I am entitled to miracles!
Course in Miracles~ Lesson 77

I have been thinking about Miracles for years. When my Mom died in 1998 I said to my circle of sacred sisters, supporting me through that time, that I needed a miracle as I was navigating the intensity of her sudden passing. Immediately upon saying that – I heard myself say “maybe I need to be the miracle?”

I don’t know where that that thought came from or why I even voiced it, but we all heartily agreed it is up to us to be the miracle in our lives or at least “be willing” to be the miracle that we already are. I didn’t know how I could be the miracle I was hoping for then but over the years many miracles (beyond middle world explanation) have occurred in my life. (I have written about a few of them, including my Mom’s conscious death, an experience in Peru and an experience in France with more to come when the time presents itself.)

There are EFT Tapping for Miracles on YouTube. This is one I came across some years ago (Tapping For Miracles) based on the above affirmation “I am entitled to Miracles” through one of my soul sisters. Tapping for Miracles is a powerful way to claim and activate miracles. It has been fun to practice the last couple of months and I feel I am resonating more and more with being a Miracle, knowing all life is a Miracle, and we are all Miracles in our own way.

Types of Miracles
I have a sense that everyone has their own experience and understanding of what is a miracle. Here are some definitions describing the different ways people define Miracles. Some define a miracle as divine intervention, something that happens outside normal reality and beyond our understanding of the laws of nature.  For some, a miracle is a fortuitous event that is also outside the realm of probability, such as an accident where the person is miraculously unharmed, or survives some kind of catastrophe that is otherwise seemingly impossible to survive. Unexplainable healing miracles happen all the time.

A while back, I had a little mini-miracle happen when I walked into the communal laundry room where I once lived and found that someone had left a book on Miracles on the book shelf where people leave books they no longer want and are willing to share. I don’t usually look at that book shelf so I found it miraculously synchronistic that I even noticed the book was there. It had several stories about healing miracles.

I found it interesting that these stories were about ordinary people who stepped in to create extraordinary circumstances thereby facilitating miracles for those in need of them. This is further confirmation that we are all miracles whether we realize it or not. Naturally the people who helped to facilitate these miracles felt like they were just doing their job even though they had gone above and beyond what was normally expected of them.

Miracles of being in the right place at the right time to connect with the exact right person happen frequently. Another type of miracle is when statistically unlikely occurrences or coincidences take place that are unexpectedly beneficial or life changing. Some consider childbirth to be a miracle. As the mother of four beautiful beings myself, including twins, I definitely agree. Additionally, there are miracles of exquisite beauty, tender moments, profound love and kindness that happen everyday. These miracles multiply before us when we are attuning our attention to be aware of them.

More from the Course In Miracles
The above quote “I am entitled to Miracles” comes from The Course In Miracles reminding us that we are entitled to miracles because our life is a miracle and through our living we offer the miracle of who we are to the world. Each and every person on this planet is a miracle and each and every person is entitled to receive miracles in their life. The Course In Miracles goes on to say that our claim to miracles is not dependent on any magical powers or rituals or anything outside of who we are. We are living in an Age of Miracles taking place every day and we not only have a right to experience these miracles but we also deserve to experience them. We simply need to be open and be willing and claim the miracles that are ours to experience.

In claiming the miracles that are ours to experience we are not diminishing anyone else’s life. In fact, when we claim the miracles that are ours to experience we become an inspiration for others to experience their own miracles.  The Course in Miracles suggests that we confidently state many times a day “I am entitled to miracles” and to know that when we do this we are simply claiming what is rightfully ours while also upholding the miracle for others to receive their personal miracles.

EFT and Miracles
It turns out there is a whole plethora of videos on YouTube that are about Tapping for Miracles. EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful technique for reprogramming belief systems, so it makes sense that using EFT is a powerful way to program ourselves for receiving miracles. This 7 minute YouTube is one way to get started. You can also search for others videos while you’re on YouTube that may work better for you.

Gratitude for Miracles
Another great practice is to notice the miracles you experience everyday and express gratitude for them verbally or in written form. It really is powerful to be grateful for the miracle of your life and for the miracle of those who are in your life and for the miracle of events that happen in your life. Being grateful for the miracle of all that you already have and experience and learn from everyday magnetizes more miracles into your life.

Gratitude for miracles includes recognizing the miracles even the most difficult people in your life are bringing you. These difficult ones include, the ones who challenge you, the ones who confuse you, the ones who hurt you, the ones who scare you, the ones who upset you, the ones who anger you. Conversely, this is also about being grateful for the miracles of those who are in your life that inspire you, support you, celebrate you, care for you, Love you. Being willing to embrace the mirror all these people are for you is a miracle too!

Forgiveness is a miracle. Compassion is a miracle. Acceptance is a Miracle. The Earth is a Miracle. The plants, the trees, the animals are all miracles. The Sun rising and setting, seeing the stars and planets at night, the Moon, and all the Celestial Beings are miracles. Being grateful is a miracle and the greatest miracle of all is the miracle of pure love freely expressed.

Remember, what we focus our attention on is what we ultimately create in our lives. Focusing on gratitude and miracles is the fastest way to create a truly magical, transformative, empowered and fulfilling life filled with magic and miracles.