Mesa Verde and Return of the Bird Tribes May 2000

My first trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado was when I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember feeling I had entered an alternate reality or timeline (though I wouldn’t have used those words back then). I felt as if I knew this place. It was a part of me and as I was recognizing the land and what had been created there – it was also recognizing me. It wasn’t something I could put into words then and even now all these years later I can only share the smallest bit of what it felt like to enter this strange ancient world.

I was thrilled when the ranger guiding our tour invited me to be the first one to climb the ladder up to one of the sites. Fearlessly and as if I had done this 1000’s of times I climbed the ladder and it felt so right!

I remember the ranger saying the people had just mysteriously vanished. In the 1960’s we were told they found corn still in the grinding stones along with other personal items as if they just vanished into thin air. They were there one day and gone the next. I remember thinking maybe alien spaceships came and got them or maybe they walked through a time portal entering the Twilight Zone.

In more recent years research indicates drought (climate change) over crowding and violent encounters with others may have played a part. It now seems likely many of them migrated to other more sustainable places to live. MORE about this HERE


Sacred Journey to Mesa Verde in May 2000

In 1996 my priestess community began a journey to wholeness with the intent to spiral back in time and space to heal the wounds of the divine feminine and masculine. Our mentor and facilitator was Nicole Christine and her guidance was the main phase of the journey would be complete in May of 2000.

When she shared that with the rest of us – I got to confirm that May 4/5, 2000 was a rare 7 planet line-up at a New Moon near the Beltane Cross-Quarter. Having worked with the Emerald Tablets – Mesa Verde – meaning Emerald Table – was calling us to complete our ceremonial journey there.

The magic of that journey goes beyond what I am about to share as I am doing my best to keep this on the shorter side.

Dream Magic
Early morning around 5 am on May 4, 2000 I woke suddenly from a dream that was extra vivid and viscerally real. We had spent the night at Mesa Verde (the Emerald Table) and we were getting up early for a New Moon ceremony and the super rare 7 visible planets alignment I mentioned (including the Sun and the Moon – not really planets but called as such for simplicities sake).

Of course because these planets were with the Sun – they were not visible. However, as you can see from the chart below the alignment was right near the exact May Cross-Quarter that occurs each year when the Sun reaches 15 Taurus.

Our sunrise ceremony included energizing a planetary Return to Wholeness while invoking the aspect of pleasure and beauty as our guiding principles.

Not me but similar to my dream…

The Dream
In my powerfully alternative dream space reality I found my self far above the world looking down into the clouds. I was startled to have a sense I wasn’t on Earth as I know it in this reality. I wasn’t even sure I was on Earth as it felt like another dimension.

In the dream – I asked a person who was walking by, “Where am I?”

The answer I received was “Oh you have returned to live with the Bird People?”

My immediate thought was “What?????” And that woke me up.

Signs in the World of Form
I knew because that dream was so vivid and real it was significant but I wasn’t sure how exactly. Over the next few days I got surprising and unexpected confirmations.

Later that day we drove to Dove Creek, Colorado. I didn’t get the bird reference immediately (Dove Creek)  but while we were there I unexpectedly received a Fire Bird ring in a give-away ceremony on our last day there. (see image below) From Dove Creek we returned through Flagstaff, Arizona and stayed with another Priestess Sister before returning to Tucson.

When I awoke on our last morning of this remarkable journey I was reading titles of books on a book shelf visible from my bed. When I got to the bottom shelf toward the middle I saw “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey. Whoa… the title blew my mind so of course – I immediately leaped up and grabbed the book off the shelf and opened to the following:

Excerpts from Return Of The Bird Tribes by Ken Car

…the better part of the Bird Tribes have not been incarnate in human form during historical times, though always we were there in nature and in the spirit worlds around you. Some twenty-five centuries ago most of us departed, to wait for the return of your intelligence and the slow turning of the sacred cycles that would favor your awakening.

We are returning now, appearing like the first stars at the predawn clearing of a storm.
Into your consciousness we come, appearing subtly at first, a whisper among your dreams.
But steadily our presence grows, soon to shine as distinctly as the sun of morning.
We come now with a message that will prove vital to you in these last years of history’s night.

We call to you, human ones, beings of light. Rise up from your tradition-bound past
and become our creative partners in the continuing unfoldment of wonder….

We are the Bird Tribes. And we are returning. We are here to teach you how to fly.
Take us out of your cages of concept and archaic definition.
Come, join us in the living tree-tops, where the winds of spirit blow wild and free.


White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks
“My tribe is the Fire Bird…I am one of the Bird People,
whose tribe once covered this Island of the Turtle.
Do you remember the Winged Ones of heaven? The Fire Birds? The Thunder Tribes?
How long has it been since you called to us in your councils?…
Your people have forgotten…that which is more precious than water.
You have forgotten your connection with Great Spirit.
I have come…with a fire from heaven to kindle again your memory
of what has been and to strengthen you for the times to come.

Reading the passage quoting White Buffalo Calf Woman was an extra potent confirmation using words directly from my dream when she said “I am one of the Bird People” and she referred to the Fire Birds – referencing the ring I had just received. These synchronicities were beyond my wildest imaging because I had never heard of the Bird Tribes or the Bird People before the dream.

More Confirmation in 2017
Over the years, I had many reminders of the Bird Tribes and connections to what happened to me on our sacred journey to Mesa Verde. One of the most remarkable was in August of 2017 when I was gifted a beaded necklace that belonged to Grandmother Carolyn my namesake. I will add more to this part of the story in the future…but for now the image below shows the ring and the necklace

Name Changers are Game Changers

More on the Taurus Mysteries and the May 2000 planetary Alignment

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