WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND – JUNE 21: Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images

I shared in the opening of the Timings I have been on a radical life altering journey. Hence the focus on understanding consciousness as part of the June Timings. Also why the June Timings are rich and light at the same time.

2018 June Celestial Timings PDF with Images

Articles Worth Revisiting

Here are some insights worth revisiting on Saturn in Capricorn as it entered Capricorn with the Sun on the December Solstice 2017 and the Sun is opposite Saturn June 27 in the Full Moon window https://cayelincastell.com/saturn-in-capricorn-from-2017-to-2020/

And the June Solstice Sun is Rising at the center point of the Sacred Hoop of Stars

Chiron in Aries Healing the Wounds of Injustice

Jupiter is Headed Back to Zubenelgenubi