How in the world have we reached the second to last month of 2019? Time seems to keep accelerating as we continue shifting into a new reality.

Some would say: not only is time an illusion so is this reality. There are days I get that and others where I am so caught in the illusion it simply IS the expression of Maya I am living in the moment.(Maya in the Vedic Texts denotes the magic power a god uses to make human beings believe in what turns out to be an illusion.)

November begins with Mercury Retrograde until November 20, the November Cross-Quarter when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, a RARE Mercury Transit over the Sun on November 11 also known as a time to further activate 11:11 awakening and Neptune Stationing Direct. Plus, its a month when some are celebrating Thanks-giving, gratitude and so much more!

2019 November Celestial Timings

November Cross-Quarter and the Swing Between the Worlds

Rare Mercury Transits of the Sun November 11


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in Scorpio

Sun In Scorpio

Spica with Mars

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The Next Jaguar Days Nov 09, Nov 29, Dec 19 2019

 October November Insights leading to 2020

Reconnecting with the Powerful Grand Cross
as Jupiter and Mars Join Saturn and Pluto in 2020

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series with our First Live Q & A on November 7. You can also get a free Webinar that introduces the Venus Star Phases

Here is a short video describing what the Libra Evening Star Ceremonial
journey is all about!

The Ascent Journey has just Begun
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Ceremonial Ascent Journey 

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