I AM the Serpent Bearer! A Personal Story

Last year I posted an article about Dreaming into Wholeness with the Serpent Bearer, also known as Ophiuchus, the constellation that is often mistaken as the 13th sign due to the assumption that Signs and Constellations are the same. They are not the same. Signs relate to the seasons and the Constellations are the backdrop that the signs move through. You can find out more about the Serpent Bearer constellation and its powerful connections to dreaming and healing HERE.

I AM the Serpent Bearer! The Title of My Oct 14, 2016 Dream

On October 14, 2016, I awoke from a transformative dream. This happened in the Aries Full Moon Window, when the Moon was with Uranus and the Sun was with Spica opposite Uranus.

In the dream I picked up a staff about 4 feet long that was in the shape of a large, very thick rattlesnake. The snake staff however, was light and easy to hold up over my head. I began chanting some words I didn’t understand or even know I knew. As I chanted a shaft of bright light began to fill the staff.

I felt like I was conjuring the snake that lived within the staff and I had done this before. Sure enough the snake came alive in my hands. I was startled and not startled at the same time. Part of me was nervous holding a live poisonous snake and another part of me was very calm, with a growing sense that this was high magic.

I somehow knew, or had seen in my mind’s eye some other time, this very snake had given me, or someone like me, a drop of snake venom by gently piercing the skin. In this imaging I saw this snake pierce the skin on my cheek (?) and release only one drop of venom, just the right amount for powerful healing.

Then in my dream, that felt so real and alive, the snake in my hands brought its head around next to mine and gently pierced the skin on my cheek giving me a drop of its poison. It felt natural and exciting at the same time.

asclepius-staffI felt emotionally calm when I woke up. However, physically my body felt an intense electric energy running through me along with a sense of growing aliveness with the words “I am the Serpent Bearer” running through my thoughts. As I pondered this dream I realize it was a healing gift I had been given.

Feeling of the Dream

I felt immense gratitude and awe at the timing. I haven’t remembered very much of my dreams in recent months so I was surprised to have such a crystal clear experience that fit so perfectly with my personal and collective Timing.

Currently I am in a Chiron cycle squaring my Sagittarius Moon. Chiron is often associated with turning poisons into medicine. I have been focused on consciously creating radiant health and healing my whole life but really stepped into a whole new level of commitment to this cause as Pluto transited over my Mars in 2010 and 2011 with eliminating foods that cause inflammation and increasing my commitment to taking probiotics.

In November 2011 I added colonics and liver flushes taking the process to another level of empowerment. Since that time I have done 36 Liver Flushes. This year I have added ionic trace minerals to further nourish my body when I realized that I wasn’t getting enough of them. Even with all this and notable progress over the last 6 years, I still sometimes feel discouraged that I haven’t made more progress.

I have been asking for signs in the world form to help me know I am on the right track. I feel this dream is telling me I am increasing my strength in transmuting poisons. The healing venom seems to be saying I have the strength to take any remaining poison within me and turn it all into my medicine. This is the intent of the Shamanic Chironic Healing Journey – to transform the poisons into a homeopathic remedy or healing potion, or elixir.


More about the Astrological Initiation Cycles Happening for Me Now That Relates to this Dream
Saturn (at that time was still near Antares) was traveling through the Scorpion and passing below the Serpent Bearer also known as Ophiuchus (see article about the Serpent Bearer). My Natal North Node (representing personal destiny and within two degrees of Antares, the royal star known as the Golden Gate or key to the portal that is the center of our Galaxy) is located here and my Sagittarius Moon is zodiacally aligned with the fixed star known as Rasalhague the Crown Chakra of Ophiuchus.

I have long been aware of dream diagnosis used in Ancient Greece. In the Healing Temples of Aesculapius (a.k.a Ophiuchus) – built near healing springs throughout Greece – patients were placed in special dream incubation chambers. The patient’s dreams helped to determine the healing protocols that would be most supportive.

The Crown Chakra of the Serpent Bearer

Asclepius, his daughter Hygieia and a Snake

The head of the Serpent-Bearer in the Sky, where the star Ras Alhague is located, is said to be filled with powerful, ageless healing wisdom that has the potential to restore and revitalize. The Sun passes through this part of the sky each December. In 2017 Saturn transits here.

This suggests a time when it is extra beneficial to pay attention to your dreams and to ask for dream messages that will guide you toward your next steps.

With Chiron square my Sagittarius Moon and my natal Moon aligned with the Rasalhague, this dream is an affirmation of my own healing journey. Plus, Venus at the time of this dream, was at the third gate, the Solar Plexus Chakra, on her ascent from the Underworld.

In the Venus Third Chakra Teleclass for the Leo MetaGoddess that took place around the time of this dream we looked at Dragon Energy, and Dragon Lines representing the Ley Lines of the Earth where the energy meridians are most potent. Serpents (Dragons) and Snakes represent fertility and creative life force. A snake shedding its skin represents rebirth, transformation, renewal and healing.


Here are just a couple of sentences of what was shared in that ceremonial third chakra class.

As we claim our power at the Solar Plexus Chakra we are invited to engage Dragon Medicine within our bodies as Dragon energy is now re-awakening on Earth. Padma Aon Prakash says, Shakti is Dragon energy and the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine corresponds to the awakening of the Dragon remembrance or awareness of this essential life force energy. Dragon medicine, Dragon Energy anchors our light bodies to the Earth so that we are fully sourced in life force through our connection to the “Dragon Lines, or Ley Lines,” that are the meridians and chakras found on the body of Gaia.

western-diamond-backThe Western Diamondbacks at Faywood

As I woke up from this dream and began working with it, I remembered the unusual sitings of two western diamondback rattlesnakes we saw at Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico during our September Equinox Event. After our ceremony, in the Standing Stone Circle up on the Hill the first night, we went to soak in the healing waters.

I had the key to a large private pool, so I unlocked the gate to and walked in. Unknowingly, I passed within inches of a large rattlesnake. The other women with me gasped when they saw the snake and were amazed that the snake didn’t move as I walked past. I didn’t even see it until I had passed it.

Two women decided to walk past the snake as well. Another woman was more cautious. She decided to go to the office and get someone to remove the snake. The owner came and chopped off the snake’s head and the rattles – nine rattles in all. It was definitely an older snake probably about 4 feet long. Although I had no control over what happened, I felt bad that the snake was killed because I usually protect rattlesnakes. (Lots of Great Stories for another time). Yet, I also know this snake had offered it’s self in alignment with a Cosmic Divine Order.

I once was afraid of snakes – especially rattlesnakes, but now I know them as animal allies. I remain respectful and cautious, while also not wanting them to be harmed. Of all the species of rattlesnakes the western diamondback is the most gentle, the least aggressive. They’re large and thick bodied just like the snake in my dream.

Interestingly, the next night at Faywood we encountered another western diamondback rattlesnake on our way to pools. This one was stretched across the road and looked exactly like the snake from the night before. It also looked like the one in the picture above.

I am happy that the second snake disappeared before it could be killed. It might have been the mate to the other snake because it was only about 5 feet away from where the other snake was killed the previous night.

Of course, my fantasy is that it was the same snake mysteriously come back to life much like the story of Asclepius who learned how to bring the dead back to life by watching a snake bring her mate back to life. Read more about this story here and scroll to the heading Asclepius Learns to Revive the Dead From a Snake

_azure-dragonSnake/Serpent/Dragon as a Medicine Animal

Snake (especially rattlesnake) is a symbol of transformation and wisdom expressed through healing. She is a protector and guardian along with her sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.

Snakes symbolize awakening creative forces and increased intuition. Snakes represent wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly with acceptance. Snakes remind us that all things are equal in creation and it is time to grow and embrace new opportunities and/or changes.

Kundalini Life Force

Snake is connected to fire medicine, or the medicine of transmutation and alchemy. Physically snakes represent vitality, life force, kundalini. Emotionally they represent our dreams. Mentally they represent intellect and power, and spiritually they represent wisdom, understanding and wholeness.

kundalini-snakeSnake magic is connected to the Magician, transmuting energy and embracing the alchemy of fire. The kundalini life force within us all connects to serpent or snake medicine. So questions to ponder, might be:

Are you afraid of your own life force and power?

Are you embracing your life force energy and expressing it in ways that are healing for you and those around you?

What would it take to express your own kundalini energy at the next higher octave for you?


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