Joyfully Be Yourself!


In the Window of the Exact April 2014 Grand Cross…as Venus was continuing her descent journey guided by the Circle of Grandmothers in the New Venus Ceremonial Journey Tele-Class Series I co-created with Tami Brunk, a Hummingbird appeared on the sidewalk in front of my sliding glass door. It was obviously stunned with wings outstretched. It seemed to be convulsing and I wondered if she was dying?

I sat beside this tiny creature and started speaking healing prayers and sending Reiki energy – either for recovery or to help it transition. I wasn’t attached to the result. I just wanted to be supportive for whatever was happening.

As I sat down beside it, the hummingbird fell or tipped forward and was resting on its little beak. If it wasn’t for the quivering in its little body and her blinking eye lids I would have thought she was dead.

Peter did an internet search and discovered that sometimes giving sugar water to a stunned hummingbird can help her recover. So he mixed some up and brought it to me while I maintained my vigil.


When the sugar water arrived, I placed the bowl under her beak but that didn’t seem to do anything so I put some on my finger and touched it to her beak. The moment I touched her beak she quickly pulled her wings into her body as seen in the picture here. The sudden movement startled me but ultimately I was delighted she had responded.

A few more minutes passed, she suddenly simply took off and flew up to a tree about 15 feet away where she sat for another 10 minutes or so before flying away. You can see her sitting in the tree in the picture below.

This was an amazing experience to sit so closely to a hummingbird and to be witness to her recovery and in a way her resurrection. The reason I mention this is because I read somewhere that the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection in the Andes Mountains of South America. This understanding comes from the hummingbirds seeming ability to return to life as the Sun rises after appearing lifeless on cold nights.

Essentially the Hummingbird is hibernating for the night, lowering its body temperature, and going into a dormant state. In this way the hummingbird is teaching us the importance of getting the rest we need and the importance of taking time to regenerate. This was an incredibly timely message that was not lost on me as I tend to always be DOING something.

Having such a close encounter with this magical being I knew there was a message for me to share about Joy as that is the special medicine of Hummingbirds.


You can see the hummingbird sitting in the center of this picture

So I went to my “go to” book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, and learned that these tiny birds get their name from the hum or vibration that is created by the rapid beat of their wings and that their wings actually move in a figure 8 pattern – linking the infinity symbol of the past and future to our present moment.

Humming is actually a great way to balance the brain and support internal health and wellbeing. In a way the Hummingbird is reminding us to notice the joy around us and then sing it out or find a way to give it voice. Synchronistically, as my hummingbird encounter happened within the context of the Venus ceremonial Journey through the Chakra Gates – this Hummingbird showed up at my door as Venus and the Moon were about to conjunct at the Throat Chakra.

In addition to that, our 6th Chakra or Brow Chakra meditation last month focused on the third eye and using the full spectrum of light to heal. One of the ways I suggested to connect to this light was to gaze on the full spectrum of light seen in rainbows including those we see in the sky, or in water fountains, or refracted through crystals. Most hummingbirds have iridescent rainbow colors in their feathers and they collect nectar from variety of colored flowers suggesting they have a strong connection to the magic of the colorful Rainbow and some tribal cultures consider them to be bringers of rain.

My hummingbird encounter felt like another installment of 6th chakra rainbow Venus magic I was already experiencing. There is another magical story about a cave, the circle of grandmothers and an unexpected double rainbow located HERE. Also worth noting is one of the women in our Venus Tele-class posted her own magical story about her encounter with a hummingbird last month that also featured a double rainbow confirming that magic is everywhere when we are open to it! You can read her story in the comments section at this LINK.

So… if you haven’t signed-up yet and are interested in participating with the current ceremonial Venus magic we have been creating with a truly amazing and present ceremonial group container we would love to have you join us. The transformation and shifts have been beyond what we could have imagined and I am so grateful.

More About Hummingbirds
Returning to the Throat Chakra, it turns out that hummingbirds with their long bills or beaks and tongues have the ability to extract nectar from flowers while also helping to pollinate the flowers. Without flowers hummingbirds could not live and without hummingbirds many flowers would not get pollinated. This is a mutually beneficial cause and effect relationship where both need each other to exist. So again, we are reminded that we are all in this together.

Plus, the hummingbird’s ability to gather nectar reminds us of the ‘nectar’ or ‘sweetness’ of life and the importance of being willing to experience this joyous sweetness. In fact, it is vital and necessary for feeding our own souls.

The beauty, color, fragrance and herbal qualities of flowers are healing as the Hummingbird well knows. That is why the hummingbird is able to teach us about the healing nectar that becomes our healing medicines such as flower essences and essential oils.

Hummingbirds fly everywhere they go. They cannot walk or hop but they can fly in every possible direction including backwards, something no other bird can do. This means they can explore the past to extract the nectar or gifts available from the past as well as in all the other multi-dimensional realms of time and space.

They can take off at high speed and then stop immediately mid-flight. These brave little birds are fierce warriors, unafraid of predators and according to Animal Speak have even been known to chase away eagles. They also chase each other as if fighting one another so they have gained a reputation for being warrior birds. However, researchers now feel that this aggressive behavior is more for exercise and fun than serious warfare.

It is true these little birds love their freedom and they love to be alone unless of course it is mating season. Once mating has completed, males do not help raise the young. The mothers are on their own for that. Usually the mother hummingbird lays two eggs in her unique but well-designed nest. This reminds us to pay attention to our environment. Do we need to clean up our space and bring more color and joy into our home? I know I do!

Ted Andrews reminds us that the hummingbird “is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.”

Hummingbirds remind us to:

Joyfully BE Yourself!

Messages from Hummingbird through key words and phrases

  • Good Luck Messenger
  • Healer – taking our prayers to the Creator
  • Joy is our natural birthright
  • Gratitude, Magic, Love, Honesty, Freedom, Playfulness
  • Healing the past to more joyfully live in the present
  • Inter-dimensional travel (soul travel)

The story I was working on when this Hummingbird experience happened is HERE including the importance of Being yourself, a magical rock window, a Bee and a Vulture. Here are some great images and a magical story about an encounter with Gila Monster Medicine.

PS…I woke up some days after posting this realizing the Hummingbird had another message for me. To understand the message it is helpful to know that on April 19 I posted on my Facebook page the message below. There were 25 responses and 44 likes on this post confirming the dizzying effect of the past few weeks. Here is the post:

Everyone I have talked to is feeling the intensity of this eclipse window and Grand Cross in one form or another (myself included). Common symptoms seem to be trouble focusing, a fuzzy headed feeling, often accompanied by swirly, buzzing through out the body, lots of fatigue even when getting a good nights sleep, though some report trouble settling into deep sleep, and lots of weird intense dreams. There’s more but that is a good place to start…so wondering what is happening for you? What if any changes, symptoms, revelations etc are you getting at this unusually potent time?

The energy of this time seems to be affecting us much like my stunned hummingbird friend who had could not get off the ground and whose whole body was intensely vibrating or shaking (perhaps due to her rapid breath yet a sign none-the-less). On the morning of the Solar Eclipse I woke up feeling disoriented and kind of stunned like I had hit a brick wall going way to fast. I was imagining this must have been what the  little hummingbird must have felt and in her wisdom she just laid on the ground until she could fly.

The questions this brought up for me was :
In what ways do I need to rest or not engage in life right now?
What actions or non-actions are helpful for me in adjusting to the new frequencies pouring onto the Earth at this time?
How can I best support myself and others in adjusting to these new energies?

These are worthy questions as I continue to experience powerful symptoms that tell me my body must be adjusting to the new frequencies – either that or it is because I am getting older? However, since the onset has been sudden with the eclipses and Grand Cross I am imagining it has to do with the planetary energy as even my daughter and all her friends (late 20 somethings and early 30’s) are having similar symptoms. I have to say that does help me to feel better as does the reminder from my Hummingbird friend to stop and just BE when needed. Truly an important reminder in these wild and crazy times!