Happy April

The first thing I feel inspired to mention is to remind everyone – how ALL the planets are still moving forward. I know for many of you (maybe all of you?) the energy has felt like it is moving at lightening speed.

Pluto will start to slow down this month as it reaches its square to the Sun on April 18 (Pluto is 28 Capricorn 34) and goes retrograde on April 29 at 28 Capricorn 36 having only moved 2 minutes over 11 days.

Mercury (4 Gemini 51) goes retrograde on May 10 stationing direct on June 3 at 26 Taurus. Mercury is slowing down the energy even more starting when it enters the degrees of the station direct on April 26.

So from now until the end of April is a good time to remember to belly breathe as deeply as possible whenever you become aware your energy is moving too fast and slow down whenever you think about it! I am sharing this to help me remember and I hope it is helpful for you too?

I have personally noticed how quickly time seems to be flying by and am looking forward to the energies slowing down at least a little.

I know I have mentioned I will share a magical story (it involves mermaids) from our time in Carlsbad in early March celebrating my birthday but I haven’t had a chance do it justice yet. However, those I have told the story and shown the photos have been inspired so I am inspired to do it soon! Meanwhile I have shared this photo of me and Peter on the beach at Carlsbad in my newsletter and felt inspired to share it here too! It was a very FUN and extraordinarly MAGICAL birthday.2022 features so many powerful alignments I had hoped to have time to write about but life had other plans for me. Here is a brief overview.

Mar 31 Aries New Moon (11 Aries 31) at 11:24 pm Pacific
Apr 01 Aries New Moon at 2:24 am Eastern. Both Sun and Moon near Chiron in Aries whose intent is to heal the wounds of injustice and restore the common good and the stellar lineup with Venus, Juno, Saturn, Mars and Vesta is still visible in the morning sky along with Jupiter starting to be visible low on the eastern horizon as Jupiter speeds toward its exact alignment with Neptune. (see more insights about this upcoming line up below)

Apr 02 Mercury conjuncts Chiron and Sun conjuncts Mercury
Apr 04 Mars conjunct Saturn (22 Aquarius 21) Venus is nearby at 28 Aquarius (see Saturn in Aquarius article)
Apr 05 Venus enters Pisces
Apr 10 Mercury enters Taurus
Apr 12 Jupiter conjunct Neptune (23 Pisces 58
) last time was 3/17/1856
Apr 14 Mars enters Pisces
Apr 17 Mercury conjuncts Uranus (13 Taurus 48)
Apr 18 Sun square Pluto (28 Capricorn 34) and Moon catches
up to Pluto on Apr 22, Earth Day
Apr 19 Sun enters Taurus
Apr 26 Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune 4
th Gate
Apr 30 Venus and Jupiter conjunct very near Neptune see image below


Jupiter Neptune April 12, 202

Probably the biggest event going on is Jupiter and Neptune conjunction on April 12 at 24 Pisces and within close range of each other (about 3 degrees) most of this month.

Neptune is a Celestial World planet that connects us to the field of dreams, the field where everything and anything is possible. The challenge is how to manifest those dreams in this reality and have them be useful and magical at the same time. In Neptune’s world where anything is possible bringing it into our reality can have its challenges. Some have referred to this as illusions and delusions.

Of course illusions and delusions are a judgement of our middle world reality. So the opportunity is to attune to your inner knowing and bring forth the possibilities that are guided by the part of you that knows what can be sustainably manifested in our everyday experience.

Jupiter expands on these dreams. As a Middle World Planet, Jupiter is most interested in the seemingly impossible becoming possible and also visible as Jupiter is visible in the Middle World.

By the end of April Venus and Jupiter are exact and Neptune is nearby creating a stunning visual in the early morning sky! (see image right)

Happy Easter Sunday April 17

Geomantic Moon Magic (see video below)

The Out of Bounds Moon in April
Apr 07 2022 22°Ge21′ +25°46′
Apr 08 2022 04°Cn11′ +26°48′
Apr 09 2022 16°Cn02′ +26°36′
Apr 10 2022 27°Cn59′ +25°11′

Apr 20 2022 13°Sg10′ -24°12′
Apr 21 2022 27°Sg40′ -26°26′
Apr 22 2022 12°Cp04′ -26°52′
Apr 23 2022 26°Cp18′ -25°30′

Out of Bounds Planets – this month it is the Moon

Moon Occultation over Nunki April 21 https://cayelincastell.com/nunki/

All Planets Moving Forward for until April 29 https://cayelincastell.com/all-planets-moving-forward/

Will very likely add more insights and send it via my newsletter and post on Facebook and Instagram after celebrating my grandson’s second birthday. 🥰


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An Overview of Moon Occultations - 5 minutes

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