UPDATE: In 2020 Saturn and Pluto were conjunct January 12 at 23 Capricorn.  Saturn was with the Sun on January 13 at 23 Capricorn and Saturn entered the morning sky on January 31, 2020. Saturn stationed retrograde around 2 Aquarius on May 10 and stations direct on September 28. (See below for more important dates in 2020)

Saturn in Capricorn with Pluto and Jupiter remains a significant opportunity to connect with the wisdom of our past selves to create a different/better/more magical story impacting our present self – ideally choosing wise sustainable actions that will take us to there beautiful future we are dreaming into being.

This triple alignment is also a time of dismantling or dying to the old structures that have limited our experience of who we truly are. The death and rebirth process is messy, uncomfortable and even downright painful.

If you are feeling challenged to the core of who you are you are not alone! If you are feeling like life will never be the same – you are right it will never be the same again. How that looks depends on how we engage this time.

Collectively and personally we are being provided with an opportunity to transform the past – including and most especially transmuting and transforming all the trauma, all the limiting beleifs and all the negative patterns that have come from our current dominator paradigm that we have been living in for the past 6500 years.

It is helpful to imagine that the negative beliefs and limitations of the past are shifting through the power of forgiveness – forgiving the unforgivable – the power of love as the answer to all our questions – and the power of kindness to open hearts to the transforming powers of love and forgiveness.

It is about clearing the slate and experiencing a NEW beginning from a place of forgiveness, kindness and love.

That is why a powerful shamanic practice is to fully commit to self forgiveness for any part you may have played in creating pain for yourself or others.

So how is Saturn illuminating what you have yet to forgive within and without?

Saturn and Pluto
When these planets are either conjunct or in strong aspect there have been plagues in the past. More on Saturn Pluto influencing Plagues, Flu, AIDS and other epidemics HERE and how this brings up fear and opportunities for empowerment.

MORE on Saturn in Capricorn
On December 19, 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn for the first time in nearly 30 years. Saturn doesn’t fully leave Capricorn until December 18, 2020. During Saturn’s transit through Capricorn it catches up to Pluto and is joined by Jupiter in a rare planetary alignment that hasn’t happened in Capricorn for 733 years.

Equally remarkable was how Saturn entered Capricorn near the December Solstice in 2017. In the last three hundred years the closest December Solstice when Saturn entered Capricorn was in 1870. It will be over 200 years before a similar event happens again. These events are calling our attention to the power of the current journey of Saturn through Capricorn when Saturn at Zero Capricorn was rising on the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center very close to the Sun. This is a rare, once in 26,000 year event!

If we are conscious and intentional during this time it could be a time of High Ceremonial Magic. It could also be a time where we find we are facing our own shadow both personally and collectively.


A rare 242ish year alignment happened between Pluto and the True South Node (on April 4, 2019) when they came together for the first time since December 31, 1776 in Capricorn.

Even Bigger was the South Node, Pluto and Saturn coming together for the first time in 2207 years in the sign of Capricorn

The South Node of the Moon was in Capricorn all of 2019 and was conjunct Pluto exact on April 04, 2019 at 23 Capricorn and then was exact with Saturn at the of April 2019 seeding an energy still being felt today.

The Nodal Calculation used here is for the True Node. Here’s Why.
Both, the True and the Mean Node (the two nodes can be as much as 2.5 degrees apart) are presenting the same thing – the difference is how they are calculated.

The True Node is the real position or location of the Moon’s node at any given time while the Mean Node is the position of the Moon’s node according to a mathematical formula that ignores many of the minor perturbations in its orbit. So, in essence the True Node is the exact location of the Moon’s Node while the Mean Node is the average location of the Moon’s Node. Additionally, the Mean Node is always retrograde, while the True Node is direct each month for a short time – longer around the eclipse seasons – hanging near the same degree for many weeks.

If we are conscious and intentional through 2020 – it is a powerful time of High Ceremonial Magic we can choose to engage. It could also be a time where we find we are facing our own shadow both personally and collectively.

Utilizing the alignments described below is easy enough if we have a clear intent though remember when you set an intent everything in the way of its fulfillment does come up to be transmuted and transformed – within the cauldron of alchemical transformation.

It may not be easy and may feel disempowering at first but ultimately it is intended to return us to our true selves – dying to who we have believed ourselves to be so be can be reborn to who we really are.

More on this Rare Alignment

As already mentioned it was December 31, 1776 the last time South Node and Pluto came together (at 27 Capricorn 18) and it won’t happen again until 2261 about 242 years from now – showing us how rare this alignment is! But wait there’s more!

Pluto and Saturn 2019 (Plus the South Node of the Moon)

On April 29, 2019 Saturn stationed retrograde at 20 Capricorn 31 and then stationed direct on August 11, 2019 at 13 Capricorn 55.

On April 24, 2019 Pluto stationed retrograde at 23 Capricorn 09, and then stationed direct on October 2/3 at 20 Capricorn 28.

2020 Planetary Events

On January 12, 2020 Saturn was conjunct Pluto at 22 Capricorn 47 exact and they remained within a couple of degrees for weeks before and after this date. It was January 12 when China released more information about the Corona Virus.

The next time Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn is December 14, 2754 at 14 Capricorn 12 the North Node at 12 Capricorn 49 and Jupiter at 00 Capricorn 07. This tells us it will be 734 years before we have a similar line up again that will include the North Node and Jupiter in Capricorn.

April 04, 2020 Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct at 24 Capricorn 53
June 29, 2020 Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct at 24 Capricorn 07
November 12, 2020 Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct at 22 Capricorn 52

The next time Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is January 08, 2257 at 04 Capricorn 58 (238 years from the year 2020) and there is only one exact conjunction at that time again suggesting how rare this line up is with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. More about this HERE

2020 Saturn Retrograde
May 10, Saturn stations retrograde at 1 Aquarius 57 and stations direct September 28 at 25 Capricorn 20

2020 Pluto Retrograde
Apr 25 Plutos stations retrograde at 25 Capricorn and stations direct October 4 at 22 Capricorn 29

2020 Jupiter Retrograde
May 14 Jupiter stations retrograde at 27 Capricorn 14 and stations direct Sep 12 at 17 Capricorn 24

Aug 29 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 26°Cp04′ D
Sep 25 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 25°Cp21′ D
Oct 22 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 25°Cp49′ D
Nov 19 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 27°Cp27′ D
Dec 16 2020 Moon conjunct Saturn 00°Aq00′ D

What Does It Mean?
Collectively and personally this is an opportunity to transform the past – including  and most especially transmuting and transforming all negative patterns that have come from our current dominator paradigm that we have been living in for the past 6500 years – into the higher vibrational energies of love, compassion, kindness, caring, forgiveness, acceptance and joy.

For a more personal understanding of Saturn HERE is something I wrote a few years ago – that can help you navigate Saturn no matter when it might be initiating you.

December Solstice Sun On the Galactic Cross
When the Sun enters Capricorn we have the longest night and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are living in a uniquely rare time when the Sun at the December Solstice is on the Galactic Cross (where the plane of the Solar System intersects the Plane of the Galaxy near the Center of our Galaxy). The Solstice Sun rises on the Galactic Cross for three days due to the stand still of the Sun. The word Solstice literally means Sun Stand Still.

The Summer Solstice Sun is doing the same thing but it is in the opposite part of the sky on the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge.

The Solstice Sun was exact on the Galactic Cross in 1998 according the calculations of an astronomer named John Muess. We also know that these seasonal points move about one degree every 72 years so this alignment of the Sun on the Cross at the Solstices last from at least 1962 until 2034. It is a special Solstice time that happens like this every 25,920 years or 26,000 years if we round it up. So we are fortunate to be living at the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year cycle. (See Daniel Giamario’s article on this for more)

A Rare 2.5 year Window was activated lasting well into 2020
The 2017 December Solstice was the only time in 26,000 years when the Sun and Saturn rose together on the Galactic Cross. It was (and continues to be) a time for seeding new possibilities  through our thoughts, feelings and actions up until the end of 2020 with the strength and wisdom of Saturn bringing our intentions into the world of form.

WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND Solstice Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images

Solstice Magic
Every Solstice (especially now until 2034 or 2070 if using a full 72 year window from the center point of 1998) is a powerful time to be with the Rising or Setting Sun in ceremonial witness while also energizing whatever it is you are desiring to seed into this reality. This is especially true for the time Saturn is in Capricorn.

I imagine we are seeding a NEW world that honors the Earth and the elder wisdom available to us when we take time to listen and be aware of what is truly sustainable and benefits all life everywhere now and for the future generations.

This doesn’t mean we will see the results of these intentions today, tomorrow, next year or even in the next few years because it takes time for the seeds to sprout and grow. However, it is important to plant these seeds now so a New Earth can emerge from the old.

The immense opportunity available now is nothing short of a miracle. When used wisely Saturn teaches also teaches us the value of taking full responsibility for all that we do. This includes taking responsibility for the mistakes we have made. This isn’t about being punished or shamed or blamed but rather about recognizing where we can do better going forward. In that sense this is about learning, growing and evolving beyond what we thought was possible expressing the wisdom of what we have learned in all that we do going forward. This requires courage and commitment along with being willing to learn new ways as the old ways are no longer sustainable.

Learn More About Saturn in Capricorn
Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell shared much more about Saturn’s journey through Capricorn in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s class including a major revisioning and understanding of the Capricorn Archetype. Details

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Thank you for sharing this I feel more grounded in reading it..
The symbolism offers some perspective to the upside down ness of life…♥️❤️

Thank you for the insights and visuals. It makes an impact.

Cayelin thanks. I was just contemplating this very challenge so seeing your post is helpful. Forgiving another isn’t the worst part of it when the pain and grief of loss feels so much deeper. It seems like gratitude is the only antidote for that piece of it since we can only grieve deeply what has brought us the most happinesses and that itself is such a gift.