Vega is the also known as the Vulture star and to the Egyptians she was the Goddess Nekhbet – transmitting her mysteries to the Earth through Saturn (a feminine planet contrary to popular belief).

Every year the Sun is with Vega January 4, 5, and 6 in the constellation of Lyra around the time when Earth is closest to the Sun (or perihelion). This means the potency of the illumination coming to Earth when the Sun is aligned with Vega is further magnified due to Earth’s closer proximity to the Sun.

Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and is the famous star Jodi Foster travels to in the movie Contact. In addition to being the bright pole star 13,000 years ago, Vega is one of three bright stars in the Summer Triangle, and one of 15 magical Behenian Stars the ancient alchemists felt had the greatest potency when planets were within 6 degrees.

The Vulture Star

Vega has been described as “The Vulture Star” or “The Sitting Vulture” that was depicted with a lyre in its beak in the story of Orpheus, the musician who attempted to save his beloved from the underworld. Upon Orpheus’ death Jupiter (a.k.a Zeus) sent a vulture to rescue the Lyre out of the river and then it was placed it in the sky.

In some cultures Vultures are feared and thought to be a bad omens causing bad luck. Some cultures greatly feared the Vulture as a symbol of death. However, in other cultures the Vulture was honored and revered. For example in Egypt, the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet (a word also synonymous with Mother in ancient Egyptian) was highly revered. See more of her story below.

Vulture Medicine

These medicine birds are great teachers in the realms of alchemy and efficient use of energy for joyful living. The scientific name for the Vulture is Cathartes Aura or “Golden Purifier” because Vultures turn death into life, cleaning and purifying the environment in the process.

Vultures live in harmony with the Earth. They rarely kill for food and usually only kill wounded animals (though I recently discovered Black Vultures do kill)  and they rarely have to work at flying but rather endlessly soar on the air currents or thermals they see rising from the Earth assists them in blissfully glide upon those energy currents -suggesting they can assist us in seeing what we may not otherwise see – teaching us about the usefulness of seeing subtle energy fields as well as seeing both multi-dimensionally and inter-dimensionally.

Vultures are community creatures, resting and flying together and sharing the food they find with each other. In the high mountains of Tibet the people dispose of their dead by leaving the body parts of those who have died on sanctified rocks as an offering to the Vultures. This practice came about because the land is so rocky that burying their dead in the ground is not an option and they don’t have many trees so cremating is not practical either.

Their solution is brilliant as it honors the circle of life and the Vultures’ ability to provide the alchemy of turning death into life.

On January 5, 2019 there was a Partial Solar Eclipse when the Sun was aligned with Vega – a potent New Moon seed point for remembering the Earth is now going through her own alchemical renewal where the old forms are dying and providing the nourishment needed for new forms to manifest.

What is dying within you? Is it a way of life, an old belief system, something that is no longer sustainable?

How can you transform whatever is dying into new life?



Venus and Saturn in Capricorn
with Vega AND Nekhbet the Vulture Goddess
Last time was February and December 2019
Next time is November 2048


In 1999 I had the privilege of traveling to Egypt and experiencing the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet first hand. Our guide told us that whenever we saw Nekhbet engraved over the doorway it indicated we were entering Sacred Space. Many doorways or entrances had multiple images of her when looking up as we were passing through to the next room.

This is very different from some cultural perspectives that see Vultures as a bad omen or omen of death. For the Egyptians Nekhbet was a Mother/Creator/Protector Goddess with connections to the goddess Maat – Goddess of Truth and Justice.

The goddess Nekhbet (protector of the Pharaoh and the people) was often represented as a vulture or as a woman with the vulture head dress or as a woman wearing the Atef-crown (as shown here). As a vulture-goddess, Nekhbet was the goddess of heaven, and sometimes the Sun and the Moon – often accompanied by the uraeus or cobra.

When depicted as the goddess of heaven, she has outstretched wings (see above) spread above the royal image showing how she is protecting the pharaoh. She is also depicted with the shem (representing eternity) – a symbol found in the pharaoh’s double crown, and the royal flail (representing the pharaoh’s authority) in her claws.

Ancient Egyptians believed vultures were female and they recreated themselves – hence why Nekhbet was the Creator Mother Goddess. The Muu or Nekhbet priestesses wore robes made of vulture feathers in her honor.

The original necropolis or city of the dead was at Nekheb (the city originating Nekhbet’s name) and is the oldest oracle shrine in Egypt. It was the companion city to Nekhen, the religious and political capital of Upper Egypt at the end of the Predynastic period (c. 3200Ð3100 BC) and probably, also during the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3100-2686 BC). The original settlement on the Nekhen site dates from Naqada I or the late Badarian cultures. At its height, from about 3400 BC, Nekhen had at least 5,000 and possibly as many as 10,000 inhabitants.

Nekhbet in Horus Shrine at Abydos. The vulture goddess Nekhbet is spreading her wings in this relief detail on the east wall of the Horus Shrine in the Seti I Temple at Abydos presenting Horus with a necklace. Nekhbet holds a ÒshenÓ sign (symbol of eternity), an ankh sign flanked by sceptres (symbols for life and prosperity) and a hebsed icon (symbolizing the kingÕs jubilees and long reign).
The cartouche on the left holds Seti’s birthname: Seth, Beloved of Ptah.
The two hieroglyphs above this cartouche inform us that he is a good god.
The cartouche beside features Seti’s throne name: Men-maat-re (Eternal is the Justice of Re). The duck and Sun hieroglyph above this cartouche tell us that he is the son of Ra.
The Horus Shrine is one of three small shrines located north of the Inner Osiris Hall. The Seti Temple at Abydos was begun by Seti I and completed by his son Ramses II in the 13th century BC. Photo Paul Smit.[/caption]

Was Nekhbet linked to Vega?
Vega being the Vulture Star we could imagine this star also connects with the mythic stories of Nekhbet. I haven’t been able to find corroboration for this idea – but they feel connected.

The Returning Power of the Divine Feminine
This suggests perhaps we are entering a time when the Golden Purifier divine feminine energy of the Vulture as Nekhbet is again infusing the Earth with new Feminine Wisdom especially when Saturn (a feminine planet) is aligned with this star. The next time this happens is 2048. See table below.

Many believe Saturn is masculine but the truth is Saturn is feminine having to do with sustainable forms that celebrate the gift of life and Venus goes way beyond the relational realms as she is most often described. Venus includes all the various aspects of the feminine as grandmother, mother, queen, protector, partner, lover, innovator, teacher, priestess, shamaness, healer, creative muse and much more. Suggesting that Venus and Saturn with Vega (the Vulture Goddess) seeds new awareness into our collective reality about the power and importance of the Divine Feminine side by side with the Divine Masculine. One is not more important than the other. Both are equally important in their own unique way.

Feb 18 2019 Venus Conjunct Saturn 16° Cp 46′ D
Dec 11 2019 Venus Conjunct Saturn 19° Cp 04′ D
Nov 21 2048 Venus Conjunct Saturn 13° Cp 03′ D
Jan 15 2050 Venus Conjunct Saturn 29° Cp 15′ D
Jan 7 2077 Venus Conjunct Saturn 04° Cp 10′ D
Feb 23 2078 Venus Conjunct Saturn 19° Cp 15′ D
Dec 24 2078 Venus Conjunct Saturn 22° Cp 27′ D
Feb 12 2107 Venus Conjunct Saturn 13° Cp 55′ D
Dec 4 2107 Venus Conjunct Saturn 16° Cp 04′ D

Recent Connections of Vega, Saturn and Venus

Saturn stationed on September 18, 2019 at 14 Capricorn within a degree and half of Vega 15 Capricorn 32 one of the 15 Behenian (Magical) Stars.

Saturn was exact with Vega on November 2, 2019 and within 6 degrees of this Behenian star at the beginning of 2020.

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Sharon Lyn Kershner Had a teacher that called vultures Peace Eagles. They come after the battles when peace has been reinstated to cleanse. They never kill.

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