2020 (implying perfect vision) is here and this year is a game changer for the planet beyond even what we may have already thought of as we also begin a new decade.

This New Year begins with Sirius on the Meridian conjunct the North Node, Mercury Out of Bounds and in the midst of an eclipse window.

I mentioned last month I turn 64 in 2020 – the magical 8×8 – linking me age wise to the 8:8 Infinity Time Gate.

Interestingly in a year that implies perfect vision I find at this time in my life I only have 2020 literal vision when I am wearing my progressive eyewear. I had 2020 vision in my younger years but I have been wearing glasses now for almost 15 years.

With my glasses I can see with crystal clarity into the distance, I can see close up, I can see mid-way or anywhere in-between. It occurs to me those are all aspects of vision needed at this Great Turning of the Wheel of Time. (see the short first 11 minute-ish video below for more on the Galactic Clock)

As I mentioned last month – this causes me to wonder what other enhancements we may need to assist our 2020 vision for the coming year? 

How can we most effectively cultivate our vision and intentions in the most powerful ways possible?

As I stated last month – My vision and intention is for the Power of Love within me to cultivate Peace, Plenty and Illumination for ALL Life on Planet Earth.

2020 January Celestial Timings

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The Next Jaguar Days January 8 and 28, 2020


 The Galactic Clock and 2020

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Reconnecting with the Powerful Grand Cross
as Jupiter and Mars Join Saturn and Pluto in 2020
AND the July 4/5 Lunar Eclipse happens at this exact degree.

Here is a short video Describing the Venus Signature Series with our First Live Q & A was on November 7 and the next one is happening Feb 4.

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