The mysteries of the 11:11 Star Gate

11:11 ia  pre-encoded trigger
placed within our cellular memory banks
prior to our descent into matter,
and when activated,
signifies that our time of completion is near.
The 11:11 is hereby being activated. ~ Solara

Each year November 11 is considered an activation of the 11:11 gateway.

In 2011 the date was literally 11:11:11 representing a triple gateway – something that occurs in this way only once in a century based our current calendric system known as the Gregorian calendar. This calendar came into being in 1582 because the Julian Calendar had drifted by about 10 days so the seasonal points were showing up at different times than was expected.

It is interesting to note that the Gregorian calendar is so precise in tracking the solar year it is only off 26 seconds per year, meaning it takes 3,323 years for the calendar to drift a whole day. Its great for tracking linear time but not so great for tracking sacred time as in the seasonal, Moon and planetary cycles.

The downside of the Gregorian Calendar is it is only tracking time from a solar perspective and does so with very little regard for other cycles and seasons. This is evident when we consider our current calendric system arbitrarily begins on January 1 about two weeks after the Solstice so it is not directly connected to one of the Solar Gateways.

It is interesting to note that by creating a calendar that tracks the solar cycle, a side effect is it fixated human consciousness in a more linear reality. It also had the added benefit of fixing it to commerce cycles…like when to pay taxes. The end result is a calendar that has a series of numbers in months of varying numbers of days telling us what time it is in a primarily linear fashion.

On a side note: different cultures have used different calendric systems through out time. The Mayans had as many as 19 calendars (maybe more) for tracking different cycles such as the magnificent Venus cycle or the Solar Zenith points and a solar calendar that included a day out of time currently around July 25. The Egyptians had a solar calendar that included 5 days out time as a way to sync their perception of the solar cycle with the seasons.

After November 11, 2011 the only time the date can be written as 11:11:11 in this century we do have something worth noting once a decade when the year adds up to 11 increasing the power of the 11:11 date as follows:
2018 added up to 11
2027 adds up to 11
2036 adds up to 11
2045 adds up to 11
2054 adds up to 11
2063 adds up to 11
2072 adds up to 11
2081 adds up to 11
2090 adds up to 11

Linear Time and Number Magic
While its true the Gregorian Calendar has the effect of creating a linear experience of time, there is certain number magic connected to it that is worth noting. There are dates within each calendar year that provide portals based on the numerology . These dates have the affect of activating awareness connected to the archetypal energy of those numbers. In August we have the 8:8 Infinity Time Gate and in November we have the 11:11 Star Gate Portal.

In her book 11:11 Solara describes the number code connected to 11:11 as a portal into a greater numeric reality that serves to further awaken our individual and collective consciousness.

Drunvalo Melchizedek suggests in his book Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 that whenever you see triple numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 etcetera on a sign or address or license plate or phone number or digital clock  – it is important to pay attention because these numbers are letting you know there is something significant in what you are thinking and doing, or what is going on in the environment around you.

Drunvalo goes on to say:

any sequence of numbers like this are linked with musical notes in an octave that separate themselves by eleven cycles per second starting with 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, up to and beyond 99 cycles per second and multiples of these numbers represent a perfect “harmonic or moment in time, since our entire reality was created through the harmonics of music. These triple numbers (or other multiples) represent a mathematical moment in time that also contains the harmonics of the value of that number.

11:11 clock time and calendar dates
Solara’s book copyrighted in 1992 11:11 Inside the Doorway talks about the number sequence activation of 11:11 and as digital clocks became more popular not only do we see 11:11 more often but also other times like 1:11, 2.22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55. She suggests seeing the numbers 11, 111, or 1111 on our digital clocks lets us know we are on track and to take a moment to notice what is going on around us and to notice what we are manifesting with our thoughts and activities.

As the title of the book suggests, 11:11 is a doorway or portal accessing higher realms of awareness and manifestation. Taking time to focus your thoughts on what you desire to bring forth when you see 11:11 on your clock lets you know your intent is being amplified.

On the calendar date 11:11 activating this doorway or portal 0 it may be helpful to focus on your heartfelt intent through chanting, singing, toning, dancing, drumming, ringing bells, or creating music or sound with intention. Planning to do this type of intending  when your digital clock says 11:11 am and/or 11:11 pm adds to the potency of your intention. Remember sound is the first expression of divine creation going out in waves of vibration according to our heartfelt intention and when connected to the 11:11 it is a divine message to the Universe as much as a divine message to US as we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us!


  1. On Monday, this 11/11 my Mom will have reached 96 years of age. She was born on her
    father’s birthday, 11/11. Younger brother Tim was born on 11/11. I was diagnosed with
    infantile paralysis(Polio) on 11/11. Thought this might be of interest for you.
    Mom is very near leaving us. With this upcoming portal it would be like her to slip on
    through the Gate around the 11th.
    Thank you for your wonderful insights.

    Many Blessings

    • Wow thank you for sharing Mary your family has a powerful connection to the 11:11 magic for sure! Your Mom is in her 12th Venus Return. So remarkable and having an 11:11 birthday on the day of the Mercury Transit that won’t happen again in November until 2032. (more about this rare event here Happy Birthday to your Mom and your brother! 🙂

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