Venus and the Pleiades 2020

In 2019 Venus passes the Pleiades June 7, 8 and 9. Venus is within 6 degrees of this Behenian Asterism June 2 to June 14.

Venus returns to a spectacularly close connection with the Pleiades exact April 3, 2020

April 3 of 2012 and for a couple of nights before and after Venus was visible sitting super close to the Pleiades as shown below – within a ½° southeast of Alcyone (the brightest star in the Pleiades and considered the central star of this asterism) and ¼° south of the Atlas-Pleione pair for observers from the Americas.

I got to see this and it was spectacularly close. To me, it looked like Venus was sitting inside the Pleiades. This happened in 2004 and will happen again in 2020 though not quite as close as it was in 2012. You can see from these other images that Venus is not often quite so close.

This close conjunction is possible because Venus is Out of Bounds from Apr 01, 2020 at 11:14 pm PDT until Jun 01, 2020 at 04:48 pm PDT, meaning that Venus is at its greatest declination while passing the Pleiades and this is something that can only happen every 8 years. More on Out of Bounds Planets

The Seasonal Sign of Taurus Gemini Connection.
With four of the stars of the Pleiades now in the seasonal sign of Gemini these mysteries are beginning to find greater expression through the mind and expanding awareness and with seven of the stars still in the seasonal sign of Taurus there is grounded support for these new mental possibilities. So with Venus  in this area of the sky the opportunities for inspiration and insight are heightened.

The Gemini mysteries show up as the Creative Muse, the Rainbow Goddess Iris, the Coyote Trickster, Kokopeli, Thoth/Hermes, the bringer of news and information as well as a guardian of the crossroads that lead to the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets giving us another way of looking at the Galactic Records. Some say when the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets is fully understood it will forever change our perception and experience of reality.

More on the Star Lore of the Pleiades and upcoming Moon conjunctions

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