2018 March Celestial Timings PDF

This is another event packed month with Jupiter stationing retrograde, Venus moving through the First Gate reclaiming and retrieving her life force energy in a new more empowered way, Mars going Out of Bounds, Mercury Stationing Retrograde, and potent the Spring Equinox featuring Uranus and Pluto as they are in the last many months of their long dance together, and much more.

I have updated the Equinox Local Sidereal Time Table information HERE

Apparently the links are not working in the March PDF so I am posting them Here and they can also be found in the Articles Tab in the Menu Bar Above.

Out of Bounds Planets – Wild Cards
Aries Uranus and the Spring Equinox Audios and Uranus Table
Celebrating the Equinoxes
Uranus Pluto Square Effect
Venus in Aries Article
March 8 Jupiter Goes Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
What Is a Blue Moon Really



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Venus Has Risen as Evening Star  featuring the Wild Warrior Woman Aries Meta Goddess committed to further the causes she most believes will help restore the cosmic balance for the last time in many generations. This is a great time to consider joining me and Tami and a wonderful Venus Alchemy community in our upcoming ceremonial series as the Warrior Goddess ascends into the Evening Sky moving through the chakra gates in the last Aries Journey in our lifetime. The first ceremonial offering is March 8 and the first gate is March 18. (http://venusalchemy.com/venus-alchemy-classes/aries-arise-evening-star-series/).