Here's one way to find Mars, and the star Spica nearby, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Free April Celestial Timings are posted HERE with audio overview of the month.

Basically, the energy this month is off the charts amazing. 2 FREE recordings - both are less than a half hour each with Lisa Michaels and myself. The first is a powerful visualization of the Grand Cross and how to work with it. The other is a ceremonial activation of the New Mars Cycle on April 8. These recordings help you to have an even more embodied experience of these powerful cosmic happenings!

Free Tele-class HERE on:

The Spring Equinox And The Grand Cross Of 2014: Transforming Change And Chaos Into Conscious Evolution

This Class Explores Ways To Ride The Wave Of Accelerated Change To Maximize The Opportunities Available For You This Spring! Again you can access this class HERE

There is still time to join us for a Magical Venus/Innana Tele-Class series featuring the Current Venus Cycle and the Return of the Grandmother Goddess.  Details are here

Here is a FREE sample of one of the visualizations were are doing for this class created by  Tami. If this class calls to you – we would love to have you  join us. Once again the Details for this sacred on-line journey are here.

Meet your Grandmother Guide/s – A Guided Meditation by Tami Brunk

To download the Meet your Grandmother Guided Meditation by Tami Brunk audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

AND HERE is a link to an 11 minute YouTube Video on the Grand Cross/Grand Shift

Learn the Critical Ways the Planets of Initiation Influence Your Soul Intent and empower your creations. Join me and Lisa Michaels for a Live On-line Event April 10 to 15 

Ready to know how your Birth Archetypes and Life Cycles can help you make the Best Choices for your life?

Haven’t we all looked back in hindsight and realized that another choice might have been better? But at the time you know you made the best decision you could with the information you had.

Are you ~

  • Trying to make things happen and nothing is working the way you want it to?
  • Frustrated that you are in a time when all the doors seem to be closing and you don’t know why?
  • Missing a golden opportunity because you’re taking it easy when you really need to be taking action?
  • Blaming your external world and other people for your circumstances?
  • Confused because you or your life partner suddenly seems different and you think something is wrong?

Why Shamanic Astrology And How Can It Help?

The word Shamanic means ‘connected to the earth’. The word Astrology is derived from a Greek word for ‘stars’. Shamanic Astrology connects the Earth AND the Celestial Realms. What is happening with the planets, directly correlates with what’s happening here on Earth.

Shamanic Astrology views all the planetary signs in the birth chart as equally important. There is no right or wrong, better or worse. Every placement has an intent. Once you understand that intent, then you can choose to engage with these energies to make responsible, informed choices. All is connected. Nothing stands on its own.

Shamanic Astrology helps you understand the life cycles you’re experiencing and what time it is for you. Just as we experience seasonal cycles, there are personal cycles that are a natural part of life. You may have forgotten or never learned how to be in relationship with these mysteries, or have lost your ability to be informed by them and to be informing them. Shamanic Astrology helps you to learn and regain the wisdom the ancients valued so highly.

We Inform the Mysteries as Much as they Inform Us.

Shamanic Astrology recognizes that no cycle is good or bad in and of itself. All cycles have an intelligent reason and purpose for being! Knowing what your cycles are, you can collaborate with full awareness . It’s conscious co-creating at its best!

Would you like to ~

  • Know what your life purpose and intent is and have a blueprint for how to live and give your gifts in this lifetime?
  • Know which options will give you the most beneficial results when you’re at a crossroads?
  • Have a life map and timeline to guide you?

There are times when it’s best to step back, and allow for a time of incubation. It’s okay to not know. Then, there are times when the doors fly open, the way is clear, and your actions are supported with useful results.

  As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without

Shamanic Astrology gives you insight, teachings, and practices on how to recognize these magical linkups between the Earth, and the Celestial Cycles that are influencing our lives every day. This is a phenomenal tool that eliminates the guesswork and empowers your ability to make more informed choices.

There are two ways engage with these ancient and proven tools. One is to subscribe to the Celestial Timings for daily insights on how to best participate with the general cycles of time and the other is to get a Personal Reading to learn about your birth archetypes and what cycles you are in so you know what choices will be most supportive to you now.

Here I am in a rare moment with ALL four of my beautiful children in 2011. BTW...the gray theme was completely unplanned - or I wasn't in on it - as it was an in the moment picture.

Here I am in a rare moment with ALL four of my beautiful children in 2011. BTW…the gray theme was completely unplanned – or I wasn’t in on it – as it was an in the moment picture.

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