Mercury and other Personal Planets in Virgo

by Cayelin K Castell

From the point of view of Virgo
 – Timing is Everything – especially when it is related to Earth Time as expressed through the natural seasonal cycles and rhythms of the Earth and Sky.

2019 Planets in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo on August 21, 2019 entering Libra on Sep 14.
On Aug 29, 2019 Mercury enters Virgo entering Libra on Sep 14. 
Mars enters Virgo on Aug 17, 2019 entering Libra on Oct 3, 2019.
The Full Moon in Virgo (00°Virgo 42′) is Feb 19 2019 with Regulus Heart Star of the Lion
The New Moon (06°Virgo 47′) in Virgo is Aug 30, 2019 near the star Zosma in the Lion.

On September 20, 2018 Mercury met with the Sun (27 Virgo) before rising into the evening sky on October 4. This does not happen again for 14 years (September 5, 2032 at 14 Virgo) when Mercury meets with the Sun in Virgo while moving from morning star to evening star.

Mercury does catch up to the Sun while retrograde September 15, 2029 at 23 Virgo and August 29, 2030 at 7 Virgo.

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Mercury is the shapeshifter magician who slips in and out of the realms of Time. This is especially evident during Mercury Retrograde…happening again on November 16, 2018.

The human experience of Time is relative to the cultural perception of time. Our current understanding of Time is more a feature of our left brain dominant society and has been greatly influenced by our Gregorian Calendar that has the effect of fixing our experience of Time in a linear more materialistic way.

More recently our collective experience of TIME has speeded up and current human expression has no way to keep up with what is happening using our rational mind. This means we are literally being required to go beyond logic and reason for guidance in navigating these times.

Ultimately, the only trustworthy and true guidance available at any time, comes from our inner knowing. It is important to remember, that no one outside of you, knows better than you, what is best for you at this time. This is about trusting your inner knowing even if you don’t necessarily know HOW you know – to figure out the best ways to show up, when to show up, where to be, and how to consciously navigate these intensely accelerating experiences.

The “informed universe” theory is based in the understanding that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us when we consciously choose to co-create with Great Mystery. We are already co-creating our experience whether we are aware of it or not, so it makes sense to become a more conscious participant. It is not so important to already know how to do this, rather it is important to know this is what we are learning how to do. It is time to take risks by trusting and following your inner guidance.

No one else can do that for you. Ultimately this is about embracing the freedom to choose and the responsibility that goes with making the choices that are shaping your reality. Sometimes this means being willing to choose to be with what IS in a place of acceptance.

What we resist persists…so acceptance is often the first step in conscious co-creative change.

The “informed universe” theory proposed by Ervin Lazlo suggests we are informing the universe as much as it is informing us. Interestingly, Ervin Laszlo is described as “the perennial maverick.” Thirty years ago his radical ideas presented a bold challenge to the academic community. Today, these same ideas are considered defining contributions to late twentieth-century scientific thought.

… the “informed universe” places Dr. Laszlo yet again at the forefront of contemporary scientific and, in this case, spiritual, thought. His paradigm-shifting theories intertwine the cutting edge of physics, evolution biology, information theory, and the Vedic teachings of ancient India. In this new conception of the “informed universe,” everything that has ever occurred is retained as holographic information throughout space and this information can be accessed anywhere in the universe simultaneously. Laszlo also applies these ideas to the human experience, with surprising and profound implications for our own evolution and for the evolution of consciousness itself.

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The intent of Mercury (or any planet) in Virgo is to be more attuned to the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth and Sky for the purpose of living in sacred harmony and balance with all life.

Spider Woman is a creation goddess, the one who spins and weaves this life into existence, first creating the universe from the four directions of North, East, South and West. Then, within the space of the these directions she created or birthed the Sun, the Moon and the stars, bringing light to both day and night.

After she created the mountains, oceans, and deserts she became the womb that gave life to humanity connecting humanity to her through the threads of her web. The Hopi, Pueblo, Navaho and other Native American tribes considered her so important they never spoke her name out loud. Instead they referred to her as Spider Woman.

The Navajo credit Spider Woman for teaching them their exceptional weaving skills. The story describes a young woman who spotted a wisp or smoke rising from a hole in the ground while out wandering in the desert. When she peeked into the hole she saw Spider Woman spinning and weaving the most beautiful blanket she had ever seen.

Spider Woman noticed the young woman looking in and invited her in for a visit. When they were sitting together Spider Woman asked the young woman to share about her life. The young woman shared she was lonely and desired to have a specific purpose to offer her people. Spider Woman is so moved by the purity of this desire she teaches her how to spin cloth, and how to weave exquisite patterns into it.

The young woman was so grateful for her new found skill she returned to her tribe and showed them what she learned. Delighted to share her new found skills she taught all who asked her – reminding them they must leave a small hole in every weaving they do as a tribute to Spider Woman for giving them this great gift.

Many tribal customs include chanting or singing prayers into their weavings in the same way Spider Woman used chanting or singing to spin and weave the world into being. Chanting, drumming, and singing are often used to create an altered state or heightened state of consciousness in cultures through out the world.

It is a powerful way to connect more deeply with the patterning of life so it can then be transcended and an altered state of awareness is created assisting that person in being a conscious co-creator with Spider Woman and/or Great Mystery.

As Mercury (or any planet) travels through Virgo it is a great time for tuning into messages coming from Spider Woman.

How can we be more conscious as co-creators of our reality?

What parts of our personal the web now need reweaving?

What is the best, most sacred, way to accomplish the reweaving of our personal web so it is in harmony with the greater Web and reality of life?

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