In the mythic telling of Gilagmesh there is again reference to theharlot or hierodule or priestess. This was part of the hierarchy or class system of those times and these women lived and served in temples dedicated to the goddess.

Whenever a planet, New or Full Moon, or the Nodes are passing Zaniah it is worthwhile to ponder what the original strength and meaning of this star was before the judgment of the patriarchy – disbanding and shaming the priestesses from the temples?

How can tuning into this star support us in engaging in new healthy and empowering relationships with this sacred feminine aspect?