July 13, 2022 Features the closest Perigee Full Moon of this year, plus this Capricorn Full Moon is Out Of Bounds adding to the wild card factor

The Impact of Perigee New Moons and Full Moons (also referred to as Super New Moons or Super Full Moons)

The Total Lunar Eclipse May 15/16 2022 was also a Perigee Full Moon amplifying the impact. 

A Perigee Full Moon is spectacular to see as the Moon rises into the evening sky appearing bigger than normal. This also means there is a greater chance of wild energy beyond the higher than normal tides including possible earthquakes and volcanic activity as the Moon has a strong pull on the Earth’s magnetic Field

This is often felt for a few days before and after the exact perigee affect and why the popular way of speaking about this perigee time has the added description of being a Super Moon.
Around the Perigee New or Full Moon it is helpful to watch for signs in the World of Form (synchronicities) that let you know your are aligned with the unfolding Great Mystery in the Great Above as it is being implemented in the Great Below.

Note: Perigee New or Full Moons (a.k.a. Super Moons) usually happen in a series of 2 or 3 (see table below)

The Cycle of Perigee New Moons and Full Moons
The cycle of Perigee New Moons and Full Moons repeats after 14 lunar months (meaning either 14 New Moons or 14 Full Moons the return of a three Perigee Moon Series – according to the starting phase – recurs). See the next perigee New or Full Moon series in the table below.

Perigee Full Moons

The image here shows how much bigger a Perigee Full Moon is compared to an Apogee Moon or when the Moon is farthest away from Earth. It is the Apogee New Moon that creates an Annular Solar Eclipse creating a Ring of Fire around the Sun.

Also a Perigee Full Moon (now called a Super Moon by many) has a magnified impact on Tides, Weather and our Intentions. It is a fairly well known experience by many who work in hospitals that more babies are born around a Full Moon than any other time of the month. Three of my four children were born near a Full Moon including my twins who were born about an hour before an exact Full Moon.

There tend to be more accidents and emergency room visit around a Full Moon time but even more so around a Perigee Full Moon as it is amplifying what we are feeling.

When a Perigee Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse occur together I like to call that a Super Mega Moon providing a quantum amplification of our intentions or what we are holding in our consciousness accelerating the manifestation process.

Perigee Full Moon Affect
Lunacy is connected to the intensity of feelings often associated with a Full Moon – so a Perigee Full Moon is amplifying that affect. Our opportunity is to connect with these amplified energies through attention and intention to not only be informed by the Perigee Full Moon affect but to also help inform the mysteries through our intention and how we are working with these energies .

Perigee Full Moons and Total Lunar Eclipses accelerate the energy of our intention as it compresses the monthly Moon cycle that normally takes 29.5 days to go from Full Moon to Full Moon into 3 to 5 hours.

If you happen to be in the path of the eclipse watching it is a great way to ceremonially engage it. I have also found watching it with others increases the potential affect and the sense of wonder and magic that accompanies a Lunar Eclipse. If you are living somewhere the Moon is not visible you can always tune into through intention and meditation to connect with the power of this Timing.

The effect of a Partial Solar Eclipse is magnified if it is also a Perigee Moon

When visible the partial eclipse creates a Vesica Pisces image. This has interesting implications when we consider the disk of the Sun and the Disk of Moon intersect to create a symbol also linked with the Flower of life.

The Vesica Pisces is a symbol older that written history. It is thought to be how God and Goddess join together to create new life. It also is reminiscent of a Portal…

More on the Flower of Life
This sacred geometry known as the Flower of Life is formed by overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern with many interlocking hexagons. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol some believe is related to the Akashic Record of life representing the essence of enlightened consciousness.

We can utilize this imagery to help craft our New Moon Eclipse intentions(when the next one occurs) as even a partial eclipse magnifies whatever we are holding in consciousness.

Jan 02, 2022    03:35 PM   New Moon 12 Capricorn 20      Nunki, the Archer

May 15/16         09:11 pm   Full Moon 25 Scorpio 17          The Scales
Jun 14, 2022    08:52 AM   Full Moon 23 Sagittarius 25     RasAlhague in Ophiuchus
Jul 13, 2022     03:38 PM   Full Moon  21 Capricorn 21      Dheneb, Aquila the Eagle

Dec 23, 2022   07:18 AM    New Moon 01 Capricorn 33     Near December Solstice Point

Jan 21, 2023    05:55 PM    New Moon 01 Aquarius 33      Altair, the eye of the Eagle
Feb 20, 2023   04:07 AM   New Moon 01 Pisces 22           Sadalmelek, The Water Bearer
Aug 01, 2023   03:32 PM   Full Moon  09 Aquarius 16       In the Goat Fish
Aug 30, 2023   11:36 PM     Full Moon  07 Pisces 25         Skat, the Water Bearer

Feb 09, 2024   08:00 PM   New Moon  20 Aquarius 41     Castra, the Goat Fish
Mar 10, 2024   06:02 AM   New Moon  20 Pisces 17           Near Eridanus the River & Pegusus
Apr 08, 2024   03:22 PM    New Moon  19 Aries 24            Near Baten Kaitos Cetus the Whale
Sep 17, 2024     11:35 PM     Full Moon  25 Pisces 41           Markab and Scheat in Pegusus
Oct 17, 2024    08:28 AM     Full Moon  24 Aries 35             Near Eris and Al Pherg in the Fish

Mar 29, 2025   07:59 AM    New Moon  09Aries00            Algenib in Pegusus
Apr 27, 2025   07:32 PM     New Moon  07 Taurus 47         Hamal the Ram
May 27, 2025  12:03 AM    New Moon  06 Gemini 06       Near Aldebaran, the Bull
Nov 05, 2025  10:20 AM    Full Moon   13 Taurus 23         Almach/Andromeda, Menkar/Cetus
Dec 04, 2025  08:16 PM    Full Moon   13 Gemini 04        Near Aldebaran in the Bull

May 16, 2026  05:03 PM   New Moon   25 Taurus 58        Near the Pleiades