This month features 4 planets in Virgo, weaving the web of the New Earth, the Great Hack, another Friday the 13th, Venus Rising into the Evening Sky passing through the First Gate/Root Chakra, the September Equinox, Saturn stationing near Vega and so much more…

2019 September Celestial Timings

Friday the 13th This Month

Saturn Near Vega for the rest of 2019 stationing near this star.

Celebrating the September Equinox

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node

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The Next Jaguar Days Sep 10 and 30

See end of this page for the Super Perigee New Moon August 30 and September 28

How Becoming a Priestess Changed My Life


Our next Venus Alchemy Live Ceremonial Class is September 27, 2019

Facilitated by Cayelin K Castell and Tami Brunk

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Early registration special ends September 22

August 30 Perigee Super New Moon is the closest New Moon of the year and already yesterday’s 6.3 earthquake off the coast of Oregon, a hurricane tracking toward the Bahamas and Florida, huge monsoon in Tucson while I was gone, high tides (got the direct experience of that while in San Diego) and when I am writing this the stock market is down as a part the greater magnetic effect of this New Moon suggesting a potent time for setting and magnifying intentions.

More on the Super Perigee New Moon with next one happening September 28