Happy March Equinox Coming up Quick!

This month I did not write anything for the Celestial Timings because I was first at the Conscious Life Expo (so fun) presenting on the astrology panel and I also presented on Mercury and Communication Styles (also fun) and then got home and week later got covid again!

Interestingly I tested negative for Covid at the Expo. YAY. And I haven’t exactly tested postive but my son Ian who is staying with us did test positive. Peter and I got symptons before he did. So I am sure this is part of my Pluto cycle forcing me to slow down and do less.

Last year I mentioned I am still figuring out how I am going forward with the Celestial Timings. I am delighted to have completed a video last year on the extraordinary March Equinox below and I have also included another video below of the remarkable events of 2022 and the dismantling of the old and emergence of a New Earth Destiny.

Plus, of course the Venus Mars conjunction with Vesta and Pluto is extra-ordinary this month.

I found this photo of Peter and I at Chimney Rock in Sedona back in 2020 and its perfect because I will be sharing about Chimney Rock in Colorado (yes a different location and state) and how it is a magical geomantic site tracking the 19 year Lunar Standstill – along with other magical sites that let us know how important the Lunar Standstill is in renewing our relationship with the Earth and the the Sky! 

Hence why I am also excited to be a part of this FREE Bridging Sky and Earth Summit sharing about the Geomantic Magic of the 19 Year Lundar Standstill along with so many other extraordinary astrologers sharing their wisdom and insights starting the day after my birthday. How cool is that?


Celebrating the March Equinox
Equinox Insights with Galactic Center Overhead and
All Planets Moving Forward until late April https://cayelincastell.com/all-planets-moving-forward/
Sacred Hoop of Stars https://cayelincastell.com/the-sacred-hoop-of-stars/
Saturn in Aquarius until 2023
Jaguar Days Mar 03, Mar 23

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As Venus moves through the Third Eye Chakra gate this month Vesta is joining in to help expand our perception of what is possible and real.

Vesta is:
•A Roman Goddess known as Hestia by the Greeks. She was hospitable and generousKeeper of the sacred alchemical fires purifying the temple, home and community
A sovereign priestess devoted to the sacredness of ALL life
The Vestal Virgins were Sovereign Priestesses Unmarried women (unmarried and whole unto oneself was the original definition of Virgin) and they tended the sacred fires within the temple
How are we tending our inner fire and expanding our perception of what is possible as Pluto continues to dismantle the old structures that no longer serve so a new more vital, alive expression that works for everyone can emerge?