Happy Solstice

WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND Summer Solstice Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images

Mercury goes direct on June 3. YAY…and oh so many other powerful moments in this upcoming month. Fingers crossed Mercury going direct will help me figure out WHY I have been having so many crazy website issues? Just when I think I have it figured out another pops up – like all the duplications on this page. Hoping to have it fixed before June 1. 

2022 June Celestial Timings PDF

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An insightful look at Mercury Communication Challenges when What You Heard Isn’t What I Meant! as Mercury stations direct on June 3 very near the Pleiades.

June 4 Saturn stations retrograde
. https://cayelincastell.com/saturn-in-aquarius/

Moon Occultation over Nunki on June 25

Mercury is in the Sacred Hoop of Stars until July 16. Venus enters the Hoop around the June Solstice. https://cayelincastell.com/the-sacred-hoop-of-stars/

Castor and Pollux