Welcome to the August Celestial Timings

The Sun is Illuminating the Mysteries of Self-Love until August 22 when it passes the Heart of the Lion.  Below is a great reminder from Ken Keyes creator of the Living Love Method.

…we are always loveable
and the world has a place for us
exactly as we are.
Always accept and love your self –
without conditions
without judgments
without condemning
without hiding.
We are OK the way we are –
even with our attachments.
We won’t be “better”
if we reprogram our addictive models.
It’s just that we’ll enjoy our lives
much more when we do.

2021 August Timings PDF

August Insights include:

The Cross-Quarter (see video below or go to this link)

The 8.8 Infinity Time Gate with a New Moon (video coming soon)

Friday the 13th aligns with the Mayan Creation Day and the Solar Zenith

The Assumption of the Mother by the Sun/Son – well it use to be on August 15

Sirius Rising into the Morning Sky (video below)

Moon Occults Nunki August 18/19

A True Blue Moon on August 22 when the Sun is with Regulus
Second Aquarius Full Moon is a True Blue Moon

Saturn and Jupiter opposite the Sun (see videos below)

The former Pole Star Vega is the brightest star in the summer night sky. And More…


This is some of what I wrote to my newsletter list sharing a bit of my personal journey:

We have been in an interesting planetary Pluto cycle that really got further energized when Pluto was with Saturn and Jupiter last year.

Last year and so far this year has been collectively rough. It has also forced many to look at their personal fears including the fear of death.  

Pluto has now caught up to me personally and is asking (well actually demanding) I die to aspects of myself that longer serve.

This requires surrender (something I am not that good at) hence why it helps me to remember resistance is futile because Pluto will create the alchemy by whatever means it takes. The more I resist the more intense the events become to help me let go and trust what is unfolding.

It has been an extra challenging month – except for our FUN trip to Colorado to see that adorable 15 month old grand baby.

Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching:

Throw me in hell and I will find a way to enjoy it.

Yup visiting with my oldest son, his wife and our Grandbaby is extra, especially enjoyable and I am beyond grateful for this amazing bright spot in my life along with my BHE (Best Husband Ever) who is willing to make the long drive to see that cute baby.

In many ways life has never been better, happier or more fun. There are just these few areas taking up a lot of space and energy that I have been resisting.

I have been aware that I can get caught in a loop of resisting my resistance. That just adds to the resisting issue. It feels like some sort of cosmic joke because resisting being resistant just adds to the resistance.

With this in mind, I am committing to letting go and allowing whatever is next to show me the way and when I become aware I have been resisting I am recommitting to practicing acceptance and self-forgiveness – even if it is simply accepting that I am resisting.

I am sharing this for all those who either are in a Pluto cycle, have been in a Pluto cycle or are about to be in Pluto cycle – yes that is everyone. The gifts, the treasures, the empowerment and rebirth are very much worth the agony that ideally ultimately leads to ecstasy.

In honor of Pluto I have posted below my current favorite song (a blast to the past), something I have been enjoying singing because it is such a great reminder about embracing death. Sung by Blood, Sweat and Tears – guessing they had no idea that name is such a great description of Pluto. https://youtu.be/ovhV_zSOVSc