The Former Pole Star Vega

Venus and Saturn are with Vega much of February 2019. Exact Venus Saturn conjunction is Feb 18, 2019 at 17 Capricorn less than two degrees from Vega.

The Sun is with Vega January 4, 5, and 6 in the constellation of Lyra. Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and is the famous star Jodi Foster travels to in the movie Contact. In addition to being the bright pole star 13,000 years ago, Vega is one of three bright stars in the Summer Triangle, and is one of the 13 magical Behenian Stars.

This means Vega’s star power is most potent when a planet is within 6 degrees. The Sun is within 6 degrees of Vega from December 30 to January 12 every year.

Vega has been described as “The Vulture Star” or “The Sitting Vulture” that was depicted with a lyre in its beak in the story of Orpheus, the musician who attempted to save his beloved from the underworld. Upon Orpheus’ death Jupiter (a.k.a Zeus) sent a vulture to rescue the Lyre out of the river and then it was placed it in the sky.

In some cultures Vultures are feared and thought to be a bad omens causing bad luck or is viewed as a greatly feared symbol of death. However, in other cultures the Vulture was honored and revered. For example in Egypt, the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet is depicted over doorways that let the people know they were entering a sacred holy space.

These medicine birds are great teachers in the realms of alchemy and efficient use of energy for joyful living. The scientific name for the Vulture is Cathartes Aura or “Golden Purifier” because Vultures turn death into life, cleaning and purifying the environment in the process.

Vultures know how to live in harmony with the Earth. They never kill for food and they rarely have to work at flying but rather endlessly soar on the air currents they see rising from the Earth. They can see the thermals rising from the Earth’s surface that are not always so easily visible to human eyes. Thus, Vultures teach about the usefulness of seeing subtle energy fields as well as seeing inter-dimensionally.

Vultures are community creatures, resting and flying together and sharing the food they find with each other. In the high mountains of Tibet the people dispose of their dead by leaving the body parts of those who have died on sanctified rocks as an offering to the Vultures. This is done because the land is so rocky that burying their dead in the ground is not an option. Plus, they aren’t many trees so cremating is not practical either.

Their solution is brilliant as it honors the circle of life and the Vultures’ ability to provide the alchemy of turning death into life.

On January 5, 2019 there was a Partial Solar Eclipse during the time the Sun was aligned with Vega suggesting this was a powerful New Moon seed point for remembering the Earth is now going through her own alchemical renewal where the old forms are dying and providing the nourishment needed for the new forms to manifest.

What is dying within you? Is it a way of life, an old belief system, something that is no longer sustainable? How can you transform whatever is dying into new life?

Comments on article from Facebook post:

Sharon Lyn Kershner Had a teacher that called vultures Peace Eagles. They come after the battles when peace has been reinstated to cleanse. They never kill.

Peia Marie Edgerly I have always loved vultures ❤️ & I love when you tell me to die to the old…I started doing that in 1992; consciously (driving to Death Valley)

Kimmie Ann I saw a bunch of vultures circling around the sky last night before sunset. 🌙✨

Nan Olson This is the time line I crossed and awoke Jan 6 2013 to then have Open Heart Surgery –6 yrs ago Already ! Powerful and Very Magical Universal LOVE

Alexandra Smith I am ready to release a horrible flu bug that has taken over my household this year and transform us all to good health for 2019 ✨🙏✨

Sally Arthurs I’ve been mesmerised by Vega the last few months 🌟

Stefanie Deddo-Evans I f__ing love your posts!

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