Cayelin K Castell 2017

Planets With  Zubenelgenubi 2020

Sun Nov 07
Mercury Nov 22
Venus Dec 03
Mars doesn’t pass by this star in 2020

The Moon passes monthly (monthly) every 27.3 days see chart below

The Scales are the acknowledged symbol of justice, moderation, prudence and balance because their purpose corresponds precisely with the weighing of actions or activities. When associated with the sword, scales still symbolize Justice, but in double harness with Truth. On the social level, they are the emblems of administrative and military duties, those of kingly power and one characteristic, in India, of the Kshatriya caste (warrior caste).

In recent times, the Scales of Justice have reflected human judgment, including perspectives on what is right and what is wrong. This suggests your point of view is wrong if it doesn’t match the point of view of the dominant culture that is intent on controlling and enslaving you. If you do not share an accepted perspective in any given group or tribe then you might be threatened, banished, cast out, imprisoned, silenced, tortured, killed.

It is helpful to remember whatever has been considered right or wrong has depended greatly on the point of view of any given culture, religion, politics etc… Expanding limited points of view to be more inclusive and accepting of what IS are important keys to where we find ourselves now. Finding greater balance, acceptance and ability to work together has never been more vital or important for the survival of humans, plants, animals, and our beloved Earth.

New Perspectives on Zubenelgenubi
This star now marks the seasonal time of the Cross-Quarter between the September Equinox and the December Solstice representing the mid-point swing between seasons meaning this star is undergoing a major evolution as we evolve our understanding and experience of Zubenelgenubi along with the star marking the other side of the scales, Zubenelshamali.

Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld suggests Zubenelgenubi is designed to assist individuals in finding peace in their relationships by balancing the forces of aggression and control. These aggressive and controlling forces cause disruption and damage.

Zubenelgenubi is about finding inner harmony and independence while also strengthening our relationship with our spirit guides. This star also supports a more conscious connection with our twin flame usually located in other dimensions of reality – hence the additional value of accessing the star gate portal both Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali represent.

Zubenelgenubi also has the ability to support experiences of deep self acceptance through self-nurturing and self-love while bringing forth new concepts and ideas for relating.

In the late 1990’s at a sacred site in Nevada under dark skies with a group learning the night sky, I had a clear direct personal experience of  Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali representing a Stargate to other realms and dimensions where life is more easily experienced as balanced and loving. Where what JUST IS truly is Justice for all. These stars represent the weighing of the  heart with the mind – where ideally the importance of these two are in equal balance.

The Paradox of Accepting what JUST IS.
When we release the need to judge others (including ourselves) and learn to accept what IS, we gain the power to radically change our life experience because we stop attracting what it is we are judging. Carl Jung summed it up saying, “What we resist—persists.” Judgment along with denial and emotional control keep us locked into a limited narrow range of experience. Releasing the judgments we hold opens a space within, where greater love and magic is experienced.

Embracing guidance for how to proceed with the heart weighed in balance with the mind (the feather of Maat) these stars open a portal or gateway into a world of peace, plenty, love and ecstatic bliss. This balanced realm of heart and mind expressed easily through humanity long ago and has been lost. It is time to reclaim it!

A Few More Details about Zubenelgenubi
Zubenelgenubi (zbənɛləˈnbi) sometimes written as Zuben Elgenubi, is from an Arabic word that is translated as the Southern Claw referring to a time when these stars were considered to mark the Claws of the Scorpion. Other names for this star are Kiffa Australis (or Elkhiffa Australis) a Latin translation of another Arabic term al-kiffah al-janūbiyy meaning southern pan (of the scales).  Many other names have been connected to this star in many different cultures with many different interpretations of what the stars of the Scales symbolized.

Tuning into this Stargate and having your own direct relationship is the best way to understand the energies available to you from this area of the sky.

Moon Occultations over Zubenelgenubi
In 2016, the International Astronomical Union put together a catalogue standardizing proper names for stars approving Zubenelgenubi for α² Librae on 21 August 2016 as it is now written in the IAU Catalog of Star Names. Zubenelgenubi (currently located at 15 Scoprio) is 77 light-years  from the Sun and is the brightest star in the constellation of the Scales. Zubenelgenubi is within 0.33 degree from the ecliptic so it can be easily occulted by the Moon and more rarely by planets.

The next occultation of a planet over this star is the 10th of November 2052 by Mercury.
In October of 2021 the Moon begins a series of Occultations that will last into February 2023 over Zubenelgenubi.

The first date is when the Occultations begins and the Second Date is the last one in the Series occurring about every 9 to 9.5 years.

Oct 08 2021 Feb 12 2023 Zubenelgenubi
Jul 28 2031 Nov 30 2032 Zubenelgenubi
Jul 18 2040 Sep 01 2041 Zubenelgenubi
Feb 14 2050 Jun 20 2051 Zubenelgenubi

Zubenelgenubi and the constellation of the Scales it occupies – is not visible for about a month from around October 31 to November 23 when it is within the beams of the Sun.

On November 6, 7, and 8, the Sun rises with this star, also currently marking the zodiacal Cross Quarter of 15 degrees Scorpio or the exact half way point between the September Equinox and the December Solstice. See the November Cross-Quarter Swing Between the Worlds.

Zubenelgenubi with the Sun Nov 7

Mars (with Jupiter about 2 degrees away) was with Zubenelgenubi January 1, 2018. Mars returns in December 2019 and again mid-November 2021 – or just about every two years. Jupiter passes Zubenelgenubi about every 12 years. So…Jupiter enters Scorpio on September 23, 2029 and catches up to Zubenelgenubi in November of 2029 and 2041. Mars does not join Jupiter in either of those years. The next time Mars and Jupiter join together near Zubenelegenubi is November 24, 2053 exact at 20 Scorpio within less than 5 degrees of Zubenelgenubi.

Jupiter expands our vision of possibilities and Mars is about taking action to bring these visions into form. Without action – it doesn’t matter how magical or amazing our vision is – it isn’t going to manifest. Mars and Jupiter together is a great combination for activating this Stargate.

Do you have a Personal Chart Connection to this Magical Star?

If you have planets, angles or Nodes near 15 Scorpio 17  (within about 6 degrees) then you have a personal connection with Zubenelgenubi and the Scales of Justice (what just IS) representing the balance between yin and yang, male and female, Heaven and Earth.

I do have a personal connection to Zubenelgenubi as it was rising at the moment of my birth!

Zubenelshamali is around 19 Scorpio 35 marking the other pan in the constellation of the Scales. These stars are linked with the principles of natural law (or cosmic law) going beyond the limits and rules of human law.

More about Zubenelgenubi 

Zubenelgenubi sits midway between the red royal star Antares in the constellation of the Scorpion and the blue-white star Spica of the Divine Feminine in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess, suggesting this star marks a between point. Zubenelgenubi is between Antares and Spica and also between the September Equinox and the December Solstice. If we consider we are also at a Great Turning of the Cosmic Wheel this is another indicator of the importance of this time marking the between of a great ending and a great beginning.

The ancient Sanskrit word for the constellation where Zubenelgenubi is located is Tula, the name for the ‘Holy Land’ or Promise Land. In William Henry’s book, The Peacemaker and the New Key of Life Tula is defined as “the place of Peace.”

Tula is a place and a process of becoming. In Tula our thoughts, desires or fears will become instantly ‘real’. What is in our hearts cannot remain hidden. What is felt in the heart is what is seen in the world. Only love can flow through our hearts in Tula. ~William Henry

Egyptian ScalesWhen planets are passing Zubenelgenubi they are also near its companion star Zubenelshamali marking the other pan of the Scales forming a gateway or stargate access to the realm of Tula, the Promise Land reminding us of the ancient prophecies that speak of a Promise Land or Golden age.

This fits with the constellation of the Scales also known for weighing the heart of the dead to determine their next path or next life. The Scales are also a symbol of balance, truth, and justice, reminding us moderation and prudence are always worthy actions. If the heart is heavier than the feather of Ma’at that person will return to this world. More about the Scales (a.k.a. Libra) HERE

Are the Scales about Judgment?
My sense is the Scales really represent what Just Is (Justice) in this world of duality and polarity. Real and true Justice occurs from a place beyond fear and where it is possible to accept what IS without judgment. Acceptance of others and their process may include choosing not to support a person in their addictive or reckless behaviors. Other ways it can show up include having limited contact – as in professional and social settings – or doing a planned and skillful intervention without attachment to the outcome.

When judgment is involved it usually shows up as something that is operating out of duality – right or wrong, good or bad. However, we don’t really know what is right or wrong for anyone else. We don’t know what their soul is choosing or why?

It may be that no matter how awful a situation looks it might be exactly what is needed and is being guided from a wisdom that goes beyond our middle world understanding. If we find ourselves in judgment of others then it is an opportunity to look at what fears are unresolved within us.

Both the light and the dark are necessary for life to flourish and when we judge either as good or bad we move out of balance. The stars of the Scales (especially whenever planets, nodes or angles are nearby either natally or by transit) are activating an opportunity to strengthen our own sense of balance in how we deal with the reality of duality and polarity.

Moon with Zubenelgenubi and then Moon catches up to Zuben Elshamali a few hours later 2021 dates coming soon.