Happy Solstice AND Welcome to a
NEW Never Before Experienced Time

It has been a wondrous delight this Memorial Day Weekend getting to see our Grandson Gryffin Ryder who is almost 14 months old as of next week. He and his parents made the 8.5 hour drive to Tucson. YAY…

Once again we were struck with how he is so joyously and actively exploring life increasing my own enthusiasm. Gryffin reminds me we can all live in that kind of wonder and delight if we choose to see it that way and when we are doing that – we really are living in a new Time as described in the Intro to the June Celestial Timings.

2021 June Timings PDF

I am beginning to feel like the main thing I am saying these days is WOW what another month we have coming up as we reach another Seasonal Marker in this year 2021 – the reverse numbers of 2012 – and as I describe in the June Timings how we have entered a NEW UNIQUE TIME once again…

Summary of the June 2021 Sky Events (with more details in the above PDF)

An insightful look at Mercury Communication Challenges when What You Heard Isn’t What I Meant!

Venus is Out of Bounds https://cayelincastell.com/wild-cards-or-the-out-of-bounds-planets/

Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13 and stations retrograde on June 20 re-enter Aquarius on July 28 returning to Pisces in December.
May 23 Saturn stationed retrograde. https://cayelincastell.com/saturn-in-aquarius/
Eclipse Cauldron from May 26 to June 10 see video below for the Ring of Fire Eclipse on June 10.
Venus is traveling through the Sacred Hoop of Stars exiting the Hoop around June 22.
Moon Occultation over Nunki on June 25
Sacred Hoop of Stars https://cayelincastell.com/the-sacred-hoop-of-stars/
Castor and Pollux https://cayelincastell.com/the-twins-castor-pollux/

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius a deep dive PDF it will 60 years before it happens again.


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June 06, 2021 is our second LIVE
Venus Ceremonial Online Gathering
 Details are

Below is a short video interview about the upcoming September Equinox Galactic Gathering of Wise Women 

We had such a fun time during this gathering last year at the stunningly beautiful Unicoi State Park and I am delighted to again be presenting on the Sky Mysteries as She Who InVisions Wholeness through Reconnecting with the Sky Mysteries

Details are here https://wisetransformation.com/galactic-gathering-of-wise-women/


Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series
with our Next LIVE Q & A in August, 2021 (Exact Date To Be Determined)