I will be on the Astrology Panel at the Conscious Life Expo Feb 7-10!

See NEW Video Below…as we begin February celebrating the Cross-Quarter known as Imbolc or Candlemas (a.k.a. Ground Hog Day). The actual astrological cross-quarter happens early on February 4, 2020 when the Sun reaches 15 Aquarius.

Plus this February features a rare February 29 also known as Leap Day in this Leap Year.

This month also features Venus at the Throat Chakra, all planets moving forward until the Feb 16 when goes Mercury Retrograde (link below), Juno in Libra Retrograde spends a total of about 11 months in Libra supporting the relational mysteries (link below), Mars into Capricorn on the Galactic Cross, the Zodiacal Lights, and we are still in the first month in this year of the Rat all detailed in the Feb Timings PDF link below…

2020 February Celestial Timings PDF

Additional helpful links also in the Feb 2020 PDF of the Timings including:

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury in Aquarius
Juno in Libra for almost 11 months

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The Next Jaguar Days February 17, March 08 and 28, 2020


 The Galactic Clock and 2020

Second Video in the Series.
Below this video is the First Video.

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Second Video in the Series. First Video is below.

This is the first Video in the Series about 12 minutes long  

Reconnecting with the 2014 Powerful Grand Cross
Being further activated and energized
by the the July 4/5 Lunar Eclipse
happening at the same degree
accelerating whatever was seeded then.

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series with our Next LIVE Q & A on  Feb 4 featuring the Meta Goddesses.

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