Zavijava is a star in the Virgin Priestess located at the top of the V of stars that marking the shoulders or wings of the Priestess.

This star is usually easy to see with the naked eye however, it will appear dimmer when the Moon is nearby once each month so use the star map to get a sense of where it is and take a look. (Monthly passage of the Moon with Star coming soon along with times when other planets are with Zavijava)

Zavijava was the star Einstein used during the solar eclipse of September 21, 1922 to determine the speed of light in space because Zavijava was close to the where the eclipse was occurring.


Ancient star lore suggests this star is about benevolence, harvest and gain, journeys and gaining freedom from the ways we hold ourselves captive.
So when the Moon or a planet is near this star it is a great time to ask what it would take to free ourselves from the beliefs that hold us captive and limit our life experience?