Beltane Note: Uranus is currently in Taurus about 3° past the Solar Beltane Sun. It was exact on May 5, 2022. In 2023, Uranus is within 3 ° of the Sun at Solar Beltane with the exact conjunction happening May 9. Uranus remains in Taurus until April 26, 2026 when it moves into Gemini.

Also on May 5, 2023 a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is closing the Eclipse window that opened on April 19/20 adding to the power of this Beltane window.

With Uranus in Taurus we are encouraged to expect the unexpected in ways that create new possibilities. This shifts our perspective, our point of view and therefore shifts and expands what we know and believe is possible often leading to a Quantum Leap in our evolutionary journey.
When we set intentions and allow ourselves to embrace the changes – we often create opportunities that test our sincerity and trust in the process. Whenever we set intentions – everything not in alignment with that intention will surface in our awareness to be transmuted and transformed so it is no longer preventing us from living our true purpose and intention.
Here’s to each of us having the courage to quantum leap our awareness to whatever is next for us. May this and every Beltane be transformative, pleasurable and FUN!

Solar Beltane

Astrological Beltane (or Solar Beltane) occurs every year on or near May 5 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus marking the halfway point between the March Equinox (0 Aries) and the June Solstice (0 Cancer). Many ancient Celtic traditions began their celebration of Beltane on the Full Moon or New Moon nearest astrological Beltane, and often the celebrations lasted until the next Full or New Moon over a two-week period.
NOTE:  With Uranus also in Taurus (for the next few years) it is a time for expecting the unexpected with events that are intended to set us up for our next BIG leap in consciousness – reclaiming pleasure as our greatest teacher.

2023 The Beltane Total Solar Eclipse New Moon is Apr 19/20 at 29° Aries
2023 The Beltane Penumbral Eclipse Full Moon is May 15 at 15
° Scorpio.

Solar Beltane from 2014 - 7 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

The sixth festival (Beltane) is for the people. The work of the people feed the mother. We are all small against the gods, but the celebration of our work Is what gives joy to the gods. The sixth festival is the blessing festival.

We present our fruits of the long winter nights. To the gods, we offer our babes, our weaving, and our marriages. We ask the gods to be one with us in our hearts, So that our acts become divine, Just like the water, wind, earth and fire.

And then we go the fields to work after this May festival of blessing……As priests and priestesses, we Acknowledge the favor of the gods and goddesses, But, we retain our human lives. We center the force, the power, in the temple. And the temple is the center of us all. From The Eye Of The Centaur by Barbara Hand Clow

The greatest, grandest, most exquisite temple we can experience in this life is the temple of
Earth and Sky. The Earth blesses us with abundant gifts that sustain our lives and the Sky inspires us with the great mystery.

Beltane reminds us to honor, acknowledge and receive these blessings and inspirations. Thus, our acts become divine as we consciously choose to dance with the great mystery. Reprogramming our beliefs and how we interact with these mysteries is how we are learning an entirely new dance. It may feel awkward at first, but if we surrender, let go, and trust the dance, trust what is yearning to express through us, we will experience more joy, more fun, more play, more passionate, orgasmic, pleasure!

The Cathars accepted the world as it was and consequently learned to transcend it. They taught that in order to go beyond this earthly life, you had to experience it. You couldn’t run away from the world, but if you genuinely experienced all it had to offer, both positive and negative, at that point you could throw off the shackles of addictions and attachments.

In other words, all of the temptations of life, including the last vestiges of holding on to pain and loss, had to be extinguished before you could begin to transcend. When you were no longer bound to the world, then you could truly enjoy it.
~Sylvia Browne Secret Societies… And How They Affect Our Lives Today

The month of May reminds us life is meant to be enjoyed – it is the Garden of Earthly Delight and can only be experienced through a physical body. Our lives are a precious gift and Beltane is a great time to express our gratitude.

May we live happy, healthy lives. May all our needs be met. May we feel love, laugh, and play, be excited and delighted by our lives. May it be so!

Using conscious language these statements become present as if they are already occurring:

I am Happy!
I am deeply and profoundly grateful for my Magically Happy Life!
All my needs are easily met!
I feel loved. I am loving myself more each day.
I love how I get to laugh and play everyday.
I am excited and delighted by my life.
It is already my reality!


Happy Beltane!

This is the seasonal cross-quarter between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The word Beltane means ‘bright fire’ or ‘lucky fire’ and in the Celtic seasonal year, Beltane celebrates the start of summer.

In ancient traditions this was a time when all the fires were extinguished on the Eve of Beltane and new fires were lit at Beltane sunrise. Often these fires were lit on the hills and in the Standing Stone Circles or Stone Rings found on hilltops.

The Beltane Fires on the Hills are the beacons or points of light that alchemically activate the energy of the Earth (acupuncture meridians) and the energy of ourselves.

Astrological Beltane usually occurs on May 5 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus marking one of several High Holy Days each year. Many ancient Celtic traditions began their celebration of Beltane on the Full Moon or New Moon nearest astrological Beltane, and often the celebrations lasted until the next Full or New Moon over a two-week period.

This is a powerful time for personal and community ceremony to celebrate the abundance of the Earth and all the gifts we receive each day that nourish and sustain our lives. Beauty and pleasure are emphasized. If you are not experiencing the pleasure of life, now is the time to consider what you could change within yourself so that life is more enjoyable?

Increasing our experience of pleasure is supported by expanding our point of view to consider how blessed and supported we really are? Many indigenous cultures practice gratitude, expressing appreciation first for the gift of life and then for the gifts that sustain their lives. This comes from an ancient knowing that the more grateful we are – the more we have to be grateful for as gratitude multiplies and further activates the field of plenty.

May your Beltane Celebrations be joyous, blessed and abundant!

The other Cross-Quarters are in February, August and November and the Solar Feminine Energies present at each Cross-Quarter!

  • The February Cross-Quarter celebrated the Mother’s (Solar Feminine) power to give life including the life giving light of the lengthening days.
  • The May Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine in her passion for intimate pleasure and the beauty of life in great abundance.
  • The August Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine for her abundant life giving gifts of Food and sustenance for the coming winter season.
  • The November Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine power to live through death and be reborn to a new life.

Here is a magical personal Beltane experience that may inspire you!

Be Yourself!

Ventanna Canyon Rock Window Tucson, Arizona

Beltane 2004, I was sitting in a huge rock window high above Tucson, Arizona – accessed by hiking up a trail known as Ventana Canyon. Ventana means Window and there is a HUGE rock window – well worth the rigorous climb. While sitting there I asked the Earth for a message.

Magically, what I heard was “Be Yourself.”

While pondering this statement sometime later in another ceremonial setting on a sacred mountain still within the Beltane Window – a bee landed on me as if to further emphasize the importance of Be-ing!

Researching Bee medicine I first found it had to do with the “busy bee” collecting pollen and producing honey (the sweetness of life) but I also found that many ancient cultures considered bees to be the messengers of of Great Mystery, bringing messages from higher realms of consciousness in dreams and visions.

Bees, according to scientists, are able to accomplish the aerodynamically impossible task of flying, reminding me that our very existence is no less a miracle.

During this same ceremony a vulture appeared before the cave entrance where I was sitting hanging suspended in front of me before it turned and easily rode away on the invisible air currents.

Vulture medicine is intriguing because they soar through the skies mostly for the pure enjoyment and thrill of the experience.

Vultures are masters of riding the air currents (a.k.a. thermals) so they rarely use their own energy when they fly. They are also known as the Golden Purifiers consuming death and turning it into life (a nice way of saying they are nature’s clean-up crew).

I took note of the contrast between the vulture and the bee – both creatures of the air, so both messengers. What I got is they were showing me the various ways we have of BEing who we are and all of them are valid and all of them have value.

Pondering the BE YOURSELF Message
Back in 2004, I found myself realizing I didn’t know what it meant to really Be Myself! Growing up, I was directed, (sometimes with care and concern – other times being admonished, scolded, shamed, and bullied) by parents, school, and culture, to BE a certain way.

The message was… Be nice, be good, be responsible, be smart, be happy, be beautiful, be successful, be hard working, be strong, be compliant, be accommodating of others…etc..

Don’t complain, don’t be lazy, don’t be selfish or self-centered, don’t pay any attention to your own wants and needs, don’t pay attention to your aches and pains. Ignore them. Ignore any feelings that are not happy, helpful, and compliant. Be more concerned with how others feel, and how your actions are affecting them even if it hurts you to ignore how you feel.

I also learned if I didn’t follow these rules harsh punishment was the result and if I did follow these rules painful consequences were lessened – at least in my external reality. The rest of this particular programming was that if I could somehow prove myself in the process to BE “good enough” according to these external standards – the rewards would be approval, acceptance, and validation. Never mind that I was often miserable and had no idea who I was inside myself.

Over the years, I have courageously chosen a path of self-discovery to learn how to more fully BE my authentic essential self beyond the rules of how I was trained I “should” or “should not” be. All these years later, I am more myself though I also recognize I am still discovering what it truly means to BE myself every day.

For me, I have been practicing the guiding principles of courageous love, joy, forgiveness, kindness toward myself and others, having fun and truly magical moments. I know I am on track when I am experiencing these elements daily.

It has been a difficult and often treacherous road where every old belief, idea, and way of living that did not serve my essential self has been stripped away often in excruciating fashion. However, it has been immensely worth every moment of the journey and I am enjoying BEing Myself more each day.

Once again for those who feel called or resonant with this message it is timely for further consideration in this gloriously abundant season of BEltane originally intended as a celebration of our authentic BEing – experiencing and savoring the joyous abundance and BEauty of who we really are especially when we are living the message, that has now expanded to

Joyfully BE Yourself!

The story about this evolution involves a magical Hummingbird Message HERE.

Looking up to the Rock Window from the Trail