Note: the Solar Cross-Quarter connects to the magical 8.8. Time Gate

The August Cross-Quarter or Lammas, also known as Lughnassadh: (pronounced Loo-nuh-suh) meaning harvest and victory is usually celebrated on August 1 or 2 but the actual zodiacal cross-quarter is August 6 or 7 when the Sun reaches 15 Leo.

The August Cross-Quarter marks the half-way point between the June Solstice and the September Equinox. In ancient times, the Cross-Quarter dates between the Equinoxes and Solstices were celebrated as an “in-between time” or the mid-point between two seasons. This was a time for gaining insight and/or inspiration “in-between” realities. Said another way this is excellent time for divination, meditation, journeying and connecting with other forms of guidance.

This is  a magical alchemical window when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. Whatever intentions you are energizing, whatever guidance you are seeking, whatever messages you are receiving now are highly energized – so be sure you are thinking and acting in ways that are most beneficial and supportive for you.

August 2 is La Negrita Feast Day in Cartago, Costa Rica celebrating the Leo cross-quarter by honoring and celebrating La Negrita. The story of this La Negrita centers around a small Black Virgin statue found near Cartago Costa Rica by a young girl in 1635. The statue demonstrated magical powers by always mysteriously returning to the spot where it was first found even after being put in a locked box. It was decided a church should be built on that spot and that church is where La Negrita resides to this day. On August 2, Pilgrims from all over Central America journey to honor her.

In 2022, the Scorpio First Quarter Moon (so close to the magical star Zubenelgenubi) is opposite the Uranus, NN Mars conjunction (See more about this rare alignment HERE) and the Sun is moving into a precise square August 10/11 to North Node and Uranus. Then the Moon passes North Node, Uranus and Mars on August 18. See more about the Scorpio First Quarter Moon below…


STAR LORE – The Eye of the Lion
Currently the August Cross-Quarter is located within about 3 degrees of the fixed star Alterf (18 Leo 07) in the constellation of the Lion. The Sun passes this star exactly on August 10.

Alterf is from the Arabic word At-Tarf or “the glance” of the Lion’s eye, although on modern maps the star lies in the open mouth of the lion. This is where Ptolemy located it suggesting there may have been another star originally associated with the name.

The Lion’s mouth suggests this star is about communication, the Lion’s eye suggests this about what we perceive. So, perhaps this is about what the Lion sees and then is willing to communicate?

These questions may help with your cross-quarter inquiry.

What are you seeing or not seeing?
What are you only glancing at and not really seeing clearly?
How can you see more accurately what is really there and then how do you communicate what you see – maybe not through only words but also through art, music, dance, stories

Solar Feminine
Before the patriarchy this Cross-Quarter celebrated the Sun Goddess thanking her for the abundance of the ripened grain. As the Solar Feminine was diminished during patriarchal times this festival celebrated the Sun God. The Irish called him Lugh (Light). Lugh’s festival focused on celebrating the skills of the warrior and the craftsmen with less emphasis on the ripened grain or bounty of the mother as a gift from the Solar Feminine.

In recent years the Solar Feminine has been returning to our awareness. So it seems appropriate that the cross-quarter points are a time for remembering the original Solar Feminine festivals and their intent.

For example:

  • The February Cross-Quarter celebrated the Mother’s (Solar Feminine) power to give life including the life giving light of the lengthening days.
  • The May Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine in her passion for intimate pleasure and the beauty of life in great abundance.
  • The August Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine for her abundant life giving gifts of Food and sustenance for the coming winter season.
  • The November Cross-Quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine power to live through death and be reborn to a new life.

The returning strength and power of the Solar Feminine is a reminder to honor and celebrate the gifts of life-giving nourishment that we all enjoy. If you feel inspired by this you might use the first week of August as a time to give daily gratitude for the Earth and all that she gives us everyday.

At this significant Turning of the Ages we might ask: What are the new emerging ceremonies and celebrations that are relevant now?

When we consider this was a time of gratitude for the bounty of the Earth and a time for sharing the fruits and grains of the first harvest – then we can imagine that this is a time to find new ways to express gratitude for the gifts that support and sustain our physical bodies.

Be sure to check out insights on the 8.8 Infinity Time Gate

AND February, May, and November Cross-Quarter dates

In 2019 the First Quarter Moon was exact at 10:31 am PDT on August 7 and the Moon was at 14 Scorpio 56 just minutes away from the exact November Cross-Quarter of 15 Scorpio. Less than 2 hours later the Sun reached the exact August Cross-Quarter.

The First Quarter Moon is a time of inspired decisive action and in Scorpio suggests the action taken is most effective when inspired and fueled by a passionate connection to life force energy.

Plus when it is so near the August Cross-Quarter between time it is a great time to further celebrate and honor the Fierce Solar Feminine now stepping up to be a voice for the planet as indicated in this recent interview with Tree Sisters founder Claire Dubois and their mission to initiate the Age of Restoration starting with reforestation.

To get a sense of how rare it is to have a Scorpio First Quarter Moon at the August Cross-Quarter a BIG feature of the 2019 August Cross-Quarter it won’t occur again until August 06, 2030 with August 05, 2022 running a close second as shown below.
First Quarter Moon in Scorpio in August:
August 07, 2019 Moon is 14 Scorpio 56
August 15, 2021 Moon is 23 Scorpio 01
August 05, 2022 Moon is 13 Scorpio 02
August 12, 2024  Moon is 20 Scorpio 24
August 01, 2025 Moon is 09 Scorpio 32
August 20, 2026 Moon is 27 Scorpio 08
August 09, 2027 Moon is 16 Scorpio 25
August 16, 2029 Moon is 24 Scorpio 11
August 06, 2030 Moon is 14 Scorpio 17
No August Scorpio First Quarter Moon in 2020, 2023, 2028 – these years feature a July Scorpio First Quarter Moon instead.