October 22, 2019 is Peter and my 13 year wedding anniversary! The image here is from our Secret Wedding in Sedona. The story is HERE

The best part is our marriage was awesome from the start but is even better and more FUN, MAGICAL and AMAZING 13 years later. My how we have grown!

The second image below is of me and Peter in Colorado at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with our dear friend Merkaba. She took the picture. We were in Colorado for my oldest son’s wedding in May that Peter officiated.

If you have been getting the Celestial Timings for awhile you may remember the wedding was on Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you – and was themed to represent some of their favorite characters from all sorts of genres.

All these years later it is so exciting to see how the commitment Peter and I made to our sacred union has flourished as we navigate all the crazy situations life throws our way.

So this month features Venus Mercury and the Sun with the Star Spica. Venus Mercury Conjunction (Return of the Shekinah) with Mercury stationing Retrograde the next day at the end of October. Pluto finally stationing direct early October. The Orionids and Venus moving into Scorpio featuring the teachings of Skeleton Woman on the Life/Death/Life process.

2019 October Celestial Timings

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in Scorpio

Sun In Scorpio

Spica with Mercury, Venus and Sun

Mercury Venus Conjunction – Return of the Shekinah

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