2019 March Celestial Timings PDF


Featured in the PDF is
Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate

Mercury Retrograde
Spring Equinox Insights
Celebrating the Equinoxes
All Planets Move Forward until March 5 and then again from March 28 to April 10

As mentioned in the PDF I didn’t have time to do much on the March Timings due to two live Shamanic Astrology Events in February and Early March. If I get a chance to add to this during the month I will send an additional email to those on my email list.

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Photo here is celebrating me and my twins birthday this month. Ian and Jenna are turning 34 on March 6 and I turn 63 on March 4th a day that instructs us to March 4th into life! This photo was taken in October 2018 at the Reno Airport.

The Next Jaguar Day is March 14
Also Known As Pi Day