Pictured here is a Gila monster I saw June 6 on my morning walk. It is rare to see a Gila Monster because they spend as much as 97% of their time underground.

On June 6 I asked for sign that my ancestral healing intentions are working and sure enough one of the biggest Gila Monsters I have ever seen in the desert near my home on my morning walk. These ancient reptiles always show up for me when I ask for a sign from the ancestors.

Southwest Native Americans view the geometric patterns on the Gila Monster as a representation of celestial objects.

The Gila Monster (Or Heal a Moon Star as I like to think of it) is rare to see in the wild. There are many who have lived most of their lives in the SW Deserts of Arizona (or other places Gila monsters dwell) who have never seen one. I have been blessed to see at least 10 in the wild over my last 40+ years of living here and didn’t see my first one in the wild until I had been in Tucson almost 20 years. It wasn’t until I started working ceremonial magic that they started to show up for me as a confirmation I am on the right track.

Gila monsters are believed to have the ability to go for a year or more without food or water. Hence why some native tribes believed the Gila Monster had healing abilities. I felt so blessed by this siting I shared it on my Facebook page and am passing it on here for those who missed seeing that post and might also feel inspired by this timely sign in the world of form…

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