Exploring Timelines and other Time related mysteries…updated in July 2021.

This article explores the mysteries of Time inspired by the Day Out of Time (Mayan) that happens every year on July 25 and the 5 days out of Time (Eygptian) that happen in July and the three double 8 Time Gates on August 8 or 8.8 as well as 8.17 and 8.26. Scroll to near the bottom for more.

Time is an illusive mystery with so many different dimensions and possibilities that go beyond our usual experience of clock time. Most everyone has had unusual experiences of Time, including speeded up time, time that creeps by, time out of time experiences that scientists might explain as a time dilation effect. There can also be bleed through from the past, or future, or other timelines in parallel realities.

This most often happens in the dream state but can also happen in waking reality. Some people are so sensitive to the other timelines bleeding through to this one it can create a lot of confusion and difficulty in coping with this reality. The 2009 movie The Time Traveler’s Wife is an example of a story about someone who is uncontrollably and randomly jumping through time.

Usually time is a linear experience that we have learned to expect. However, time has many multiple layers and dimensions we have yet to understand.

There are many science fiction TV shows and movies that have pondered these diverse elements of time and time travel. Some examples are shows like Quantum Leap, Sliders, the Time Tunnel, many episodes of the various Star Trek series and movies, various episodes of the Star Gate series, and the show Flash Forward are all dealing with issues of Time.

Numerous movies have themes associated with Time. There are too many to list them all but a few are the Back to the Future movies, The Butterfly Effect (2004), The Time Machine, Dr Who, Time Bandits (1981), Somewhere in Time (1980), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) The Hot Tub Time Machine (2010 – I didn’t see it, just heard about it), About Time (2013) Doctor Strange (2016)

I am personally fascinated by the mysteries of time. I remember asking questions related to how time worked when I was three. When I was six I remember coming home from school wondering what could possibly be the point of living if everything we did instantly became history? My mother said I was very upset and even though she had a metaphysical background she didn’t know how to answer my question. Linear time did not make sense to me then and is often still puzzling. I do have “aha’ moments around the deeper mysteries of time – but then the strong hold of linear time reasserts itself and I am just left with the memory.

Every year on August 12 is the anniversary of The Philadelphia Experiment. (In 2021 it will be the 78th anniversary.) From 1966 to 1967 there was a Television Series known as The Time Tunnel. There has been speculation that this TV series was inspired by the secret experiments that the US government, and other countries, were doing on time travel including the Philadelphia Experiment. There is a wealth of information about this including books, magazine articles, movies (the Movie with this title came out in 2012), documentaries and an episode on this subject in the series Unsolved Mysteries. This time related experiment seems to be also linked to the Montauk Projects that were also about exploring Time Travel.

When we begin looking into issues of time travel it can have the effect of reorienting our perspective about Time and even how there may have been attempts to manipulate time, not just in movies but in our actual reality. Googling words like Montauk Project can bring up interesting and often outlandish information. HERE is an example.

It is important to remember that we are living in a time where it is worthwhile to question everything, including what we perceive is real and not real. When we use the power of questions and are willing to discover the deeper underlying truth, it is likely the illusions we experience will begin to dissolve and we will discover a truth more wonderful and amazing than we have yet imagined.Jumping Timelines
So when Tom Kenyon’s Hathor article showed up in August of 2010 I was intrigued. I immediately loved the title “The Art of Jumping Timelines.” I resonated with this intuitively and it seems to confirm some experiences I have had. Note: You can read about two of them. This link is to a piece I wrote in 2007 describing a Time Node experience in Southern France.

This link is to a piece I wrote about my time out of time experience in Peru in 2002.

Tom Kenyon’s article from the Hathors begins by saying:

Although it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities. And it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life.

Your culture, for various reasons, has hypnotized you into believing that you are limited to one timeline. In this message we shall endeavor to discuss our understanding of timelines and how you can change them.

Whenever there is an increase of chaotic events, there is a convergence of multiple timelines. Due to the fact that your planet has entered a Chaotic Node and is experiencing ever-increasing levels of chaos, there is also an increase in what we call time nodes.

Time nodes occur when two or more timelines converge. As a result of their close proximity oscillation effects sometimes occur when the realities of one timeline bleed through, or are psychically perceived by those on a neighboring timeline.

Strong timelines can also literally affect the possibilities and/or probabilities of other timelines within a time node. In other words, creative and novel effects often occur within timelines when they enter a time node (proximity to other timelines). http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines

I recommend checking out the rest of the article at the above link. It is long but definitely worth reading as it seems the many Timelines are now converging into a singularity. I am also suggesting, for those who would like to have an entertaining experience of Time Travel or Timeline Jumping many of the movies mentioned would be a way to do fun research.

The 1980 movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour is an intriguing example of someone who had a Time Travel expereince through focused intention similar to the process the Hathors describe for jumping timelines.

The movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow explores a timeline split and follows the main character through two different realities based on different choices that her different aspects make.

This brings me to Richard Bach’s book One describing adventures in exploring the different personal Timelines that occurred during important choice points in his life. He was able to track the alternate timelines created by alternate choices that he did not make and he saw how those timelines played out in an alternate reality.

These explorations into various expressions of Time reminds us that all creation, all timelines, all parallel realities exist simultaneously and we have the power to consciously choose the timeline that most resonates with our soul’s purpose. When we learn to master the art of Jumping Timelines we become skilled Time Navigators or Time Travelers navigating the various tides of time.

Rewriting Timelines and Help from Our Future Selves
In May 2009 a revised and updated Star Trek movie proposed that Timelines can be manipulated – and in a sense we can re-write our timeline – as this movie demonstrated. Ultimately this movie rewrote a familiar timeline that all Star Trek fans know very well, and it was done in such a way as to create what might be called a happier ending.

In the movie, Dr. Spock actually returned from the future to help the present day Spock create an entirely new Timeline that would avert a future disaster. There are those who feel that scenario is playing out now on planet Earth and that many on Earth now – are from the future time and they are here to redirect our Timeline away from a disastrous result. Regardless of the truth of this idea, because all Time exists simultaneously, something we can do right now is contact our future self to help us navigate toward our divinely intended future.

In 2000 there was a Disney movie, The Kid, with Bruce Willis. It was a brilliant demonstration of how our future self can orchestrate a redirection of our personal Timeline, getting us back on track with our divine design by not only meeting with our past younger self and helping to heal the past wounds but also with our present day self in ways that inspire possibilities for the future that might not otherwise be in our awareness.

Disneys the kidposter.jpgThe almost eight year old Kid, Russ or Rusty, reminds the almost 40 year old present Russ (played by Bruce Willis from the perspective of when the movie is primarily located in current day time) of their childhood dreams. This encounter creates a seemingly at first unwelcome course correction for Bruce Willis’ character.

However, as both the present day and younger self encounter one another as orchestrated by the future self , the present day self assists his younger self to navigate some difficult times. Yet this was all being orchestrated by the future self of Bruce Willis’ character who was orchestrating the whole experience.

There are many movies and TV shows that have explored many aspects of time. I have already named a few and here a few more: Brigadoon,  Time Bandits, Time Cops, Time Travelers, The Time Machine, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, and Groundhog Day are a few movie examples. And as already mentioned TV shows like Twilight Zone, Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap, Sliders, Life on Mars, Stargate and various StarTrek series all have had elements of Time travel or Time shifts either as their premise or there were certain episodes that looked at issues of Time Travel and the altering of Timelines.

Sometimes these are experienced as Time Slips where a person slips into another time and depending on the story being told may actually change the existing Timeline. These movies and shows are wonderful to watch in ceremonial receptivity as they act to shift our perceptions of time and how we experience the possibilities of the past and future. When past and future meet in conscious acknowledgment of the here and now – it activates new possibilities that are ideally aligned with our authentic divine design when we are willing to choose it.

How to Begin?
As far as I know at this point (in time) navigating time is an individual journey that we each discover for ourselves.

The very first step is to have a strong desire and a strong intent. The next step is to ask time related questions. In the The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean Thoth clearly wanted to know about the mysteries of time and he questioned the Master (the divine part of himself, his higher self) and by asking the questions in his heart, he found himself on the path to discovering and living the answers.

Far, through strange spaces, have I journeyed into the depth of the abyss of time, learning strange and yet stranger mysteries, until in the end all was revealed. Know ye that mystery is only mystery when it is knowledge unknown to man. When you have plumbed the heart of all mystery, knowledge and wisdom will surely be thine.

Seek ye and learn that Time is the secret whereby ye may be free of this space…

…Once, in a past time, I spoke to the Dweller. Asked of the mystery of time and space. Asked him the question that surged in my being, saying: “O Master, what is time?”

When to me spoke He, the Master: “Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning there was void and nothingness: a timeless, spaceless, nothingness. And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all-pervading, and It filled the Void. There existed no matter, only force, a movement, a vortex of vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the Void.”

And I questioned the Master, saying: “Was this thought eternal?” And answered me the Dweller, saying: “In the beginning, there was eternal thought, and for thought to be eternal, time must exist. So into the all-pervading thought grew the Law of Time. Aye, time which exists through all space, floating in a smooth, rhythmic movement that is eternally in a state of fixation. Time changes not, but all things change in time.

For time is the force that holds events separate, each in its proper place. Time is not in motion, but ye move through time as your consciousness moves from one event to another. Aye, by time ye exist, all in all, an eternal One existence. Know ye that even though in time ye are separate, yet still are One in all times existent.” Ceased then the voice of the Dweller, and departed I to ponder on time. For knew I that in these words lay wisdom and a way to explore the mysteries of time.

… Then sought I to solve the mystery of time. Found I that time moves through strange angles. Yet only by curves could I hope to attain the key that would give me access to the time-space. Found I that only by moving upward and yet again by moving to right-ward could I be free from the time of this movement.

Forth I came from out of my body, moved in the movements that changed me in time. Strange were the sights I saw in my journeys, many the mysteries that opened to view. Aye, saw I man’s beginning, learned from the past that nothing is new.

Seek ye, O man, to learn the pathway that leads through the spaces that are formed forth in time. (More)

Additional Suggestions
Having an active and vivid imagination is also helpful in imaging your travels through time and the timeline you want to jump to. It also might be helpful for those who desire to master the mystereis of time to practice Lucid Dreaming, meditation and being out in nature and under the sky at night.

Of course learning the night sky is a great way to time travel and that is helpful in consciously jumping timelines. Thoth speaks to this in the Emerald Tablets.

Once I stood in the Halls of Amenti and heard the voice of the Lords of Amenti, saying in tones that rang through the silence, words of power, mighty and potent. Chanted they the song of the cycles, the words that opened the path to beyond. Aye, I saw the great path opened and looked for an instant into the beyond. Saw I the movements of the cycles, vast as the thought of the Source could convey.

Knew I then that even Infinity is moving on to some unthinkable end. Saw I that the Cosmos is Order and part of a movement that extends to all space, a part of an Order of Orders, constantly moving in a harmony of space. Saw I the wheeling of cycles like vast circles across the sky. Knew I then that all that has being is growing to meet yet other being in a far-off grouping of space and of time. Knew I then that in Words are power to open the planes that are hidden from man. Aye, that even in Words lies hidden the key that will open above and below. (More)

t.s. elliot
Time past and time future
Allow but a little consciousness.
To be conscious is not to be in time
But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden,
The moment in the arbour where the rain beat,
The moment in the draughty church at smokefall
Be remembered; involved with past and future.
Only through time – time is conquered.